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Mr. Do!'s Castle - Parker Brothers - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   




  • To keep MR. DO! safe and moving to the next scene in his castle. To do this, help him eliminate as many unicorns as possible by either whacking them directly on the head with his hammer, or by hammering out floor blocks from above so they land directly on top of the unicorns.

    1. Place the cartridge firmly into the cartridge slot.
    2. Turn the ON/OFF switch to the ON position.
    3. Press the FIRE button once to begin the action.


  • Use your joystick to move MR. DO! through the castle. To make MR. DO! move left or right, move the joystick in those directions. To make MR. DO! climb up a ladder, push forwards on the joystick; to climb down, pull backwards.


  • Press the FIRE button any time you want MR. DO! to swing his hammer. You must press the FIRE button for each swing of the hammer.


  • This hammer-happy game begins as MR. DO! enters his humble home through the basement. With hammer in hand, he's ready to confront his invaders head-on. Guide MR. DO! up and down ladders, down hallways - even drop him off landings or through openings in the floor. But above all, keep him a safe distance from all the deadly unicorns. One bite and he's a goner!


  • In this game, there are 8 different scenes (or screens)- each one somewhere - in MR. DO!'s Castle. In each scene, there are 7 floors in the castle, including the top and basement floors.

  • To the immediate right of the castle, you'll see a set of numbers and bars. The numbers on the top represent your score. The bars directly below these numbers represent the number of remaining MR. DO!'s. Each time you lose a MR. DO!, one bar will disappear from the screen. Also, each time you earn a bonus letter in the word "EXTRA," it will appear to the right of the screen.


  • Whether they're red, blue, or green- these unicorns are all deadly. And they're all after MR. DO!. But there are a few things about each color unicorn you'll find helpful.

    Red Unicorns

  • You'll meet these hot little guys first. But not to worry- you should have little trouble eliminating them. On levels 1 and 2, if any unicorns are standing on a block, you can whack them directly on the head with your hammer. Or, on any level, drop blocks onto them. Even slow them down by hammering them through openings in the floor once they've become trapped in a hole. The catch is: shortly after you've eliminated all but the last red unicorn, you'll hear a change in the background music and-POOF-he'll turn blue and double in number!

    Green Unicorns

  • You'll notice that green unicorns are a bit more feisty than red unicorns, though not as tricky as the blue ones. So be prepared.

    Blue Unicorns

  • Blue unicorns are the nastiest of them all, and they're known to "clone" around. That is, they have the power to split into two seperate unicorns.

    One final note: blue unicorns are also a bit more hard-headed than the other color unicorns- which means you can't knock them through holes in the floors!

  • Each time you eliminate a unicorn, you earn points DEPENDING ON THE NUMBER OF FLOORS THEY FALL THROUGH (see SCORING section). When you eliminate ALL unicorns in a particular scene, you automatically advance to the next scene.

    NOTE: On rare occasions, the unicorns may not find their way to MR. DO! When MR. DO! proceeds to a different floor, however, they'll be back in hot pursuit!


  • Unlike the rest of the unicorns in MR. DO!'s Castle, these critters run AWAY from MR. DO! instead of running after him. That's because you earn Bonus Letters for each one you clobber. When you've collected all 3 keys in a scene, AND reached the door at the top of the castle, the unicorns will change to Bonus Letters. In the next few seconds, clobber as many Bonus Letters as possible with your hammer or with falling blocks. For each one you eliminate, you'll earn the corresponding letter in the word "EXTRA." Spell EXTRA and you win an extra MR. DO! and advance to the next scene.

    NOTE: When time is up, Bonus Letter unicorns will change back into normal unicorns.


  • MR. DO!'S Castle is not your average home. But then, MR. DO! is not your average clown. In any case, as you move about the castle, you'll need to know the following things:


  • For the most part, MR. DO! (and the unicorns) use the many ladders through-out the castle to travel to different levels. But the slanted ladders are the ones to watch. These ladders swing left or right whenever MR. DO! "kicks" them. Just guide MR. DO! over to the top of the swinging ladders. When his foot touches them, away they'll swing. You may want to swing ladders away from a particular floor when unicorns are hot on your heels!

    Floor Blocks

  • You'll notice that there are 7 floors in MR. DO!'s Castle -including the top and basement floors- and that both MR. DO! and the unicorns can travel on any of them. However, the middle 5 floors (excluding the top and basement) are made of several blocks featuring different items. These items are:
    • Cherries happen to be MR. DO!'s favorite treat. So, of course, his hallways are going to be filled with them. For each cherry block you knock out, you earn 20 points. Knock out all the cherry blocks in a scene and you'll automatically advance to the next scene.


    • Keys are definitely the key here! MR. DO! must knock out all the blocks featuring keys if he's to open the door at the top of the castle and earn a chance to win Bonus letters. For each key block you knock out, you earn 20 points.


    • Skulls mean trouble for these troublesome unicorns. You'll notice that in some cases, there are skulls at either end of a particular section of a floor. If there are unicorns somewhere in the middle of that section, and you knock out BOTH skull blocks, the entire section will drop - and be replaced by a slatted bridge. This is a good way to eliminate several unicorns in one fell swoop. You earn 20 points for each skull block you knock out.

      Unicorn's Blocks-

    • When these unicorns fall into a hole in any of the floors, they like to fill it in (so they won't get trapped the next time around)! You can still knock out these blocks at any time, earning 20 points for each.

      Castle Door-

    • On the very top floor of the castle, directly in the center, you'll see a door. At the start of each scene, the unicorns will enter the castle from here. But when MR. DO!'s knocked out all the key blocks, the castle door will flash, meaning Bonus Letter unicorns are on the way. If MR. DO! reaches the door without being bitten, you'll earn bonus points- plus a chance to collect Bonus Letters!
  • There are 8 different scenes and 16 different Difficulty Levels within MR. DO!'s Castle- each more difficult than the one before. In general, as you progress through the various scenes, the following things will happen:

    * More unicorns will appear on screen.
    * Unicorns will become more aggressive.
    * Ladders and floor blocks will change positions.


  • When you lose all of your MR. DO!s, the game ends. To play again, simply press the FIRE button. The game will begin at scene 1 and you'll receive 5 MR. DO!s.

    Eliminating Unicorns Red Unicorns & Bonus Unicorns Falling: 0-1 levels..................500 points 2 levels...................1000 points 3 levels...................1500 points 4 levels...................2000 points 5 levels...................2500 points Green Unicorns Falling: 0-1 levels.................1000 points 2 levels...................2000 points 3 levels...................3000 points 4 levels...................4000 points 5 levels...................5000 points Blue Unicorns Falling: 0-1 levels.................1500 points 2 levels...................3000 points 3 levels...................4500 points 4 levels...................6000 points 5 levels...................7500 points Knocking out floor bricks....20 points each Opening the castle door....1500 points (scene 1) 500 additional each successive scene (Max. 8000 pts.)


    Typed by Robert "Ferg" Ferguson

    for Atari Gaming Headquarters

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters