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Galaga - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   



                     ATARI (R) 7800 (TM) Game Manual

                               Galaga (TM)

You're under attack! The Galagans are reclaiming planets they lost during a
centuries-old interstellar war -- and now they want yours! And you're ready
to fight to the bitter end to protect it!

So you join the Intergalactic Warrior Fleet. Without training, you're
assigned to your first combat mission -- and on-the-job is the only way to
learn. Shaking in your boots, you accept the assignment and board your
Intergalactic Command Ship.


1.  Insert the Galaga (TM) cartridge into your ATARI (R) 7800 Pro-
    System (TM) as explained in your Owner's Manual, and turn on your

2.  Plug a controller into the left controller jack for one player; another
    into the right controller jack for two players.

3.  Press [Select] to choose a one- or two-player game, or move the
    controller handle down for one player, up for two players. Move the
    controller handle to the left or right to choose one of three
    difficulty levels: Novice, Advanced, or Expert.

4.  Press [Reset] or either controller button to start the game.

5.  Press a controller button to fire intergalactic missiles. Hold down the
    button to rapid fire.

6.  Press [Pause] to pause the game; press it again to resume play.



You start the game with four Command Ships: one at the line of battle and
the others in reserve at the bottom of the screen. Slide your Command Ship
right and left to dodge Galagan missiles. At the same time, fire
intergalactic missiles to protect your ship. You lose a ship when it is hit
by a Galagan missile or collides with the enemy.

Galagans attack in a series of waves, each fiercer than the one before.
Waves are identified with numbers at the lower right of the screen. The
number of ships you have in reserve is shown at the lower left.

Galagan Flagships never fly alone: they are always flanked by protective
Escorts in colorful uniforms. Escort rank is easy to identify: Drones, the
lowest rank, wear blue; Hornets are outfitted in red; and Flagship
Commanders, the highest rank, wear yellow.

The Galagan invasion starts off with a bang! An entire fleet of invaders
begins flying in formation, then instantly plunges towards you, bombarding
your ship, then rushing back to the lineup -- that is, if you don't shoot
them first!

The Galagans attack faster and faster with each wave. They swoop downward,
firing laser cannons, or blitz in groups. The enemy's special radar lets
them dodge your intergalactic missiles. They use tricks to divert your
attention. Their ability to pull off unexpected maneuvers forces you to
quickly learn caution, cunning, and skill.

You thwart the initial attack, but the battle isn't over. The Galagans will
be back, stronger than ever. And you'll be waiting. The longer you survive,
the more  surprises you're in for!

To win, use your accurate aim and quick reflexes. Plan your strategy. Think
ahead. A foolish move could cost you the battle -- and the planet!


Try a few games at the Novice level first while you're learning to play
Galaga. This will help you develop skill and strategy.

When Galagan Flagships deploy blue macro-beams that can capture your
Command Ship. To rescue the hostage, hit the Flagship only while it's
attacking, or you will destroy your own ship as well. Once you regain your
ship, you will have two ships, moving annd firing in sync, to attack with.

When a Galagan Flagship is destroyed in flight, the rest of the fleet stops
firing for a few seconds of mourning. Move in quickly to blast the Escorts
before they can retaliate.

After two waves of attack, then after every third wave, you face a
Challenging Stage. Five groups of eight ships fly in various attack
patterns. Shoot as many ships as you can before the ships leave. Hit all 40
ships for 10,000 bonus points.

Always have a strategical escape planned to avoid patterns of enemy missile
attacks. Scan the screen and think fast to outsmart the Galagan fleet.


You score points when you destroy Galagans. Scores appear at the top of the
screen: Player 1's score is on the left; Player 2's score is on the right.
If all your Command Ships are destroyed, the game is over. At the end of a
game, the player with the most points wins.

Point values are listed below:

Flagships:      first hit in line                 0 points
                second and more hit in line     150 points
Hornets:        lined up                         80 points
                attacking                       160 points
Drones:         lined up                         50 points
                attacking                       100 points

Destroying a flagship in flight earns bonus points:
Flagship with two Escorts       1600 points
Flagship with one Escort         800 points
Flagship with no Escorts         400 points

Challenging Stages earn bonus points:
Bonus for destroying groups of eight ships      1000-3000 points
Bonus for destroying all 40 ships                  10,000 points
Bonus for destroying less than 40 ships               100 points per ship

Reproduction of this document or any portion of its contents is not allowed
without the specific written permission of Atari Corporation.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the product
documentation in this manual. However, because we are constantly improving
and updating our computer software and hardware, Atari Corporation is
unable to guarantee the accuracy of printed material after the date of
publication and disclaims liability for changes, errors, and omissions.

Atari is a registered trademark and 7800 is a trademark of Atari Corporation
Galaga is a trademark of Namco Ltd., manufactured under license by
Atari Corporation

Copyright (C) 1987, Atari Corporation Sunnyvale, CA 94086
All Rights Reserved.

                                                    Printed in Hong Kong
                                                    CO24857-05 Rev. B

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, ©1997-1998 by Greg Chance