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Gorf - CBS Electronics - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   




1. Hook up your video game system, following manufacturer's instructions.

2. With the power OFF, plug in the video game cartridge.

3. Turn power ON. If no image appears, check the connection of your game system to the TV, then repeat steps 1-3.

4. Plug a 5200 Controller firmly into controller jack 1. This is a one or two-player game using the same controller.

5. Keypad overlays are provided for your convenience. If you desire, slip an overlay onto the keypad of your controller.

6. Press the keypad square marked 1-2 Players (the # key) to select either the one-player or two-player version.

7. Players start with Mission #1 at the Cadet level. To begin at a higher level, press the keypad square marked Rank Level (the * key) until the desired level appears on the screen.

8. To start the game, press the START key or one of the two bottom trigger buttons on the sides of the controller. The upper buttons have no functions in the game. To pause the game at any point, press the PAUSE key. To resume the game, press this key again. Pressing the START key again at any time will immediately return the game to the first mission. Pressing the RESET key will cause the title screen to reappear.

STRATEGY HINTS are located on the back of this manual.

Note: Never remove your video game cartridge from the console unless the power is turned OFF.


Space Cadet:

  • By the time you read this communique, we of the interstellar Space Force command will have been destroyed. The evil Gorfian Empire has launched an all-out attack. You are Earth's last hope! Your assignment is to repel the invasion and launch a counterattack. You will engage various hostile spacecraft as you journey toward a dramatic confrontation with the enemy Flag Ship! You will be rewarded for your success with promotions in rank and praise from a grateful planet. But you must act quickly, Space Cadet! Brief yourself on the Gorfian Robot Armada and then attack before it's... TOO LATE!


  • The object of GORF is to accumulate points by destroying the various types of enemy spacecraft you will encounter as you attempt to complete a variety of space missions.


  • You begin each game with a fleet of five Fighters. Only one Fighter at a time may fire upon the enemy. The time may fire upon the enemy. The number of Fighters remaining in your fleet is indicated throughout the game at the top of the screen.

  • Use the joystick to maneuver your Fighter back and forth, and up and down. To fire your laser, press one of the two button trigger buttons on the sides of your controller. You have an unlimited supply of ammunition.

    Note: Firing a shot causes a previously discharged bullet to disintegrate if it hasn't yet made contact.

  • You will be awarded one extra fighter plus a promotion of Rank every time you make it through the series of four space missions.


  • Before taking off into space, you must first defend the Earth from the horde of advancing Gorfian Droids. These invaders decscend in column formation and drop dangerous anti-matter bombs. Bonus points are scored for hitting the bouncing Gorf and Command Ship that randomly pass overhead. When the entire attack matrix is destroyed you will proceed on to your next mission. Should any of the invaders bust through your defense shield and reach the Earth's surface before you've destroyed them, this mission will be terminated.


  • This orbital zone is the Gorfian Empire's first line of defense against your counterattack. Destroy the anti-particle Laser Ships while avoiding their deadly beams. Each Laser Ship is protected by three Kamikaze Invaders and a Flying Gorf. They'll continuously try to ram into you as you attempt to blast them all.

  • Points are scored for all enemies shot and destroyed. No points are scored for Kamikaze Invaders blown up in a suicide-crash. When all attack ships are destroyed, you will move on to your next battle.


  • You are getting closer to the enemy Flag Ship! Sensing your presence, it generates an eerie space web which releases Gorfian Attackers and Flying Gorfs firing subquark torpedoes. These aliens are released one at a time and fly in a spiral pattern. When you succeed in getting past this level, you'll be ready for your next and most challenging mission.


  • To destroy the Gorfian Flag Ship and earn the right to work toward your next promotion, you must score a direct hit in the Flag Ship's internal power reactor vent. In order to get a clear shot at this difficult target, you must first blast a hole in the Flag Ship's heavy force field arc, while avoiding the heat-seeking missiles being launched in your direction. The debris that falls from the Flag Ship following a shot to its outer hull is radioactive, but may be fired upon for extra points. Following a successful hit, a violent neutronium explosion will appear in dazzling color as the Flag Ship disintegrates. You are now a Space Captain and will repeat the sequence of missions fighting against progressively faster and nastier robots of the Gorfian Empire!


  • The game ends when all your Interstellar Space Fighters have been destroyed by the robot warriors of the Gorfian Empire.


  • Two players may compete in GORF, alternating turns. Both players must use the same controller. Since only one player can play at a time, sharing should not pose a problem. Just be prepared to pass the controller to the other player when your turn has ended. The screen will notify each player as to whose turn it is.


    Rank              Missions
    Space Cadet        1 to 4
    Space Captain      5 to 8
    Space Colonel      9 to 12
    Space General     13 to 16
    Space Warrior     17 to 20
    Space Avenger     21 and up

    Your score is displayed at the top of the screen throughout the game.

    Mission           Object           Point Value
    Astro Battles  Gorfian Droids        50 points
                   Bouncing Gorf and
                   Command Ship         250 points
    Laser Attack   Kamikaze Invaders
                   and Flying Gorfs     100 points
                   Laser Ships          300 points
    Space Warp     Gorfian Attackers
                   and Flying Gorfs     100 points
    Flag Ship      Hitting Flag Ship     20 points
                   Debris and Flying
                   Gorfs*               150 points
                   Destroying Flag     1000 points
    * Flying Gorfs appear with the Flag Ship starting at the level of Captain.


    1. Astro Battles. Start picking off the invaders from the edges. By destroying entire columns, the rate of descent is reduced.

    2. Laser Attack. Kamikazes and Flying Gorfs should be destroyed at maximum possible range, especially when they power dive.

    3. Space Warp. Attackers are easiest to destroy when they first emerge. They are moving slower and the spiral movements is lighter.

    4. Flag Ship. Create large holes in the force field arc before attempting to hit the reactor. You'll have a better line of fire.


    Typed by Keita Iida

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters