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Keystone Kapers - Activision - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   




* Plug in cartridge. Turn power ON.

* As soon as the title screen disappears, the timer will start counting down. You can now begin moving Keystone.

* Keystone Kelly follows the left or right movements of the control stick. He jumps when you press either side button on the controller. For a long, running jump, press the button while pushing the control stick left or right. Keystone will duck when you pull the control stick back. He'll step into an elevator when you push it forward, and out when you pull it back.

* The security scanner at the bottom of the screen is an overview of all the floors and the roof. Keystone is the black dot, the crook is the white dot. The elevator is the moving grey squre in the middle and the escalators are the black slashes at either end.

* The merit system's timer is to the left of your score. It starts counting down as soon as the game begins. Nine seconds are deducted whenever Keystone collides with a shopping cart, beach ball or radio. When only 9 seconds remain, the timer flashes. Be warned!

* To pause the action, press the pause button. To resume the action, press it again.

* The game ends when your entire squad of cops has gone off duty. Any of the following will send them on their way:

    - Colliding with a biplane.
    - Running out of time.
    - Allowing a crook to escape off the roof.
* Scoring. Each time a crook is apprehended, you'll receive points based on the time remaining. Also, 50 points are awarded for each recovered suitcase or gold bag.

* Bonus cops. You begin with Keystone Kelly on active duty and three cops on reserve. With every 10,000 point increase, a bonus cop is added to your reserve squad, up to a maximum of 3 on screen at a time.

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    Typed by Keita Iida

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters