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Atari 7800 - Absolute Entertainment - Standard Label Variation

Absolute Entertainment - Standard Label Variation
Absolute cartridges for the 7800 are very similar to their 2600 counterparts. They come in Activision style carts with black labels. The game title is written in a stylized font, unique for each game. This same text is translated to the end label, although reduced in size to better fit. The Absolute Logo is also featured on the front of the label. One Absolute game, Tomcat F14, was actually produced with two different labels. Tomcat F14 can be found with a normal 7800 label as well as a 2600 label. If you have a 2600 Tomcat F14 in your collection, you should double check to make sure it's not the 7800 version! You can tell by looking at the edge of the cartridge where it plugs into the game system. The edge connector for 7800 games is wider than on 2600 carts.
Title Model #Label NotesYearCartRarity TV 
F-18 HornetAP-044 1988
Kung-Fu MasterAM-039 1989
Pete Rose BaseballAV-045 1989
Super Skateboardin'AV-047 1988
Title Match Pro WrestlingAV-041 1989
Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter SimulatorAV-046 1989
Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter SimulatorAV-046Atari 2600 Label1989