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TitleCompany LabelRarityReg TV CartManBoxShot
Activision Decathlon, TheActivisionStandard 
Dreadnaught Factor, TheActivisionStandard
Keystone KapersActivisionStandard
Pitfall II: Lost CavernsActivisionStandard
River RaidActivisionStandard
Space ShuttleActivisionStandard
Zone RangerActivisionStandard - Silver Label
Zone RangerActivisionStandard
5200 MenuAtari  Manual iconBox icon
A.E.Atari  Manual iconBox icon
AsteroidsAtari  Manual iconBox icon
BallblazerAtariSilver 2 - Name not on label
Barroom BaseballAtari  Manual iconBox icon
BattlezoneAtari  Manual iconBox icon
BerzerkAtariSilver 2
Black BeltAtari  Manual iconBox icon
BlasterAtari Manual iconBox icon
Boogie DemoAtari  Manual iconBox icon
CentipedeAtariSilver 1
Choplifter!AtariSilver 2
CountermeasureAtariSilver 1
DefenderAtariSilver 1
Diagnostic CartridgeAtari  Box icon
Dig DugAtariSilver 2
Final LegacyAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Frisky TomAtari  Manual iconBox icon
GalaxianAtariSilver 1
GremlinsAtariSilver 2
JoustAtariSilver 2
Jr. Pac-ManAtari  Box icon
Jungle HuntAtariSilver 2
KangarooAtariSilver 2
Last Starfighter, TheAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Looney Toons HotelAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Mario Bros.AtariSilver 2
MeebzorkAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Micro-gammon SBAtari  Manual iconBox icon
MillipedeAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Miniature GolfAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Missile CommandAtariSilver 1
Moon PatrolAtariSilver 2
Ms. Pac-ManAtariSilver 2
Pac-ManAtariSilver 1
PengoAtariSilver 2
Pete's Test CartridgeAtari   Box icon
Pole PositionAtariSilver 2
QixAtariSilver 1
Realsports BaseballAtariSilver 1
Realsports BasketballAtari  Box icon
Realsports BasketballAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Realsports FootballAtariSilver 1 - "Football"
Realsports SoccerAtariSilver 1
Realsports TennisAtariSilver 1
Rescue on FractalusAtariSilver 2 - Name not on label
RoadrunnerAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Robotron: 2084AtariSilver 2
Space DungeonAtariSilver 2
Space InvadersAtariSilver 1
SpitfireAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Sport GoofyAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Star RaidersAtariSilver 1
StargateAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Super BreakoutAtariSilver 1
Super Pac-ManAtari  Manual iconBox icon
TempestAtari Manual iconBox icon
Track and FieldAtari  Manual iconBox icon
VanguardAtariSilver 2
Xari ArenaAtari  Box icon
XeviousAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Yellow SubmarineAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Bounty Bob Strikes BackBig Five SoftwareStandard - Green cart
Miner 2049erBig Five SoftwareStandard
Miner 2049erBig Five SoftwareGold
BlueprintCBS ElectronicsStandard
GorfCBS ElectronicsStandard
K-Razy Shoot-OutCBS ElectronicsStandard
Mountain KingCBS ElectronicsStandard
Wizard of WorCBS ElectronicsStandard
MeteoritesElectra ConceptsStandard
BristlesFirst Star Software 
AstrochaseParker BrothersStandard
FroggerParker BrothersStandard
Frogger II: Threeedeep!Parker BrothersStandard
GyrussParker BrothersStandard
James Bond 007Parker BrothersStandard
Montezuma's RevengeParker BrothersStandard
Mr. Do!'s CastleParker BrothersStandard
PopeyeParker BrothersStandard
Q*bertParker BrothersStandard
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Death Star BattleParker BrothersStandard
Star Wars: The Arcade GameParker BrothersStandard
Super CobraParker BrothersStandard
Buck Rogers: Planet of ZoomSegaStandard
Congo BongoSegaStandard

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What do the Rarity Index numbers mean?
Very Rare  
Very Rare+  
Extremely Rare  
Unbelievably Rare