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Asteroids - Gray label - Atari 7800
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System: Atari 7800
Company: Atari
Model #: CX7802
Year of Release: 1987
Media Type: Cartridge
Number of Players: 1 - 2
Controller: Pro-Line Joystick
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 North America
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Asteroids - Manual

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Although several people enjoy the 7800’s version of Asteroids, one has to miss the vector graphics, which have been replaced by raster graphics common to other home systems. This version of the game features colorful 3D asteroids that actually looked like they were spinning in space. Though Asteroids is the venerable arcade classic that helped make Atari what it was in the early 80’s, the inclusion of several great two-player options made this version a favorite. You and a pal could either choose standard alternating turns, team play, or a competitive mode where you can actually shoot each other. The Pro System's version was confusingly called Deluxe Asteroids in some early catalogs, but since this was not the released arcade sequel entitled Asteroids Deluxe (which featured shields instead of clumsy hyperspace), that name was dropped. This game is considered by many to be another stellar arcade interpretation in the 7800’s library. (Contributed by Cousin Vinnie Vineyard)

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Average Score: 82%

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