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Ikari Warriors - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

Ikari Warriors

Ikari Warriors

                        Atari(r) 7800(tm) Game Manual


Jungle Warfare!

You are a member of those elite combat specialists, the Ikari Warriors.  Your 
buddy and you are on a special mission behind enemy lines, and you've been 
sleeping, eating, and breathing jungle combat for the last two weeks.  You're 
tired, but that never affects your razor-sharp judgment and your will to 

Your main weapons are machine guns, grenades, and your own cunning in the face 
of danger.  Sometimes you'll have a tank at your disposal, which comes in 
handy when enemy fire is particularly brutal.  

You move swiftly through the jungle, wading through rivers and resting from 
time to time within the ruins of bombed-out buildings.  You're running out of 
ammunition and grenades, but you know the battle can't last forever.  Sooner 
or later, one side is going to emerge victorious.  Let's just hope it's yours!

Getting Started

1.  With your TV switched on, insert the Ikari Warriors cartridge into your 
    Atari 7800 as described in your owner's manual.

2.  Connect a controller to the left controller port.  In two-player Ikari 
    Warriors, connect a controller to each controller port.  

3.  Switch on your console.  The Ikari Warriors title screen appears.

4.  To select one or two-player Ikari Warriors, press SELECT or move the 
    controller up and down to highlight the desired option.  To select the 
    highlighted option, press the fire button or RESET.

    To select the Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert difficult level, 
    press SELECT or move the controller up and down to highlight the desired 
    option.  The more difficult the level, the more enemies appear on the 
    screen and the faster those enemies move to attack.  

    To select the highlighted option and begin the game, press the fire button 
    or RESET.

Optional Game Controls

The following optional game controls allow you to pause and restart the game:

*   To pause the game press PAUSE.  Repeat to resume play.

*   To return to the opening screen and restart the game with the currently 
    selected options, press RESET.

Playing the Game

Ikari Warriors is a one or two player game of survival.  You and your partner 
move behind enemy lines in hopes of wiping out the enemy.  You begin the game 
with 50 grenades, 99 rounds of ammunition and 3 lives.  If you're lucky you 
can capture a tank to protect you from enemy fire.

Move your controller to maneuver through the jungle.  Your main weapons are 
machine guns and grenades.  To fire bullets and tank shells, press the left 
fire button.  To toss grenades, press the right fire button until the grenade 

Watch your bullet and grenade supplies carefully.  Pick up new supplies before 
you run out.  To pick up new supplies, simply walk over a supply icon.  Other 
icons upgrade your fire power.  (See Items.)

The tank, which moves only on dry land, provides safety from enemy fire.  To 
enter the tank, move your player onto the top of the tank and press the right 
fire button.

Although the tank can be destroyed by enemy grenades, you cannot be hit as 
long as you are in the tank.  If the tank sustains damage and stops, get out 
of there!  If the tank explodes while you are inside, you go with it.  To exit 
the tank, press the left and right fire buttons simultaneously.  

You can swivel the turrent while maintaining the tank's position and 
orientation.  Hold down the right button while you move the controller. The 
turrent will move, but the tank will not.  Press the left button to fire shots 
from the tank.

You must pick up fuel along the way to keep the tank moving.  The tank 
explodes if it runs out of gas, so don't miss the energy supply icons!

In your journey through the jungle, you will occasionally encounter a river or 
the sea.  You will have to cross the water in order to continue, but your 
movement will be slowed down while you are in the water.  You can still fire 
while you are in the water.

If you come into physical contact with an enemy soldier you lose a life.  You 
can hide behind rocks and rubble to avoid enemy gunfire.  However, you will 
still be vulnerable to their grenades, so watch out!

Each time the enemy makes a successful hit, you lose a life.  You receive a 
bonus life every 20,000 points.  The game is over when you lose your last 

To win the game, you must rescue the colonel being held captive by the enemy.  
You receive one million points for rescuing him.


Game play takes place on the Action screen.  The Status bar displays game 

            Tank Fuel    Lives Remaining        Lives Remaining
Status            |               |     High Score      |    Bullets        
 | Bar            v               |         |           |      |
 |   /        E******* F          v         v           v      v
 |---|   |->   /----  99   1 UP-  1   HI-SCORE   2 UP-  0 99 /----
     \   |       #    01        100      30000        300 00   #
         |       ^         ^      ^               ^     ^      ^
      Bullets    |         |      |               |     |      |
              Grenades   Player   |             Player  |    Grenades
                          1      Player 1         2   Player
                                 Score                2 Score

Bullets displays the number of rounds remaining.

Grenades displays the number of grenades remaining.

Lives remaining displays the number of lives you have left.

High Score displays the highest score achieved during that play session.  The 
default high score is 30,000, which appears whenever you begin a new play 


Pick up Grenade Supplies, Bullet Supplies, and Energy Supplies by walking over 
their icons.  Super Bullets, Range, Super Grenades, and Super Bomb take effect 
when you walk over their icons.

----- Super Bullets increase the strength of the bullets in your inventory.  
| F | Super Bullets can shoot through rocks and walls, and blow up tanks and 
----- bunkers.  If you lose a life after picking up Super Bullets, the damage 
      caused by the bullets in your inventory returns to normal.

----- Range doubles the range of your bullets and tank shells during the 
| L | current life.  If you lose a life after picking up Range, your bullet 
----- and tank shell range returns to normal.

----- Super Grenades increase the strength of the grenades in your inventory.  
| B | If you lose a life after picking up Super Grenades, the damage caused by 
----- the grenades in your inventory returns to normal.

----- Super Bomb destroys all enemies shown on screen.  Be sure there are 
| K | enemies displayed on the screen before you walk over the bomb.

----- Special Bonus gives you a bonus of 200 points.
| S |

----- Grenade Supply adds 50 grenades to your inventory.
| # |

----- Bullet Supply adds 50 bullets to your inventory.

----- Energy Supply fills up your gas tank and adds 99 bullets and 50 grenades to 
| @ | your inventory.


Conserve bullets and grenades.

Plan your attack carefully.  Dash in quickly, shoot, and back off before the 
enemy has a chance to aim and shoot back!

If you come into contact with an enemy soldier you lose a life.

Learn enemy locations and anticipate enemy attacks.

Tanks can be very destructive, especialy when they run out of fuel. Keep an eye
on the fuel level, and be ready to bail out when the tank is close to empty.


The following table shows the number of points you will receive for destroying 
enemy units and rescuing the colonel.

Enemy soldier......................................100/200
Enemy tank.............................................600
Rescuing the colonel.............................1,000,000

                                    / | \

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not allowed without the specific written consent of Atari Corporation.

Atari, the Atari logo, and 7800 are trademarks or registered trademarks of 
Atari Corporation.  Ikari Warriors is a trademark of SNK Corporation.

Copyright (c) 1987, SNK Corporation.

Copyright (c) 1990, Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA  94089-1302.
                                                       All rights reserved.

Printed in Hong Kong.                     G.C.  6. 1990  C300018-062 Rev. A

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