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Atari 7800 Reviews

Would you like to get some feedback about a particular game before you attempt to hunt it down? Are you curious what others might have said about your favorite game? We've gathered together a large number of links to reviews on other gaming sites and linked them directly to our database. You can browse these reviews by game, website, reviewer and score (click on a column header to sort by that column--click again to reverse the sort). You will also find these reviews linked to each game's profile page, along with an average score for each game.

All review scores have been converted into a 0 - 100% score. While this works well in most cases, a similar score from one site may not always correspond well with the same score on another site. We suggest reading the full review for games you're interested in, instead of relying on the scores alone. If you know of other websites with reviews for Atari games that we have not yet included, please contact us and we'll work on getting them added.

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TitleSiteReviewed by ScoreProfile
Mat Mania ChallengeGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie30%
Mario Bros.Granny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie80%
Kung-Fu MasterGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie60%
KLAXGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie80%
KaratekaGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie60%
JoustGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie80%
JinksGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie30%
Impossible MissionGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie40%
Ikari WarriorsGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie80%
Hat TrickGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie70%
GalagaGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie70%
Fight NightGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie60%
Fatal RunGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie50%
Double DragonGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie90%
Donkey Kong JuniorGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie60%
Donkey KongGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie50%
Desert FalconGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie70%
Dark ChambersGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie60%
Crack'edGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie50%
CommandoGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie90%
CentipedeGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie80%
Beef DropGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie90%
BasketbrawlGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie80%
Barnyard BlasterGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie50%
BallblazerGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie80%
b*nQGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie90%
Alien BrigadeGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie80%
Ace of AcesGranny Vinnie's 7800 ReviewsGranny Vinnie70%
XenophobeThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles95%
Pole Position IIThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles85%
Ninja GolfThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles83%
JinksThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles25%
Hat TrickThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles72%
Donkey Kong JuniorThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles79%
Donkey KongThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
Dig DugThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles99%
Choplifter!The Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles70%
CentipedeThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles97%
BallblazerThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles98%
Touchdown FootballOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz10%
One-on-One BasketballOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz70%
JoustOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz90%
GalagaOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz80%
Food FightOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz100%
Donkey KongOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz90%
Choplifter!Old School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz80%
BallblazerOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz90%
AsteroidsOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz80%
CommandoLe geekEric Ruck60%
XeviousPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green100%
Robotron: 2084Phosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green60%
Pole Position IIPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green80%
Ms. Pac-ManPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green100%
GalagaPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green80%
AsteroidsPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green80%
BallblazerJoseQ's Emu ViewsDorsola70%
Scrapyard DogThe Atari TimesDavid Sherwin70%
KLAXThe Atari TimesDavid Sherwin85%
XeviousVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek82%
XenophobeVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Winter GamesVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek92%
Tower TopplerVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Touchdown FootballVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Super HueyVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Summer GamesVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek88%
Scrapyard DogVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Robotron: 2084Video Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Realsports BaseballVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Pole Position IIVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
Pete Rose BaseballVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
One-on-One BasketballVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Ninja GolfVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Ms. Pac-ManVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek95%
Motor PsychoVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
Midnight MutantsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek85%
MeltdownVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Mat Mania ChallengeVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek62%
KaratekaVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
JoustVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek95%
JinksVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
Ikari WarriorsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek88%
Hat TrickVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
GalagaVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek85%
Food FightVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek95%
Fight NightVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Fatal RunVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
Double DragonVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Donkey Kong JuniorVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek88%
Donkey KongVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek88%
Dig DugVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek95%
Desert FalconVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek62%
Dark ChambersVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
CrossbowVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek82%
Crack'edVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek62%
CommandoVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek88%
Choplifter!Video Game CriticDavid Mrozek88%
CentipedeVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek95%
Barnyard BlasterVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
BallblazerVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek92%
AsteroidsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek95%

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