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Atari 7800 Controllers

Atari manufactured a number of different controllers for use with the 2600, some of them being game specific. This gallery showcases 2600 compatible controllers manufactured by Atari in the 1980's, as well as 3rd party controllers that were made for specific 2600 games.

CompanyController DescriptionSmall Image
AtariAtari 7800 JoypadSold in Europe, Australia, and other locations outside North America, the 7800 Joypads are similar to NES joypads with a small, removable stick on the d-pad. They were most often packaged with systems, and while it isn't hard to find them if you have international connections, it is very difficult to find them boxed as an accessory.Click for More Info
AtariPro-Line JoystickStandard 7800 joysticks, compatible with the 2600. Marketed as advanced controllers, featuring independently functioning buttons (7800 only). Long, narrow design.Click for More Info
SearsTelegames 7800 Super Deluxe JoystickSimilar to the original 7800 ProController, this unit is made by Telegames and features a switch for "Quick Fire".Click for More Info
AtariXE Light GunThe XE Light Gun is compatible with both the XE Game System and the 7800 ProSystem. The 7800 never had a light gun made for it exclusively.Click for More Info