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Zone Ranger - Activision - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   




* Insert cartridge into your 5200 with power OFF. Then, turn power ON.

* Plug a joystick or controller into port one.

* Press the START button to begin.

* Press the # key first for two player version. Players share controller.

* Press the PAUSE button to pause. Press again to continue.

* Press the RESET button to return to title screen.

* Pilot your cruise ship by moving the controller in the desired direction.

* To fire, press either lower side button.

CRUISE SHIPS. Begin with four and earn one more for every 1000 points earned. Each ship has unlimited fire power.


  • They're everywhere. Colliding with ANY of them will destroy your ship, but a few of them demand special mention.

    SATELLITES. Destroy all sixteen satellites in any level to advance to the next level. Green and red communication beams link the satellites together. Don't let the red beams strike your ship!

    KILLER ROCKS. Silent, get-in-the-way stuff that just lumber about. Relatively harmless...until you run into one.

    REPAIRBOTS. When the red alert sounds, enter any warp hole. Then, shoot the repairbot that's fixing to fix up a destroyed satellite.

    BOOMERANGS. The worst. You'll find out. Strictly higher level material.


    WARP HOLES. A momentary means of escape. Enter and exit as you please.

    SONIC SPARKLERS. Touch them and you'll be invincible for as long as their music plays.

    SUPER PORTAL. Your only entry into The Inner Sanctum.

    THE INNER SANCTUM. Drop in for free help. Go for the dots.

    SKYWAY PATROL. When you return from the Super Portal, come in contact with the Skyway Patrol. He'll knock off one satellite for every dot you got.

    SEVENTH DIMENSION. Enter at your own risk. Sure, you'll get more points. But you won't last as long (found in level one only.)


  • "Just thought that I'd clue you in to what I've discovered out there. Entering a Warp Hole may be an easy way to escape immediate danger. But a word for the spacewise: it COULD be worse where you exit. Also, in case you can't find the satellites, follow the path of the beams. Finally, touch the safety Sonic Sparklers whenever you can -- especially if you plan to tackle one of the vicious boomerangs."

    -- Dan Thompson


    Typed by Keita Iida

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters