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Atari 5200 Catalog - Atari (CO18270 Rev. 1)

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Company: Atari
Part Number: CO18270 Rev. 1
Year: 1982
Titles: 14

This appears to be Atari's first catalog for the 5200. It's a booklet style catalog, following in the tradition of Atari's 2600 catalogs. It features 14 titles and the line, "The Advanced Game System" on the cover. This catalog prominently featured Asteroids, which was never actually released on the 5200 most likely due to it being extremely difficult to control with the 5200's non-centering analog controllers. Not only did Asteroids get its own page in this catalog, but there is also an Asteroids box pictured on page 4 (second from the top). This catalog also features the Trak-Ball controller (with the red action buttons and "Start", "Pause", "Reset" buttons in positions that don't match the shipped unit) and mentions a game called Tank on page 14.

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SystemTitle Model #Page
Missile CommandCX52029
Realsports BaseballCX520913
Realsports FootballCX520713
Realsports SoccerCX521313
Space InvadersCX520410
Star RaidersCX52058
Super BreakoutCX520312