AtariAge at 2005 Philly vgXpo

2005 Philly vgXpo

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We'll have several work-in-progress and prototype Atari 2600 games for you to try out at the 2005 Philly vgXpo! In addition, several homebrew authors will be at the show demonstrating their games. This is a great opportunity to play some new games being developed as well as ask homebrew authors questions about the games and developing for these classic game consoles.

Alfred Challenge Alfred Challenge - Atari 2600

Run, jump and climb to reach the keys opening doors to the next level. Take care of the Tazniak and the Bukoï which have only one idea: Kill you!

Alfred had been anticipating this day for most of his life and trained intensely for it during the past year. Nobody knew why a passage appeared at the base of Mount Zepithar every eleven years, but everyone did know that once you entered the passage, you were caught in a universe of strange and hostile creatures seemingly from another world. Alone, Alfred would face the ultimate challenge, and should he succeed in his quest, he would become the next village chief. Can you help Alfred realize his goal and safely guide him through the maze of ladders, ropes, platforms and monsters?

Allia Quest Allia Quest - Atari 2600

Run, jump and climb to reach the keys opening doors to the next level. Take care of the Tazniak and the Bukoï which have only one idea: Kill you!

Alfred had been anticipating this day for most of his life and trained intensely for it during the past year. Nobody knew why a passage appeared at the base of Mount Zepithar every eleven years, but everyone did know that once you entered the passage, you were caught in a universe of strange and hostile creatures seemingly from another world. Alone, Alfred would face the ultimate challenge, and should he succeed in his quest, he would become the next village chief. Can you help Alfred realize his goal and safely guide him through the maze of ladders, ropes, platforms and monsters?

Crazy Balloon Crazy Balloon - Atari 2600

Crazy Balloon is a port of the 1980's arcade underdog, which is the grandfather of games like Kuru Kuru Kururin. In Crazy Balloon you must carefully navigate your balloon through many varied levels full of different dangers. As if navigating these treacherous wasn't already nail biting, you will encounter additional hazards such as moving spikes or "Hurricane Man", who will try to blow you against a spiked wall!

Author Manuel Rotschkar (whose previous games include Seawolf, Star Fire, and Gunfight) Initially wrote this game to submit it for the 2005 Mini Game Competition, where the goal is to write an enjoyable game in the smallest space possible. Crazy Balloon includes all 16 levels from the arcade game, and you might find some surprises you're not expecting! All the obstacles from the arcade have been reproduced as faithfully as possible, with only a few elements replaced with Atari 2600 exclusive obstacles. If you're a fan of the arcade game, you won't be disappointed!

Fall Down Fall Down - Atari 2600

Fall Down pits the ever-opposed forces of RED and BLUE* against each other in an ultimate battle to capture scrolling platforms! The first player to fall past a platform captures it and scores a point. Taking time to collect power-ups can give some advantage, but taking too long only results in death at the top of the screen. Watch out, because as you progress, the platforms slowly accelerate!

Fall Down includes both two-player and single-player modes against a highly effective computer opponent. Game modes include:

  • Human vs. AI
  • Human vs. AI, easy mode
  • Human vs. AI, pass-by mode
  • Human vs. AI, invisibility mode
  • Single Player
  • Human vs. Human
  • Human vs. Human, pass-by mode
  • Human vs. Human, invisibility mode
In pass-by mode, the players don't bounce off each other as in the default mode. In invisibility mode background alternates colors, making one of the players invisible. Easy mode makes the computer opponent fairly dumb.
Go Fish! Go Fish! - Atari 2600

Go Fish! is an original game loosely based on the Intellivision game Shark! Shark! - you are a wee fish and, to survive, you must eat other, smaller fish to grow. But watch out for the shark, as he's also on the hunt for food and you could be his next meal! Go Fish! features extensive, continuously-playing music (with an option to turn it off for those who'd rather do their fishing in quiet), as well as a two-player battle mode.

Programmer Bob Montgomery teamed up with AtariAge to sponsor a contest to create original artwork for Go Fish! The winning label from Renato Brito will grace all copies of Go Fish!, as well as the full-color manual. You can download the latest version of Go Fish! and follow its development in our Homebrew Discussion Forum.

Merlin's Walls Merlin's Walls - Atari 2600

Find a way out of the intricate maze before your countdown timer runs out! Use dynamite, get energy, and discover special walls in your attempts to escape from the 16 levels of Merlin's Walls!

Merlin had tolerated your disobedience before, but this time it appears he's tired of your games. It would seem that Merlin has teleported you into a strange maze with no roof, exposed to an empty, black sky! Now you must use your intelligence, something Merlin does not believe you possess, to escape this maze and redeem yourself in his eyes! Merlin has left you with a map of the first level--but can you find your way out of all 16 levels before the time expires?

Pesco Pesco - Atari 2600

Little Pesco must find a new place to live. In his searches it seems that he found a good home, with lots of plankton to eat, but...well, it seems that there are three crabs that are determined to eat him!

Having just turned two, you were now nearly full size and with your mother looking after a new litter, it was now time to take on new responsibilities. The shores of your current home were becoming too polluted, and your mother charged you with finding a new home where your family could live in peace. During your dangerous quest to find a new home, you rushed into a cave to avoid the tentacles of a frightening squid! Unfortunately, this is exactly what the squid wanted, and he quickly dropped a rock in front of the entrance, trapping you inside! Filled with plankton, your favorite food, you at first thought this to be the perfect home for your family until you realized that the maze was also inhabited by Tribock the giant crab! Can you clear all the mazes of plankton, eluding the clutches of Tribock to reach the ninth level?

Poker Squares Poker Squares - Atari 2600

With a blight of card games for the Atari 2600, enthusiast Brian Watson brings us a new card game, Poker Squares! In Poker Squares your goal is to place 25 playing cards (from a deck of 52), one at a time, in a 5x5 grid. Your goal is to make the best ten (or twelve) poker hands, five horizontally, five vertically, and optionally the two diagonals, scoring as many points as possible. Complete rules can be found at Solitaire Central (the English scoring system is used).

Poker Squares includes two options to add variety to the game. The first options allows you to disable scoring on the diagonals, making higher scores a bit more difficult. The second option will make the computer deal the first five cards to the corners and center of the grid. This makes for a much more difficult game. Author Brian Watson routinely scores 35-45 points, but there are some players who have gotten over 100 points. Can you be in the same league as them?

Seawolf Seawolf - Atari 2600

Atari 2600 programmer Manuel Rotschkar (Gunfight, Star Fire) has completed his latest Atari 2600 title, Seawolf, which will be his 4K entry in the 2004 MiniGame Competition. This game is influenced and inspired by the Midway Sea Wolf and Sea Wolf II arcade games as well as the Astrocade and 8-bit home versions, but is not a direct port. Seawolf also borrows elements from Broderbund's Seafox.

In Seawolf you command a submarine lurking below the surface of the ocean, where you need to attack enemy convoys while avoiding depth charges and other dangers. But use your resources wisely, as you don't want to be a sitting duck when you run out of torpedoes, or worse, fuel! And watch out for the Red Cross ships, as they have a surprise for you if you accidently target them!

Ultra SCSIcide Ultra SCSIcide - Atari 2600

SCSIcide is an original, fast-paced homebrew game released back in 2001 by Joe Grand of Pixels Past. In SCSIcide you play the role of a hard drive read head. As the different colored bits scroll by on the hard drive platter, you need to quickly read them in the correct order before you suffer a buffer underflow. As you complete each level, the data scrolls by more and more quickly! How far can you go? If you're a fan of Activision's Kaboom!, then you'll love SCSIcide.

Joe Grand has spent some time recently updating SCSIcide and has released a new version of the game titled Ultra SCSIcide. This latest version of the game contains many improvements over the original:

  • Added support for joystick controllers. Controller type is automatically detected when you press the paddle or joystick fire button to start the game.
  • Fixed the flicker that used to occur at the beginning of each level.
  • Changed background and data bit color palette to make bits easier to distinguish.
  • Reduced track size from 10 to 8 bits, for a more appropriate one byte per level.
  • Changed speed increase per level - only two random data bits increase in speed each level.
  • Modified the sound and scoring routines to account for longer gameplay and higher levels.
  • Changed title screen text and added GIS and Pixels Past logos.
  • Added a PAL version of the game.

If you'd like to more about SCSIcide's original development, be sure to visit Joe Grand's SCSIcide Development Log (you might want to read from the bottom up).

Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns - Atari 2600

Think of Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns as an advanced version of the classic Atari game Surround. While avoiding walls, each worm can shoot a cannon that will destroy a single block on the playing field, or kill the opposing worm.

Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns is a new version of Billy Eno's popular Atari 2600 homebrew game Warring Worms. This new version of Warring Worms sports several significant improvements over the original game and the game has been doubled in size from 4K to 8K. Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns includes a new game selection screen, where you can see all the original options as well as several new ones:

  • Tank Mode - In this mode, the snakes no longer grow continuosly. As your snake moves, it no longer leaves a trail behind you.
  • Solid Arena Mode - The starting arena cannot be destroyed by the cannon.
  • Unbreakable Mode - Nothing can be destroyed by the cannons. In this mode, the only thing the cannon can hurt is your opponent!
  • First To - Tony Morse once said something to the effect of, "Who wants to play best of 198?" This feature lets you chose the ending score, and bring "full" games down to a reasonable playable time.
  • Win by Two Mode - This feature changes the winning condition so that you must beat your opponent by at least two points.
  • Select Game/Random Game - Selecting Random Game changes most of the game options to be selected randomly before each round. This provides a new challenge every round.
Beef Drop Beef Drop - Atari 5200

AtariAge user Ken "kenfused" Siders has ported the popular arcade game Burgertime to the Atari 5200, giving it the name Beef Drop. Burgertime was ported to many home game consoles and computer systems, including the Intellivision, ColecoVision, Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, but it never found a home on the Atari 5200 until now. While a disk-based version of Burgertime was released for the Atari 8-bit computers, this version has been written from scratch to be more faithful to the arcade version than the older 8-bit port.

This new version of Burgertime began life as an April Fool's joke in our Atari 5200 Forum and quickly turned into a real homebrew development effort! For all you wanted to know about Burgertime and more, please visit held a Beef Drop Label Contest to design an original label for Beef Drop, and the contest was won by Henry Lee. Henry's label design graces the label and manual, with additional artwork featured inside the manual. Beef Drop includes the cartridge and 12-page, full-color manual. Beef Drop is also available for the Atari 8-bit Computers.

Astro Invader Astro Invader - ColecoVision

You are Earth's last hope! It's a war between your laser base defense and the incoming hordes of Astro Invaders. Dodge the incoming invaders and their deadly impact explosions! Take out the flying saucers before they land and run off with your women! It's a relentless battle to the very end when you bring home the arcade thrill of Astro Invader!

Astro Invader is a flawless port of the fast-paced arcade game of the same name. Scott Huggins has brought the thrill of the arcade game home to your ColecoVision, faithfully reproducing the sights, sounds, and gameplay of the original. How many waves of alien invaders can you fend off before being overwhelmed?

Reversi Reversi - ColecoVision

Reversi is based on the classic board game where your objective is to capture the most pieces on the game board by flipping discs to your color. A disc, or an unbroken line of discs of the same color, is captured when it becomes flanked on opposite ends by two opposing pieces, one of which must be the disc that was just placed on the board. The player with the most discs at the end of the game is the winner! A tie can also result if both players have the same number of discs at the end. Now you can enjoy this masterpiece of strategic combat on your ColecoVision game console, thanks to ColecoVision programmer Daniel Bienvenue.

Also included as an added bonus is Daniel Bienvenu's 2004 MiniGame Competition entry, Diamond Dash. Dig through five mountains with a limited supply of dynamite, collecting all the diamonds as fast as you can! Do you have the skill to make it through all five mountains?

Sky Jaguar Sky Jaguar - ColecoVision

When a weakened and vulnerable Earth is invaded by the vicious Zephyr army, the planet's only hope is a fleet of powerful ships, the Sky Jaguars. It'll take sharp reflexes and amazing skill to survive the Zephyrians' unrelenting assault... can you last long enough to discover and destroy the enemy's hidden headquarters?

Sky Jaguar is an original ColecoVision port of the Konami game of the same name, brought to life on the ColecoVision by Opcode Games. Sky Jaguar appeared as an arcade game, as well as on the MSX computers, which this version is based on.

  • A perfect conversion of the popular MSX game
  • Designed by the creators of the long-running Gradius series
  • Intense and challenging gameplay
  • Power-ups and hidden items add to the fun
Space Invaders Collection Space Invaders Collection - ColecoVision

The unrelenting alien invaders are back to threaten planet Earth! Destroy the invaders with your laser cannon before they land. You must be fast and accurate to save your world!

Space Invaders Collection brings home two of the hottest arcade games ever: Space Invaders and its original follow-up, Space Invaders Part II (aka Space Invaders Deluxe). Both games have been perfectly replicated on the ColecoVision, brought to life by Opcode Games.

  • Arcade-perfect versions of both original coin-operated classics, Space Invaders and Space Invaders Part II.
  • Several screen-typtes. Play it as you remember it.
  • For one or two players.
  • Complete arcade intros for both games.
  • All original hidden tricks included!
Yie Ar Kung-Fu Yie Ar Kung-Fu - ColecoVision

The place is ancient China. The time is the end of the Ching Dynasty! The entire kingdom is in turmoil because of the dastardly deeds of the villainous Chop Suey Triad Gang. In a desperate attempt to eliminate the Chop Suey Triad Gang, the hero of our story, Lee The Kung Fu Master, has secretly entered the Gang's castle headquarters - the dreaded Bamboo-Shoot Pagoda!! But...once in the castle, LEE has to face the Chop Suey Gang's deadliest martial arts experts and defeat them one after another: Wicked Wang, the quarterstaff (bojutsu) fighter; Terrible Tao, the flame wielder; Chen The Chainfighter; Lady Lang, expert with the razor-sharp throwing knives (shuriken); and finally Wily Wu, the mystery man!! Will Lee be able to use his Kung Fu techniques to defeat these evil enemies and restore peace to Imperial China?

  • Large, colorful characters and detailed backgrounds bring the martial arts action to life
  • Play against the computer in story mode or challenge a friend in exclusive two player battles
  • Perfect your Kung Fu techniques in the special bonus stage

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