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Ninja Golf - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

Ninja Golf

Ninja Golf

                     ATARI (R) 7800 (TM) Game Manual

                             Ninja Golf (TM)


GETTING STARTED                 1
  Optional Game Controls        2
PLAYING THE GAME                2
SCREEN                          4
  Status Window                 4
ITEMS                           5
STRATEGY                        6
SCORING                         6

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For ten years you've trained to be a Ninja. And now your Master tells you
that it's time to take the final, most difficult test and become a Master
Ninja. You must complete the game of death. You must play nine holes of...
Ninja Golf?

You knew your Master was a bit weird, but nothing prepared you for this!
You must attempt to sneak in a birdie between karate kicks while you battle
Ninja opponents. Par for this course means leaving the green littered with
fallen foes.

You gain points for both your golf game and defeating attacking Ninja. You
can also earn points for finding treasures and other bonus items along the

Once you've completed all nine holes successfully, be ready to challenge
the disguised Master Ninja. This final battle will determine whether or not
you become a Master Ninja. And if you win, it will improve your golf score.


1.  With your 7800 game system switched off, insert the Ninja Golf
    cartridge into the cartridge slot as described in your owner's manual.

2.  Connect a controller to controller port one. Press the POWER button on
    your 7800 game console.

3.  Switch on your TV.

4.  The Ninja Golf title screen appears. Press a controller button to view
    game options. Move the controller left or right or press SELECT to
    display the desired difficulty level (Easy, Normal, Hard, or Kamikaze).
    The higher the difficulty level, the more enemies appear on the course.
    And the enemies get progressively tougher to destroy! Press either fire
    button or RESET to select the displayed option and begin your round of
    Ninja Golf.

Optional Game Controls

The following optional game controls are available:

To pause the game press PAUSE. Repeat to resume play.

To return to the title screen and restart the game, press RESET.

To return to the title screen and restart the game with the currently
selected difficulty level, press SELECT.


Ninja Golf is a fast moving game combining martial arts action and the
challenge of video golf. At the beginning of the game you receive ten
throwing stars and two extra lives. On every hole you can find additional
throwing stars, magic shields to protect you from enemies, and items to
increase your health rating or give you extra lives. (See Items.) The game
is over when your health rating reaches zero and you have no lives

The Action window shows game play, including enemy encounters and items to
be retrieved. Move your controller right to move forward, left to move
backward, and down to crouch. To pick up an item, position your Ninja over
the item and crouch. To kick, press the right controller button. To leap,
press the left controller button. To throw a star, push the right
controller button when the controller is in the neutral position or when
your Ninja is crouching.

Each of the nine holes of Ninja Golf offers unique challenges. The first
challenge on every hole is to aim your shot carefully to place the ball
onto the green.

Use the Golf window to aim your shot. Your tee off position is shown by the
flashing white ball. Move your controller to change the trajectory of the
shot. When the shooting white ball reaches the best destination, press
either controller button to choose that destination and swing. Once the
ball is hit, your Ninja jogs after it.

On your way to retrieve your ball, you will be set upon by a variety of
dangerous foes. Fierce frogs will leap at you, Ninja guards and warriors
will attack without mercy, and golf course gophers will fling clods of mud.
You must aim your shots carefully to avoid sand and water traps. Deadly
snakes await you in the sand traps, and every water trap is infested with
hungry sharks.

After you land on the green you must face a special challenge to place the
ball in the hole. Press the fire button to shoot Ninja stars directly into
the mouth of the fire breathing guardian of the hole. You can only carry
ten Ninja stars at one time. When you deplete your supply of stars, move to
the far left to replenish your supply. Kill the guardian to progress to the
next hole. Dodge while you shoot, or your Ninja will end up a crispy
critter for the guardian to devour.

When you have successfully destroyed the guardian, the hole SCORE screen
appears. This screen displays information about your performance on the
hole you just completed: the number of the hole, the number of strokes it
took you to land on the green, and the number of bonus points you received.

Press the fire button to display the game SCORE screen. This screen
displays the total number of strokes you have used. (Press the fire button
to resume play.)

You earn points for destroying golf course foes and retrieving bonus items.
You also receive points for making great golf shots. The less strokes you
use to land on the green, the more points you receive.


The Action window is where game play takes place. The Golf window shows the
trajectory of your golf shots, and the Status window displays game

{screen diagram}

Status Window

The Status window displays the following game statistics:

SCORE displays the score for the game in progress.

HIGH SCORE is the highest score achieved during the current play session.

HEALTH shows the life energy level of your current Ninja. When your health
level reaches zero and you have an extra life remaining, your health rating
returns to full force when the new Ninja takes over.

NINJA STARS display the number of throwing weapons you have left.

LIVES REMAINING displays the number of extra lives you have left.

SHIELD TIME REMAINING displays the number of seconds your shield will
remain active. This section of the Status window will only display when you
have an active shield.


To pick up an item, move your Ninja over the item and crouch. The following
items can be found on every hole.

THROWING STARS allow you to attack your enemies from a safe distance.

MAGIC SHIELDS provide total invulnerability for 15 seconds. The shielding
begins when you pick up the Magic Shield.

REVITALIZATION POTIONS increase your health rating.

RESTORATION brings your health rating back to the maximum level.

FREE MAN gives you one additional life.

WARP teleports your Ninja to the green.


Save your Ninja stars for the more difficult sections of the game (water and
forest areas).

For a higher score, take the shortest path beteen the tee and the green.

Sometimes the Ninja that runs away (or jumps over his enemies) lives to
fight another day!


You receive points for eliminating enemies, making your golf shots, and
picking up items.

Golf Scores

Eagle                   8,000 points
Birdie                  7,000 points
Par                     6,000 points


Ninja Warriors          170 points
Animals                 100 to 200 points


Power ups and treasure  10 to 50 points

Copyright (C) 1990, Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1302
All rights reserved.

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