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Kaboom! - Activision - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   



Activision (R) 5200 (TM) Series

  • The Mad Bomber is up to his old tricks. He's dropping bombs from rooftops. You are issued three water buckets to catch his bombs before they explode. The more you catch, the faster he will drop them. If you miss a bomb -- KABOOM! (R)


    1. Insert cartridge into your Atari 5200 (TM) console with the power OFF. Then, turn power ON.

    2. Plug in controller(s). Solo player uses left controller.

    3. Slip keypad overlay onto controller(s). 4. Select game variation by pressing appropriate numer, 1-3, on controller keypad.

      1. One Player vs. the Mad Bomber.
      2. Two Players taking turns vs. the Mad Bomber.
      3. Pitch & Catch -- two players taking turns playing the Mad Bomber (dropping the bombs), and moving the water buckets (catching the bombs).
    5. To choose size of water buckets, press the BUCKET key on the controller keypad. The size of the buckets changes from large to small on-screen.

    6. To begin or start a new game, press the START key.

    7. To select a new game variation, press the RESET key. Then, repeat steps 4-6.

    8. Turn power OFF before removing KABOOM! (R) cartridge.


    Moving your water buckets.

  • You begin with a column of three water buckets. To move the buckets left and right, move the control stick left and right.

    Start the bombs falling.

  • The Mad Bomber will start dropping his bombs in groups when you press the lower red button on either side of the controller. When you catch all the bombs in one group, press either lower red button again to start the next group. The upper red buttons are not used.

    Catching bombs earns points.

  • You score points each time a bomb splashes in one of your water buckets. The faster the bomb is falling, the more points it is worth. All bombs in any group fall at the same speed.

    Missing a bomb.

  • Each time you miss a bomb, the remaining on-screen bombs explode, and you lose your water bucket. The Mad Bomber grins a wide smile to express his happiness. When you lose all your water buckets, Kaboom! (R) ends.

    Replacement Buckets.

  • For every 1000 points you score, a new bucket appears AS YOU PLAY. Unfortunately, only three water buckets are allowed on-screen at any one time. So you must have already lost at least one bucket to be awarded a replacement bucket. Sorry!


  • Player one controls the water buckets first, while player two moves the Mad Bomber. After player one misses a bomb, player two gains control of the water buckets and player one moves the Mad Bomber. The player controlling the water bucket presses either lower red button on their controller to start the bombs falling, and is the only player to score points.


  • When Kaboom! (R) ends, move the control stick left or right until your first initial appears on-screen. Then, press the lower red button on either side of your controller. Repeat the procedure for your second and third initials. Your score and a picture of the size of the water buckets you used will be displayed next to your initials. The screen will display the three highest scores at the end of all games. Pressing the RESET key will not affect the high score register. High scores cannot be registered when playing Pitch & Catch.


  • If you score 1800 or more points in game variation 1 or 2, then send us a picture of your explosive achievement (TV screen). We'll gladly enroll you in the Bucket Brigade club and send you the official Bucket Brigade emblem shown below. Be sure to include your name and address, and write "KABOOM! 5200" on the bottom corner of the envelope.


    Tips from Paul Wilson

  • Paul Wilson has a PhD in Physics from Michigan State University. He grew up on a farm in Minnesota and continues to enjoy vegetable gardening.

  • "I have found that the Mad Bomber is really not such a bad guy. It's just that he knows all the tricks of his trade. Here are a few tricks that I use to score well at Kaboom! (R)

  • "First and foremost, select the big water buckets. They are twice as large as the small ones, so you double your chances of catching the Mad Bomber's bombs. And practice moving the buckets back and forth. You'll need to develop the touch to know just how far to move the control stick to move the buckets from one side of the screen to the other.

  • "Once you reach the higher bomb levels, you'll notice that the Mad Bomber really starts dropping the bombs fast. You won't be able to aim and line-up your buckets under each bomb. If you watch closely, you'll begin to recognize patterns. Follow the bomb patterns, and move your buckets accordingly.

  • "If you are playing Pitch & Catch and you are controlling the buckets, position your buckets under the Mad Bomber before pressing the red button. It's the only way to ever guarantee catching any bombs.

  • "And if you ever score 10,000 points or more, the Mad Bomber will show you how impressed he is. Watch for it!

  • "When your water buckets are completely filled with the Mad Bomber's bombs, and you have the time, drop me a line. It would be a blast to hear from you."

    -- Paul Wilson


    Typed by Keita Iida

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters