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TitleCompanyLabelRarityReg TV CartMan BoxROMShot
Zone RangerActivisionStandard - Silver Label 
Zone RangerActivisionStandard 
Wizard of WorCBS ElectronicsStandard
VanguardAtariSilver 2
Super CobraParker BrothersStandard
Super BreakoutAtariSilver 1
Star Wars: The Arcade GameParker BrothersStandard
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Death Star BattleParker BrothersStandard
Star Trek: Strategic Operations SimulatorSegaStandard
Star RaidersAtariSilver 1
Space ShuttleActivisionStandard 
Space InvadersAtariSilver 1
Space DungeonAtariSilver 2
Robotron: 2084AtariSilver 2
River RaidActivisionStandard 
Rescue on FractalusAtariSilver 2 - Name not on label
Realsports TennisAtariSilver 1
Realsports SoccerAtariSilver 1
Realsports FootballAtariSilver 1 - "Football"
Realsports BaseballAtariSilver 1
Quest for Quintana RooSunriseStandard
QixAtariSilver 1
Q*bertParker BrothersStandard
PopeyeParker BrothersStandard
Pole PositionAtariSilver 2
Pitfall II: Lost CavernsActivisionStandard 
PengoAtariSilver 2
Pac-ManAtariSilver 1
Ms. Pac-ManAtariSilver 2
Mr. Do!'s CastleParker BrothersStandard
Mountain KingCBS ElectronicsStandard
Moon PatrolAtariSilver 2
Montezuma's RevengeParker BrothersStandard
Missile CommandAtariSilver 1
Miner 2049erBig Five SoftwareStandard
Miner 2049erBig Five SoftwareGold
MeteoritesElectra ConceptsStandard
Mario Bros.AtariSilver 2
Keystone KapersActivisionStandard 
KangarooAtariSilver 2
K-Razy Shoot-OutCBS ElectronicsStandard
Jungle HuntAtariSilver 2
JoustAtariSilver 2
James Bond 007Parker BrothersStandard
Haunted House II 3-DSelf-Published Box icon 
GremlinsAtariSilver 2
GorfCBS ElectronicsStandard
GalaxianAtariSilver 1
Frogger II: Threeedeep!Parker BrothersStandard
FroggerParker BrothersStandard
Dreadnaught Factor, TheActivisionStandard 
Dig DugAtariSilver 2
DefenderAtariSilver 1
CountermeasureAtariSilver 1
Congo BongoSegaStandard
Combat II AdvancedSelf-Published Box icon 
Choplifter!AtariSilver 2
CentipedeAtariSilver 1
Castle BlastSelf-Published  
Buck Rogers: Planet of ZoomSegaStandard
BristlesFirst Star Software  
Bounty Bob Strikes BackBig Five SoftwareStandard - Green cart
BlueprintCBS ElectronicsStandard
BerzerkAtariSilver 2
BallblazerAtariSilver 2 - Name not on label
AstrochaseParker BrothersStandard 
Yellow SubmarineAtari  Manual iconBox icon
XeviousAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Xari ArenaAtari  Box icon
Track and FieldAtari  Manual iconBox icon
TempestAtari Manual iconBox icon
Super Pac-ManAtari  Manual iconBox icon
StargateAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Sport GoofyAtari  Manual iconBox icon
SpitfireAtari  Manual iconBox icon
RoadrunnerAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Realsports BasketballAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Realsports BasketballAtari  Box icon
Pete's Test CartridgeAtari   Box icon
Miniature GolfAtari  Manual iconBox icon
MillipedeAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Micro-gammon SBAtari  Manual iconBox icon
MeebzorkAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Looney Toons HotelAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Last Starfighter, TheAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Koffi: Yellow KopterSelf-Published  
Jr. Pac-ManAtari  Box icon
GyrussParker BrothersStandard
Frisky TomAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Final LegacyAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Diagnostic CartridgeAtari  Box icon
Castle CrisisSelf-Published  

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Very Rare+  
Extremely Rare  
Unbelievably Rare