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Atari 7800 Catalog - Atari (C300593-001 Rev. A)

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Company: Atari
Part Number: C300593-001 Rev. A
Year: 1988
Titles: 29

Atari produced two different Atari Advantage catalogs, one for the 2600 and another for the 7800. This catalog features all the 7800 games that were available (or coming soon) when the catalog was published. Nearly 30 7800 games are shown, with 13 of those titles designated as "Coming Soon". All the games depicted in this catalog would see the light of day, although Deluxe Asteroids would be released simply as Asteroids (perhaps to avoid confusion with the earlier Atari coin-op Asteroids Deluxe?) This catalog featured a contest with the grand prize being a 7-day trip to California including a day at Atari Headquarters to "see video games designed." But in order to become eligible to enter an essay writing contest to win the trip you first had to purchase 25 game cartridges. In addition, purchasing games could net you free Atari T-shirts, game cartridges, and discounts on Atari hardware.

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System TitleModel #Page
Ace of AcesCX78461
Dark ChambersCX78371
Desert FalconCX78111
Dig DugCX78031
Donkey KongCX78481
Donkey Kong JuniorCX78491
Fight NightCX78511
Food FightCX78041
Hat TrickCX78291
Impossible MissionCX78321
Mario Bros.CX78501
One-on-One BasketballCX78241
Realsports BaseballCX78341
Robotron: 2084CX78091
Summer GamesCX78261
Super HueyCX78281
Touchdown FootballCX78231
Tower TopplerCX78561
Winter GamesCX78311