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Atari 5200 Controllers

Atari manufactured a number of different controllers for use with the 2600, some of them being game specific. This gallery showcases 2600 compatible controllers manufactured by Atari in the 1980's, as well as 3rd party controllers that were made for specific 2600 games.

CompanyController DescriptionSmall Image
AtariJoystickThe 5200 joystick is an odd mix of a non-centering stick, analog control, and a keypad. Prone to breaking, the 5200 joystick works best when replaced by a Wico joystick and keypad.Click for More Info
AtariTrak-BallBig, heavy, and it works great with the compatible games. This is your standard trak-ball with a pair of keypads and fire buttons on either side.Click for More Info