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Atari 5200 - Activision - Standard Label Variation

Activision - Standard Label Variation
Activision cartridges for the 5200 follow the style of Activision carts for other non-2600 systems (Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64), except naturally they're quite a bit larger on the 5200. The top of the cartridge is sloped slightly, and this is typically where the name of the game is printed. There are also indentations near the top to make the cartridge easier to grip when removing it from the system. The labels don't follow any convention, each with unique stylized text and graphics. Zone Ranger can also be found with a silver Telegames style label. The back of Activision's cartridges contain a space to store overlays. The Activision logo is embossed on the cartridge underneath the logo.
TitleModel #Label NotesYearCartRarity  TV 
Zone RangerFC-101 
Zone RangerFC-101Silver Label
BeamriderFZ-009 1983
Space ShuttleFZ-012 1983
Pitfall II: Lost CavernsFZ-011 1984
MegamaniaFZ-003 1983
Keystone KapersFZ-006 1984
Kaboom!FZ-001 1983
H.E.R.O.FZ-007 1984
Dreadnaught Factor, TheFZ-005 1983
Activision Decathlon, TheFC-008 1983
River RaidFZ-002 1983
Pitfall!FZ-004 1984