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Atari 2600 Consoles and Clones

The Atari 2600 had quite a long lifespan, and in that time Atari issued several versions of the console.  There were also some official third party clone systems, as well as some pirate knock-offs.  If you have a console name and picture you would like to see added, please contact us.

Console Picture Description
Atari VCS - CX2600 Sunnyvale Edition Atari VCS

This is the original 1977 Atari Video Computer System, and this particular design was only produced for one year. Because it features six chrome-like switches and has heavy internal RF Shielding, some collectors refer to this as a "Heavy Sixer". At first glance it looks just like the CX2600 that follows in 1978, but it is noticably heavier when compared, and has some extra plastic molding around the back and sides of the unit. These units were manufactured in Sunnyvale, California, and there is a tag on the underside from the manufacturing plant to indicate this. There is also a serial number on the unit itself with a matching serial number sticker on the box. The later model was manufactured in Hong Kong.

Atari VCS - CX2600 Atari VCS Revision B Introduced in 1978, this CX2600 was very similar to the first run of VCS's, but there are some cosmetic differences. It is lighter, due to reduced RF shielding internally. Some of the thick molding around the back and sides are gone, giving it a slightly more streamlined appearance. This unit was produced for about two years before Atari redesigned it. It was packaged with two standard joysticks and a Combat cartridge. Most of these were made in Hong Kong as opposed the original VCS which was made at Atari headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.
Atari VCS - CX2600A Atari VCS Revision C

Introduced in 1980, the CX2600A model VCS is functionally identical to the CX2600, but two of the switches have been moved to the top of the unit, and those two switches are much smaller. The box is slightly different and pictures the CX2600A on the front. It still included two joysticks and a Combat cartridge.

Atari VCS - CX2600A Promotional Console picture needed This looks similar to a standard CX2600A model, with a few minor differences. The piping around the switches is yellow instead of orange, and these models were manufactured in Sunnyvale as indicated on the underside of the unit. The box that these came in looks like a normal box except it has "Not for Resale, For promotional Purposes Only" stamped on the underside. We're not sure if there are any technical differences to the console, or if it was just an early edition of the new style for retailers to distribute in advance of sales.
Atari 2600 Atari 2600 Introduced in 1982, this model officially uses the name "2600" for the first time to help differentiate it from the newly introduced 5200 Super System. The 2600 is primarily black with no woodgrain, and otherwise looks like the VCS CX2600A. It came packaged in a silver box with two joysticks and two pack-in games (Combat and Pac-Man), and is also found in a more compact silver box without the games and with only one joystick.
Atari 2600 Jr. Atari 2600 Jr. - Short Rainbow The Atari 2600 Jr. was introduced in 1986 with a new ad campaign and a new design for the aging system. It came in a small silver box, and can also be found in a red box.  Once again it has the same functionally as other Atari models, just a difference in appearance. This is sometimes called the "Short Rainbow" version because the rainbow colored bar is shorter than the revised model.
Atari 2600 Jr. Rev. A Atari 2600 Jr. Revision B The Atari 2600 Jr. was introduced in 1986 with a new ad campaign and a new design for the aging system. This is almost identical to the first edition 2600 Jr. except that the Rainbow on the metal plate is wider. It came in a small silver box, and can also be found in a red box.  Once again it has the same functionally as other Atari models, just a difference in appearance.
Atari 2600 Jr. - Black Atari 2600 Jr. Black This is an all-black version of the Atari 2600 Jr. There is no silver band, and there is only a small rainbow, and the Atari Fuji and "Atari 2600" appear in white above the rainbow. We believe this version was only sold in Ireland.
Atari 2800 Atari 2800 Atari briefly attempted to market the 2600 in Japan, under the name Atari 2800.  It looks just like the Sears Video Arcade II, except it has the 2800 name on it.  Functionally it is the same.  Very few of these were made.
Bit Corporation Amigo Bit Corporation Amigo Sold in Australia and probably Europe, this machine appears to be an 8-bit computer that will also play 2600 games.  The instructions also state that there is an "expansion slot for adding on an adaptor to play ATART (sic) VCS 2600 through APPLE II, or VIC-20, IBM PC.....etc. This adaptor supported by BIT Corp. will be available very soon."
CCE Supergame VG-2800 This is a Brazilian clone from licensee CCE. It's very similar to the Coleco Gemini and Columbia Arcade.
Coleco Gemini Coleco Gemini Not only did Coleco release an Atari 2600 adapter for the Colecovision, they released a full-fledged clone, the Gemini.  It features combination paddle/joysticks and Donkey Kong as a pack-in game. These are somewhat difficult to find because Coleco didn't manufacture too many.
Columbia Home Arcade Columbia Home Arcade The Columbia Home Arcade looks just like a Coleco Gemini, with a different logo.  This unit is extremely difficult to find as it was only sold through a mail-order club initially, and not for very long.
Dactar Video Game This is a clone from Brazilian licensee Dactar.
Dactar II Video Game This is a clone from Brazilian licensee Dactar. We believe it was sold with this specially made case.
Funfair 2600 Funfair Atari 2600 This is a Funfair 2600, a clone manufactured in Mexico.  It is similar in appearance to a 2600 Jr..  Picture courtesy of Eduardo Torrero.
Funvision 224-in-1 This clone, found in Finland, includes mostly PAL games with some NTSC games mixed in.
Rinco 256-in-1 System Rinco 128-in-1 This 256-in-1 system by Rinco is made of cheap, brittle plastic.  It was sold with two cheap joysticks that look like standard Atari joysticks with pistol style grips.  The console looks just like an Atari 2600 unit, except for the statement "256 Built In" printed on the front.
Sears Video Arcade Rev. A Sears Video Arcade Rev. B Sears purchased the rights to sell the Atari 2600 in their stores, and changed the name and packaging to a Sears brand, as was typical of them.  This is their version of the Atari VCS CX2600.  This unit also comes in the original "heavy sixer" variety.
Sears Video Arcade Rev. B Sears Video Arcade Rev. C This is the Sears version of the Atari VCS CX2600A. It's almost identical to the Atari Model except that it has the Sears Telegames name on the faceplate.
Sears Video Arcade II Sears Video Arcade II The Video Arcade II was Sears' final version of the 2600.  At first glance, it looks much like a 7800, and features LED's, but it is just a repackaged/redesigned 2600.  The controllers are also combination paddle/joysticks.
32-in-1 System 32-in-1 System Clone This is an unknown 32-in-1 clone featuring 32 built-in games.  It appears to be a remanufactured 2600 Jr..  Picture courtesy of Eduardo Torrero.
128-in-1 System This is a 128-in-1 system from Australia. This may be an officially licensed product.
210-in-1 This is a clone system with 210 games built in. The manufacturer is unknown.
520-in-1 System This is an unknown 520-in-1 clone from Australia. This company may have made other consoles with different game counts.
64-in-1 System 64-in-1 System Clone This is an unknown 64-in-1 clone featuring 64 built-in games.  It looks just like a short-rainbow 2600 Jr., and is sold in a small silver box.  Picture courtesy of Eduardo Torrero.