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Kangaroo - Atari - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   



  • Insert your 5200 game cartridge so the label faces you and reads right-side-up. Be sure the cartridge is firmly seated in the center slot of the console, but do not force it. Then press the POWER switch on. See your owner's manual for further details.


  • The object of Kangaroo is to score as many points as you can while helping Mother Kangaroo rescue her precious baby. Use your 5200 controller to guide Mother Kangaroo.

  • During this rescue mission, Mother Kangaroo encounters many obstacles. Push your joystick up to help her climb ladders, hop over logs, jump over apples, pick bonus fruits and ring the bell. Pull the joystick down to help her duck under apples. Push the joystick diagonally right or left to help Mother Kangaroo take a Super Leap across a broken log. Press any red fire button to help her punch monkeys and apples. [See USING THE CONTROLLERS.]


  • KANGAROO has two skill levels: NOVICE and ADVANCED [see GAME SELECTION]. Regardless of the skill level you select, game play progresses by difficulty levels. Each level has four screens. A screen is completed when Mother Kangaroo reaches her baby. When all four screens are completed, you begin a more difficult level of the same four screens.

    Screen 1

  • This is the easiest screen. To capture her caged baby, Mother Kangaroo must hop along tree branches and climb up ladders while avoiding monkeys and apples.

    Screen 2

  • This is the most difficult screen because Mother Kangaroo must take Super Leaps across several broken logs to reach her baby.

    Screen 3

  • Baby Kangaroo is on top of a column of monkeys in the center of the screen. Mother Kangaroo must punch out each monkey one by one, or climb up ladders to a tree branch where she can jump onto the platform to save her baby.

    Screen 4

  • Mother Kangaroo must travel up a path of ladders and logs while menacing apple-throwing monkeys drop down all around her.

  • Mother Kangaroo earns extra points for gathering tasty fruit. She can ring the bell (up to three times in one screen) to replace the fruit. As you progress through each game level, the number of fruit on the tree increases.


  • Use one or two 5200 controllers with this ATARI game cartridge. Plug one controller into jack 1 for one-player games; plug a second controller into jack 2 for two-player games.


  • After you insert the KANGAROO cartridge and turn the console POWER on, a game of KANGAROO without sound will automatically be played. Use this opportunity to see how the game is played.

  • To select a game variation, press RESET and the game selection screen will appear.

  • Press the right # key to choose a one-player or two-player game.

  • Press the left * key to choose a NOVICE or ADVANCED skill level.

  • NOVICE is a good chose for beginners. There is one less monkey, and apples are not dropped from the top trees. As game play progresses, apples are not thrown at mid-level.

  • ADVANCED offers the same challenge and game features of the arcade version. There are three monkeys at the right side of the tree, and an additional monkey dropping apples from the top of the tree.



  • Press START to begin playing. If START is pressed before a game is selected, a one-player ADVANCED game will automatically be selected. When a game ends, press START to play the same game again.


  • Press PAUSE to suspend the game in progress. All action freezes instantly. Press PAUSE again to continue game play. Press PAUSE then START to restart the same game from the beginning.


  • During game play, press PAUSE then RESET to return to the game selection screen

    [graphic of controller]

    Upper left - Super Leap left
    Up - Jump
    Upper right - Super Leap right
    Right - Hop right
    Lower right - No use
    Down - Duck
    Lower left - No use
    Left - Hop left


  • The score for player 1 is displayed at the upper left side of the screen; the score for player 2 is displayed at the upper right side of the screen. (The current player's score is white, the other player's score is red.) The number of lives remaining is displayed with small kangaroos at the top of the screen.


  • Punch a monkey and score 200 points. However, if a monkey touches Mother Kangaroo, she falls from the tree, and you lose a life.


  • Monkeys drop and throw apples at Mother Kangaroo. Punch a dropped apple and score 200 points; punch a thrown apple and score 100 points. If an apple touches Mother Kangaroo, you lose a life.


  • The game begins with four strawberries, each worht 100 points. Mother Kangaroo can score points by jumping up an picking the fruit. When she jumps up to ring the bell, the fruit she has picked is replaced with more valuable fruit.

    Strawberries - 100 points
    Tomatoes - 200 points
    Cherries - 400 points
    Pineapples - 800 points

    Bonus Lives

  • One bonus life is scored at 10,000 points, 30,000 points, and for every successive 30,000 points.

    Bonus Timer

  • The purple number at the top of Baby Kangaroo's cage is the Bonus Timer. It starts at 2000 points at the beginning of each turn. The longer it takes Mother Kangaroo to rescue her baby, the more bonus points you lose. After Baby Kangaroo is rescued, the remaining bonus points are added to your score. If the Bonus Timer runs down to zero, you lose a life.


  • When a monkey moves toward you, ready to throw and apple, watch the direction of its throwing arm. If it winds back underhand, the apple will be thrown low like a bowling ball, so jump over it. If it winds up overhand, the apple will be thrown high, so duck under it. As you progress to higher levels, apples will be thrown mid-level, so you can either punch them or jump over them.

  • Time your ladder climbing carefully so you can be out of the firing range of falling apples.

  • Monkeys are usually the most dangerous when you are moving away from them. Try moving toward them so you can punch them before they can throw apples.

  • Time your jumps carefully. Mother Kangaroo can leap from the edge of a branch or a log, but she must land flat on her feet. When preparing for a Super Leap, make Mother Kangaroo walk to the end of the log with her toes hanging over the edge. Then pull your joystick back and immediately push up in the direction of her leap.

  • For a high score, climb up and down every screen until all the fruit is picked.

  • To score high points on the third screen, punch out all the monkeys in the column; each monkey is worth 400 points.


    Typed by Clint Dyer

    for Atari Gaming Headquarters

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters