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ZeroPage Homebrew 12-Hour Homebrew Stella-Thon Fundraiser
July 10, 2019
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

ZeroPage Homebrew will be streaming a 12 HOUR homebrew gaming marathon fundraiser on July 12, 2019 for the continued development of the amazing Atari 2600 emulator Stella. Stella development began in 1996, is maintained by Stephen Anthony (stephena), and many contributors have put in the their time, equipment and dollars over the years towards its continued success. 100% of all funds raised through auctions and donations will go to the Stella project!

Over the twelve hours of the marathon the crew at ZeroPage will be playing all your favorite homebrews, taking gaming challenges from the chat, trying for new highscores and generally having a ton of fun. We'll also be auctioning off a whole bunch of generously donated items to help raise funds for the incredible work that's being done on Stella.

Supporting the development of Stella not only provides you with an amazing Atari 2600 emulator to play all your favorite old school and new homebrew games, it's also and incredibly important tool in the development of new games for your VCS! Stella has a large number of helpful utilities under the hood to help troubleshoot and analyze issues during the process of making a game. By supporting Stella, you're helping accelerate the development of games and push games to further and further heights!

ZeroPage Homebrew Stella-thon

Generously Donated Auction Items (more to come!):
  • Draconian - CIB (Signed) : Donated by Darrell Spice Jr.
  • Medieval Mayhem - CIB with Rare Clear Shell Cart with Box (Signed) : Donated by Darrell Spice Jr.
  • Space Rocks - CIB w/ Fridge Magnet (Signed) : Donated by Darrell Spice Jr.
  • Space Rocks - Poster (Signed) : Donated by Darrell Spice Jr.
  • Stay Frosty 2 - CIB w/ Limited Edition Cart #51 (Signed) : Donated by Darrell Spice Jr.
  • Stella's Stocking - Cart #153 with Manual (Signed) : Donated by Darrell Spice Jr.
  • Galaga - CIB (Signed): Donated by John Champeau of Champ Games
  • Retron77 Console - CIB Loaded with Homebrew binaries donated by Chris Walton, Nathan Strum, Thomas Jentzsch, Manuel Rotschkar, Darrell Spice Jr., Andrew Davie, Oscar Toledo G. and John W. Champeau & Manuals from Albert of AtariAge (PLUS 2600-daptor D9, USB cable, OTG cable for the 2600-dapter, Retro-bit Genesis Gamepad) Donated by Nathan Strum
  • Astronomer - CIB, Limited Edition #40 (Last Copy!) : Donated by David Flemming of Packrat Video Games
  • The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion Volume 1 & 2 (Vol 1 & 2: Signed by Ed Fries (Microsoft/Halo/Halo 2600), Darrell Spice Jr. | Vol 2 signed by Brock Kesghey (Nexion 3D)) : Donated by Brian Matherne
  • Gold Rush - CIB (Signed): Donated by Dan Kitchen of Tikivision
  • Halo 2600 - CIB (Signed): Donated by Albert Yarusso of AtariAge
The Stella-thon Twitch stream begins on Friday, July 12th, 2019 at Noon and runs a full twelve hours, ending at Midnight (Pacific Time).To learn more, please visit the Stella-thon 12 Hour Gaming Marathon Fundraiser! thread in our Atari 2600 Forum.

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Speedball 2 and Fantasy World Dizzy for the Jaguar Announced
May 18, 2019
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

We've just added two new Atari Jaguar titles to the AtariAge Store! We're proud to reveal that Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe and Fantasy World Dizzy are now available to pre-order. Each game includes a high-quality, professionally printed box, manual and label. Fantasy World Dizzy (like Treasure Island Dizzy before it) is limited to 250 copies. We expect to ship these games in July, so order today to make sure you're amongst the first to enjoy them!
Speedball 2 and Fantasy World Dizzy

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

It's been two years since the last ball was thrown on a Speedball pitch. There are new teams, new stadia, and new rules. The arena is bigger, the players are tougher, and the action is faster than ever before.

The challenge is this: take control of Brutal Deluxe, the worst team in Speedball history, and turn them into champions.

Speedball 2 is a different ball game!

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe is a video game based on a violent futuristic cyberpunk sport that draws on elements of handball and ice hockey, and rewards violent play as well as goals. The concept of the game is very reminiscent of the 1975 film Rollerball. The original game was developed by Bitmap Brothers and is one of their most successful titles. Originally released for the Atari ST in 1990, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe has been ported to a variety of additional systems and has finally made it's way to the Atari Jaguar!

Fantasy World Dizzy

Dizzy & Daisy strolled through the enchanted forest without a care in the world... But suddenly the Evil King's trolls seized poor Daisy! She was sent to the Wizards Weird's Tallest Tower, while Dizzy was dragged away and thrown into the deepest, darkest, dankest of the King's Dungeons in the bowels of Fantasy World.

Dizzy was frightened! Who knew what fate awaited him...and he still hadn't done this week's homework! But then he remembered that he had a fresh green apple that he had planned to give to his teacher to escape detention, and he cheered up. And there was some bread and water on the table!

A cunning plan began to brew in his mind...

Dizzy and The Yolkfolk are characters created by the Oliver Twins, and these characters would appear in many games during the 8 and 16-bit eras. Most of their appearances were in multi-screen platform adventure puzzle games, however, they also appeared in some great arcade games as the title characters.

Slowly, over the course of the series, we learn more about this odd little family and help them out of the tricky situations they find themselves in by visiting the many varied locations of their magical world. Fantasy World Dizzy is our second Dizzy release, following on the heels of Treasure Island Dizzy, which is still available for purchase (get it while supplies last, though!)

You can learn more about Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe and Fantasy World Dizzy by visiting the AtariAge Store.

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Atari: A Visual History Kickstarter
April 23, 2019
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

Darren Doyle of Greyfox Books has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create the first unofficially-licensed coffee table book on the Atari 8-bit Home Computer, Atari: A Visual History. The book pays a huge tribute to this incredible home computer, its product design, and its amazing catalogue of third-party software associated with this iconic 8-bit system. Atari: A Visual History is the very first book of this kind to be released for the Atari 8-bit home computer enthusiast in a visual compendium, ever! Darren has spent many months on development of this title and has acquired some incredible content along the way.

Features of the book include:
  • 162 third-party Atari 8-bit games covered
  • Remastered box art only found in this book
  • Exclusive and new interviews
  • Atari 800, Atari 800XL, and Atari 130XE systems profiled
  • A visual compendium presentational coffee book
  • Full hardcover publication
  • And much more...
With the Atari: A Visual History book, the visuals are the main focus, with roughly 210-220 word sound bites of text accompanying each game spread. The review of each game has especially been given a lot of research and thought during the writing process from Darren and all contributors involved. Within the book, you'll also find a series of larger features and interviews with developers and software house profiles and much more, ensuring a great mix of visuals and words. Overall, the book will contain around 50,000 words and hundreds of iconic images; each one is given its own unique flair in presentation and professional preservation which will make it the perfect coffee-table Atari book.

The premise of the book is to cover a huge majority of classic third-party Atari 8-bit software from such amazing software houses as Datasoft, Broderbund, First Star Software and the likes. A selection of commercial and non-commercial homebrew games will also be covered in the book, giving these games the exposure in a visual compendium never seen in a format of this type before. Atari: A Visual History will also deliver a selection of interviews with game designers who worked on the Atari 8-bit. The three most popular computers of Atari's 8-bit computer range receive their very own profile coverage, with additional exclusive photography of these computers by Roberto Rogel, as well as a choice selection of Atari-related peripherals. The book will measure 170mm x 230mm (6” x 9”) and will only be available in hardcover form for maximum durability, comprising a whopping 420 pages of content.

Please visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about Atari: A Visual History and make a pledge to support this project. You can discuss the book with its author Darren Doyle in our Atari 8-bit Computers Forum.

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Atari Computer Exhibit at Vintage Computer Festival East
March 20, 2019
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

Atari Home Computer Demonstrator

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the Atari 400/800 computers, and to help celebrate this event, the Atari Museum has been working with one of the original Atari 400/800 computer engineers, Joe Decuir, to put on an exhibit at the annual Vintage Computer Festival East. This year's show takes place May 3-5, 2019 in Wall, New Jersey at the InfoAge Science and History Center. Each year the science center hosts a myriad of vintage computers from 8-bit home computers to mini and mainframes of all shapes and sizes.

The Atari Museum exhibit hosted by Curt Vendel and Joe Decuir will feature every piece of hardware ever produced for the 400/800 series, as well as unique prototype equipment. But the 400/800 exhibit is just one small part of the overall Atari exhibit, which will also be a tribute to Jay Miner. Peter Fletcher, Bill Lange, Amiga Bill, and Dean Notarnicola will also be on hand, displaying Atari computers from the XL, XE, ST and Falcon series in this huge overall exhibit. The Lorraine will be there as well – Jay Miner’s amazing Amiga 1000.

Thanks to Evan Koblentz, executive director of the Vintage Computer Festival (VCF), Joe Decuir will be giving a formal speaking presentation at VCF covering the Atari 400/800 computers, from their beginnings as an improved design over the Atari 2600, to the final production computer designs. Evan and Jay will then discuss the follow-up 68000-based computer that the Atari’s could have further evolve into, a design that would eventually see reality years later as the Amiga “Lorraine.”

This is a rare and special opportunity, not just for Atari enthusiasts, but for anyone who loves the Atari 2600 to the Atari computers to the Amiga to see and meet the man who was involved in all three product designs. Please visit the Vintage Computer Festival website to learn more!

Pictured above is the The Atari Home Computer Demonstrator, which will be on display as part of this exhibit.

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New Jaguar Games from Piko Interactive
March 13, 2019
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

New Piko Interactive Jaguar Releases

Our friends at Piko Interactive have opened up pre-ordering for their next two Atari Jaguar titles, Head over Heels and Impossamole! The games will be available for pre-order until April 15 2019. During the pre-order period they are discounted $5 and will see a price hike on and after April 2019!

First up is the Gremlin graphics action platformer Impossamole. Monty Mole has been living in luxury since his previous adventures, but he has now been beamed up by an alien race who want him to do a job for them. Monty must trek through five worlds to retrieve the sacred scrolls of the race's Guardians. The platform-based gameplay is similar to Monty's earlier games, with primarily horizontal progress as well as ropes and ladders to navigate. Monty has developed a useful flying kick and has been given a smart bomb, with the potential to collect extra bombs and guns. Hazards, enemies and level designs are themed around each level, and range from cable cars and falling snowballs to Ninjas and Monkeys. Improvements have been made to the music and the gameplay for a better user experience. Impossamole features a cardboard box, instruction manual, and game cartridge.

Next is Head Over Heels, the classic Ocean Software puzzle adventure. OK, let me try and explain this. You see, Heads (he's the one with arms) can glide and jump and shoot, but he can't carry anything. And Heels, the one with the feet, can carry things, but he can't shoot. And if you get them together then they can do all sorts of things... Let me try again. There's this evil emperor, see, called Blacktooth, and he's enslaved all these different planets. So Head and Heels are trying to liberate the Five Crowns and... well there are these doughnuts, and some fish and bunny rabbits, and... well, it's really sort of... unique. Head Over Heels is a great strategy puzzle game originally developed by Ocean Software for the Amiga, Atari ST, and other early computer platforms. Finally it is playable on the Atari Jaguar. Head over Heels includes a cardboard box, instruction manual, and game cartridge.

Pre-Orders will ship by April 15, 2019. The $5 price hike will apply on and after this date. You can learn more over at Piko Interactive.

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Wizard of Wor Arcade Maze Design Contest
March 4, 2019
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

Wizard of Wor Arcade Maze Design Contest

Champ Games is nearing completion on their latest game for the Atari 2600, Wizard of Wor Arcade. This updated version of Wizard of Wor offers many new features from the CBS original release, including updated graphics, sound effects, more mazes, speech (using the AtariVox), high scores, and many more!

One additional feature that Champ Games has built into Wizard of Wor is the ability to create and save your own mazes! A maze editor has been added to the game that will allow you to create up to three custom mazes that are then playable as in the first three dungeons. If you have a SaveKey/AtariVox, you can also save the mazes so your creative work isn't lost when you power down your Atari.

Each of the three custom mazes will have a default layout that will be shipped with the cartridge. This is where you come in! We are asking you to use the maze editor to design your best maze and send us a screenshot. If we choose your design, it will be included in the final version of Wizard of Wor Arcade and you will have your name added to the credits section of the official manual!

For more information and official rules, please visit the Wizard of Wor Arcade Maze Design Contest in the AtariAge Forums. The contest ends Friday, March 8th, 2019 at midnight EST. Winners will be announced on March 10th! Good luck!

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2018 Atari Awards - Vote Today!
January 24, 2019
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

2018 Atari Awards

Welcome to the 2018 Atari Awards, where YOU get to vote on your favorite homebrew games, hacks and demos of 2018! Voting Ends on February 18, 2019 at 23:59:59 PST. You can click each of the threads in the 2018 Atari Awards forum to vote, as well as the links below for each category. We've made available a package you can download containing game binaries, instructions, and packaging so you can make informed decisions when voting.

The results of the 2018 edition of the Atari Awards will be announced LIVE on the ZeroPage Homebrew's Twitch channel on February 23rd, 2019 at 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT during a special broadcast. ZeroPage Homebrew will be announcing the winners and runners up on the broadcast in each of the categories along with LIVE acceptance speeches from the winners, plus much more! Results will then be posted in our 2018 Atari Awards forum.

2018 Atari Awards Categories: The 2018 Atari Awards are presented by ZeroPage Homebrew, The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion, and AtariAge. Good luck to all the nominees!

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Atari800MacX Version 5.0.0 Released
January 9, 2019
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

Atari800MacX Version 5.0.0 ReleasedAfter a long hiatus, a new version of the Atari800MacX Atari 8-bit computer emulator for macOS is now available! Atari800MacX is a native macOS port of the popular Atari800 emulator, which forms the basis for many Atari 8-bit emulators on various platforms. Most importantly, version 5.0.0 of Atari800MacX supports the latest versions of macOS (Sierra and above). Changes in this new release include:
  • Changed from using underlying SDL Library 1.2 to SDL Library 2.0. This allows operation on macOS Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave. Note, no testing has been done on Sierra and High Sierra.
  • This release requires 10.12 Sierra or above.
  • Sound now works in macOS Sierra and up
  • Fixed crashes with Atari 825 Printer emulation and Epson FX80 Printer emulation.
  • Fixes issues with Color Wells for Fullscreen Monitor and Atari 1020 Printer emulation. Changed to use text boxes to specify 0-255 Red, Green, and Blue values for colors.
Please visit the Atari800MacX home page for complete details about what's new and to download the latest version (source code is also available). You can discuss Atari800MacX in our Atari 8-bit Computers Forum.

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Atari Jaguar Game Compilation: reBOOTed!
January 2, 2019
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! For our Atari Jaguar fans, we're working on a new compilation of seven Atari Jaguar games released by Reboot over the last decade, all of which have been given an update with new graphics, music and other additions such as Pro Controller support and cartridge saves. Titled, "reBOOTed", this collection features 16+ megabytes of code, music and graphics squeezed into a 6 megabyte cartridge. Some of these titles never had a physical release while others were only available on Jaguar CD or in extremely limited runs due to production costs.

reBOOTed features the following games:
  • Beebris: Special Edition
  • Downfall: OG PLUS
  • HMS Raptor - Oxygenated
  • Kobayashi Maru - Redux
  • Rocketeer: Rebooted
  • Expressway: Re-Expressed
  • Rocks Off! (Again)
The reBOOTed cartridge also contains:
  • Reboot's "JAGTOPIA" system for booting un-encrypted CD titles and
  • BJL homebrew loader from 42Bastian Schick allowing code upload with a cable
reBOOTed will see a release later in 2019 in the AtariAge Store, and you can learn more about this compiliation in our Atari Jaguar Forum. We've put together a teaser trailer for the reBOOTed as well:

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Stella 6.0 Released
December 28, 2018
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

Stella 6.0 ReleasedA major new version of the popular Atari 2600 emulator Stella has been released. Stella 6.0 introduces several new changes, with the largest of them involving cycle-exact TIA audio emulation. Several games that never worked correctly before, such as E.T. and Ms. Pac-Man, now sound exactly as they do on a real console. Stella is a multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and versions are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Stella allows you to enjoy the large library of Atari 2600 titles on your computer, and it's also an exceptional tool for anyone creating new homebrew games for the 2600.

You can learn more about this latest version of Stella straight from its primary developer, including a complete list of improvements in Stella 6.0, in our Emulation Forum. Visit the official Stella website to download the appropriate veresion for your operating system.

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