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New 2600, 5200, 7800, and Jaguar Games! Pre-Order Today!
January 1, 2022
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

We are excited to announce the arrival of several new Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, and Jaguar to the store for pre-ordering! We have a great assortment of games in this batch of releases, we're sure there's something in here for everyone! Once all the printed materials arrive, we will promptly get all pre-orders shipped in the order they were received.

Click on any of the images to jump straight to that game:

Doggone It! Escape From The Castle Game of the Bear Hellway Lady Bug Arcade Mr. Yo-Yo RobotWar:2684 Soul of the Beast Unholy Intellidiscs Danger Zone Dragon's Descent Knight Guy in Low-Res World - Castle Days Wizard's Dungeon Dr. Typo Collection Gravitic Mines

Here's a list of the games:

You can also browse our latest releases here. If you have any questions about the games or the pre-order process, please send us a message!

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Champ Games at the Music City Multi Con in Nashville this weekend!
October 28, 2021
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

Music City Multi Con

If you're going to be in the Nashville, Tennessee area this weekend (or you can get there!), be sure to stop by the Music City Multi Con! Atari 2600 developer John W. Champeau of Champ Games will be attending the show, with a large booth showcasing all of his amazing Atari 2600 homebrew titles as well as upcoming games currently in development. Available for purchase for the first time will be the brand new RobotWar:2684, which isn't even available yet in the AtariAge Store! RobotWar:2684 is John's latest arcade-inspired game and an amazing accomplishment on the 2600. It even supports a simultaneous two-player mode that you won't find in the arcade game! In addition, John will be speaking on several panels about homebrew games, so if you want to learn more about homebrew development and all that entails, you don't want to miss these talks.

The Multi City Multi Con takes place this weekend, October 29-31 at the Farm Bureau Expo Center in Lebanon, Tennessee. Music City Multi Con is the perfect event for the video game, comic, music, and pop culture fan. Featuring over 100 arcade and pinball machines, over 100 video game consoles, Esports Tournaments hosted by Kumite in Tennessee, and the largest Pinball tournament in the state. You'll also find tabletop gaming, a cosplay competition with cash prizes, and a kids costume contest. Plus over 12 special guests running presentations and panels all three days. Don't forget the large vendor room selling games, toys, and all the cool geek stuff you love. There will be food vendors on site so you don't have to miss out on any of the convention. Lastly, there are two huge outdoor stages and a music lineup of over 40 DJs playing all weekend. Rain or shine the music will go on since the crowd will be covered at both stages.

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AtariAge Day on ZeroPage Homebrew - May 1, 2021
April 28, 2021
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

In lieu of many retrogaming conventions already being canceled for 2021, the AtariAge booth will be going virtual this year with AtariAge Day presented by ZeroPage Homebrew! The AtariAge Day stream takes place this Saturday, May 1st, at 12PM PT/3PM ET/7PM GMT. AtariAge Day will be filled with unboxing every new AtariAge homebrew title and interviews with homebrew developers from around the world such as:
  • John Champeau, developer of Avalanche (2600) & Zoo Keeper (2600)
  • Lewis Hill, developer of Dare Devil (2600)
  • Thomas Jentzsch, developer of Robot City (2600)
  • bluswimmer, developer of Cannonhead Clash (2600)
  • Todd Furmanski, developer of Dragon's Cache (7800)
  • Dion Olsthoorn, developer of Tower of Rubble (2600)
  • Ryan Witmer, developer of Magical Fairy Force (5200)
  • Ron Lloyd, developer of Adventure II XE (8-Bit)
  • Jeff Johnson, developer of Venture Reloaded (2600)

Again, the AtariAge Day stream takes place Saturday, May 1st, 2021 at 12PM PT/3PM ET/7PM GMT. You can watch the stream live at: Hope you see you there!

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READY! MODEL 100 Portable Computer Kit Kickstarter
February 25, 2021
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

READY! 100 Computer

We see many projects come across Kickstarter, and every now and then we find one that we feel would be interesting to AtariAge visitors, and in this case, those that tinkered with early home computers back in the 70s and 80s. The READY! 100 is a portable solder-free DIY computer kit that features an extruded aluminum shell that accommodates any single board computer like a raspberry pi, 4x4 x86. pico-itx or something more exotic like an FPGA board and other external devices like dongles or batteries which can now become internal!

It is a platform that brings a beautiful ultra-wide 1920x480 touch screen, 12 customizable industry standard input-outputs ports and 4 antenna ports with a full RGB backlit mechanical keyboard and a 5+5w stereo speaker system. You can use it to create a desktop enhancer, a portable laptop, a ham radio transceiver, a powerful router, a video game rig, audio/video recorder, or maybe something fun like a modernized Atari ST using something like a MiSTer FPGA! It's all up to your imagination.

An open source version of the design has been created for anyone who wants to do it at home with the appropriate 3D Printer and CNC machine. There is ample room inside the case to fit any gadgets you'd like to integrate into a single device. You can even carry it around with you via a guitar strap with the compatible side strap locks. It is designed to be easily upgradable, easily repairable, fully modular, and a little flashy. The design was inspired by the angles and bevels found in early Atari 800 systems along with other companies like the TRS-80 Model 100, and the Apple II or Commodore 64. This is a premium built enclosure designed to last for many years. The READY!OS is a free open source Linux distribution that supports the unique feature set of the READY! 100.

Please visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about the READY! 100 and make a pledge to support this project. You can also learn more by visiting the READY! 100 website directly.

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JagStudio Development Suite
February 9, 2021
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

JagStudio Development Suite

JagStudio is an advanced development suite for the Atari Jaguar that allows you to code using Assembler, BASIC or C and is based around Reboot's powerful RAPTOR API. Regardless of your programming capabilities, beginners to advanced coders can utilize this flexible package that will fully suit the needs of anyone looking to program exciting new games for the Jaguar.

The benefits of using JagStudio are the Hardware Abstraction Layers (HALs) and the combination of external modules available to use. This allows you, the developer, to get on with writing your games while taking advantage of the Jaguar's powerful chipset without worrying about tedious, underlying mundane routines. The same results that once took days or weeks to achieve can now be done in a matter of minutes, thanks to the power of JagStudio! You are one click away from 64-bit creativity!

Some of the features of JagStudio include:
  • Code in your language preference of Assembly, BASIC or C. (Assembly and C are currently in Beta... help us make them better!)
  • Commands have been renamed (from rB+) to reflect the individual modules they control and prefixed as such: rapPrint, u235PlaySample, etc.
  • RAPTOR API Debug Function brings useful program variable visibility to the forefront, aiding ease of game development.
  • GameDrive support along with MRQ file creation.
  • ROM builder now adds FAST GPU depack by default for quicker startup times.
  • Ability to build and split ROMs up to 6MB into HI/LO for EPROM burning.
  • Updated both RAPTOR and U235 Sound Engine APIs to current versions, bringing additional benefits of both in a single updated package.
  • Added universal JagPad Input - A single call that works with either U235 or ZeroSquare sound engine so projects can be easily converted between the two should your needs change.
  • Many enhancements and bug fixes to the original rB+ code (eg, you can now include files >4mb, all files unpacked using GPU by default)
  • All documentation and examples have been updated with a simple rB+ to JagStudio conversion guide to bring your old projects over to the fully updated JagStudio.
  • Includes project examples for all supported languages (Assembly, BASIC and C) for anyone looking to get started quickly.
  • We plan on keeping this alive and active, with ongoing improvements and new features and look forward to seeing what you all make with it.
The current release of JagStudio along with any previous versions can be obtained by visiting the JagStudio Homepage. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the newly created JagStudio Forum here on AtariAge.

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3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards
January 17, 2021
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

2020 Atari Homebrew Awards

Voting is now OPEN for the 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards, celebrating the best in new Atari 2600, 7800 and 8-Bit/5200 homebrew games released in 2020! VOTE for your favorite homebrew of 2020 right now in fourteen different categories such as Best Graphics, Best Music+Sound, Best Packaging and Best Work-In-Progress!


The results of the 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards will be announced LIVE on the ZeroPage Homebrew's Twitch channel on February 6th, 2021 at 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT during a special broadcast. The winners and runners will be announced on the broadcast in each of the categories along with LIVE acceptance speeches from the winners, plus much more!!

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New 2600, 5200, 7800, and Atari 8-bit Computer Games! Pre-Order Today!
December 8, 2020
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

We are excited to announce the arrival of several new Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, and Atari 8-bit homebrew games in the AtariAge Store for pre-ordering! We were aiming to have these available several months ago, but everything's moving a bit slowly this year. All the boxes, manuals, and labels for these games have been ordered, and we anticipate having everything in January. Once all the printed materials arrive, we will promptly get all pre-orders shipped.

Here's an image of all the new games:

2020 AtariAge Homebrew Releases

You can click on the following links to go directly to those games in the store: You can also browse our latest releases here. If you have any questions about the games or the pre-order process, please send us a message! You can discuss these releases with other AtariAge Visitors in our Atari 2600 Forum.

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LynXmas 2020 Game Jam Announced
December 1, 2020
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

LynXmas 2020

This Holiday Season is about to get a lot more interesting with a new Atari Lynx Game Jam being announced...

Atari Gamer, in conjunction with AtariAge, ejagfest and Sillyventure, are bringing you this festive themed game jam to get some cheer, laughter and fun going into this Holiday Season! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make an Atari Lynx game within the next 15 days, to have fun and put a smile on players' faces. There are no prizes this time around, it is just for fun and enjoyment and to show off your skills.

Full details of the Lynx 2020 Game Jam and how to participate can be found here. You can also discuss the Lynx 2020 Game Jam in our Atari Lynx Programming Forum. Have fun!

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New Jaguar Titles Arrive - Pre-Order Today!
September 11, 2020
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

We're proud to announce the addition of three new Atari Jaguar games to the AtariAge Store, Last Strike, reBOOTed, and Brawn and Brains! We've also re-issued an older Jaguar title, Xenon 2, with an updated box and label, as well as a completely new manual! Pre-order these games today, and we'll have them shipped to you in October.

Last Strike reBOOTed Xenon 2
Brawn and Brains

Here's a brief description of each of the new games:

Last Strike: Last Strike is a fun shooter with both horizontal and vertical scrolling levels. You must defeat the enemies you encounter while traversing each level, rescuing any stranded humans you encounter along the way. And you'll want to rescue the humans, as you earn credits that you can later use in the shop to upgrade your ship! Some of the upgrades include the Megabomb, Twin Shot, Rear Shot, Shield, Extra Life, and Speedup. At the end of each level, you'll encounter an enemy boss that you must destroy in order to proceed to the next level!

reBOOTed: From space, to the open highway, to the sea. The worlds of Reboot return in a multi-game cartridge that will make your head spin and TV explode with hours of fun! These landmark, thoroughly updated classics, can now be easily enjoyed in one cartridge! reBOOTed is a collection of seven Jaguar games on a single 6MB cartridge! The games featured in this multipack have all been given an update with new graphics, music and other additions such as Pro Controller support and cartridge saves. Some of these titles have previously never had a physical release, while others were only available on Jaguar CD or in extremely limited runs due to production costs.

Brawn and Brains: Brawn and Brains is a collection of three unique Atari Jaguar games, each from a different Jaguar developer. This collection features Dragonkeep (Lawrence Staveley), Tiles (Rik Day), and Do the Same (Matmook/Jagware). This is the first release of these games in cartridge form, offered in an economical release with cartridge and manual.

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Atari Lynx Programming Contest 2020 - Play the Games!
August 27, 2020
Posted by Albert Submit News | Archives

The Lynx Programming Competition 2020 has come to an end now and that means that there are new games for Atari Lynx fans to try out. This year's competition didn't draw in as many entries as the one last year, but we dare say that the quality of this year's entries is well over par!

The competition was hosted over at this time around, which provided for a much better platform for entry submissions and now opens up all the games for rating by the public. So be sure to try out each game, you can play them all online via Atari Gamer's Atari Lynx Emulator. Direct links to play the games can be found over on this page at Atari Gamer. The competition was sponsored by Atari Gamer, RetroHQ, Mark/Space: Project Argon and AtariAge.

Atari Lynx 2020 Programming Contest

Voting ends September 15, 2020, so be sure to try out these new Lynx games and vote for your favorites today!

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