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Pengo - Atari - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   



  • Insert your 5200 (tm) game cartridge so the label faces you and reads right side-up. Be sure the cartridge is firmly seated in the center slot of the console, but do not force it. Then press the POWER switch on. See your owner's manual for further details.


  • As Pengo the Penguin, you race around the ice field rearranging huge blocks of ice. Your objectives: Destroy your opponents, the Sno-Bees, before they sting you; and line up three diamond blocks for a fortune in bonus points.

  • Use your joystick controller to move Pengo around the ice field. Press the lower fire button to kick an ice block accross the playfield or to crush an ice block that is trapped against the wall or against another block.

  • Squash the Sno-Bees by pushing ice blocks into them or by running Pengo over them when they are frozen. Line up the three diamond blocks by crumbling and kicking strategic ice blocks around the field until all three diamond blocks adjoin.

  • Each round is completed when you destroy all the Sno-Bees or when the last one escapes. The game ends when you lose your last Pengo life.


  • You start the game with three, four, or five Pengo lives -- depending on the skill level you select. The ice blocks that flash for a few seconds at the beginning of each round contain Sno-Bee eggs, which can hatch as play progresses. Memorize their positions and destroy them as quickly as possible for bonus points.

  • The diamond blocks are indestructible. Your task is to line them up horizontally or vertically -- it doesn't matter in what direction. You get 10,000 points for lining up the diamond blocks inside the playfield -- really hard to do! -- and you get 5,000 points for lining them up against a wall -- much easier!

  • Sno-Bees smash ice blocks to get at you. If a Sno-Bee catches you, it delivers a killing sting. Kill the Sno-Bees first by: squashing them with ice blocks, crushing them before they hatch, and stepping on them or squashing them with ice blocks when they are frozen.

  • You can freeze Sno-Bees that are near one of the four ice field walls by pressing the lower fire button to push Pengo against the wall until it vibrates. Any Sno-Bees touched by the vibrating wall will temporarily freeze. While frozen, step on the Sno-Bees or squash them with an ice block. Also, Sno-Bees are automatically frozen for a few seconds after you align all three diamond blocks. While they are frozen, put the little nasties in permanent deep freeze by squashing them with ice blocks or by stepping on them.

  • As a single round progresses, Sno-Bees get smarter. The last remaining Sno-Bee is the most dangerous. It moves faster and destroys blocks like lightning shattering ice cubes. If you don't destroy it within a few seconds, this Sno-Bee goes into hybernation, thus ending the round.

  • The clock on the intermission screen after each round displays the number of seconds it took you to complete that round. If you cleared the playfield of Sno-Bees in less than 60 seconds, you receive special bonus points (see SCORING.)


  • Plug one 5200 controller into jack 1 for a one-player game; plug a second controller into jack 2 for two-player games. The player using jack 1 controls game selection and starts the game.

  • Use your joystick to maneuver Pengo across the ice field. He moves up, down, right, and left in the same direction you move the joystick.

  • Press either or both bottom red fire buttons to kick ice blocks across the field, to crumble ice blocks, and to make the wall vibrate when Pengo stands near it. The top red fire button does not function in Pengo.


  • Press START to begin the game. Press PAUSE to stop and restart the action. Press PAUSE, then RESET during game play to return to the game options screen.


  • Press the # key on your controller to cycle through the three PENGO skill levels: BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED. At the BEGINNER level, you start the game with five Pengo lives and only two Sno-Bees will buzz the ice field at any one time. At the INTERMEDIATE level, you start out with four lives and no more than three Sno-Bees appear on the screen at one time. You start the game with three lives at the ADVANCED level, and as many as four Sno-Bees can gang up on you simultaneously.

  • Press the O key on your controller to select a one-player or two-player game. The screen display will alternate between 1 PLAYER and 2 PLAYERS. In two-player games, players take turns each time a Pengo life is lost.


  • The first players's score appears at the top left of the screen and the second player's score is displayed at top right. The highest score to date is displayed at top center. You can score a total of 99,999,999 points before the score rolls back to zero. Point values are listed below.
    ACTIVITY                                  POINTS
    Crumbling an ice block                        30
    Squashing Sno-Bees between Ice Blocks
    1 Sno-Bee                                    400
    2 Sno-Bees at once                         1,600
    3 Sno-Bees at once                         3,200
    4 Sno-Bees at once                         6,400
    Destroying a Frozen Sno-Bee by:
    Stepping on it                               100
    Squashing it between ice blocks              400
    Crushing an Ice Block Containing a           500
    Sno-Bee Egg
    Lining up Diamond Blocks:
    Against a wall                             5,000
    Inside the ice field                      10,000
    Time-Bonus Points for Destroying
    Seconds                                   POINTS
    0  to 19                                   5,000
    20 to 29                                   2,000
    30 to 39                                   1,000
    40 to 49                                     500
    50 to 59                                      10
    60 or more                              No Bonus

  • Atari 5200 PENGO offers a TRAK-BALL option. A TRAK-BALL controller may be purchased seperately. To play the game with a TRAK-BALL, plug it into jack 1 on your console. Follow the instructions in this section to select the number of players and game variations. You do not need a separate TRAK-BALL for each player. Simply pass the TRAK-BALL back and forth as each turn comes up.


    * Kill as many Sno-Bees as possible with a single ice block. You'll score lots of points and you'll get rid of the Sno-Bees quickly for potential time-bonus points.

    * Kicking and crumbling blocks in your path slows you down. So if Sno-Bees are chasing you and you come up against an ice block, don't lose time by trying to destroy it, run around it!

    * Try to put a block between you and pursuing Sno-Bees. Then use that block to crush the little nasties.

    * For higher points, remember to crush Sno-Bees with ice blocks rather than stepping on them.

    * The best strategy for lining up diamond blocks is to make a wall out of the regular ice blocks against which the diamond blocks can be pushed.

    * Each time you begin a new round, analyze the maze. If it's easy to line up the diamond blocks, do that first. If the diamond blocks are far apart and hard to align, kill the Sno-Bees first.

    * Remember that regular ice blocks are worth 30 points each. So, after aligning the diamond blocks, start crushing the regular blocks for extra points, but don't destroy them all before you kill off the Sno-Bees!


    Typed by Keita Iida

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters