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Atari 2600 Controllers

Atari manufactured a number of different controllers for use with the 2600, some of them being game specific. This gallery showcases 2600 compatible controllers manufactured by Atari in the 1980's, as well as 3rd party controllers that were made for specific 2600 games.

CompanyController DescriptionSmall Image
AtariAtari JoystickAtari's famous black joystick that was originally included with the system. While it may not be the fanciest controller, it gets the job done.Click for More Info
AtariAtari KeypadSold in pairs, functionally identical to the Kid's Controller and the Video Touch Pad. Included overlays with commands, meant to be used with Basic Programming.Click for More Info
AtariAtari PaddlesStandard paddle controllers for use with games such as Breakout and Warlords. One pair of controller per connector (allows for 4-player Warlords).Click for More Info
AtariAtari Space Age JoystickMarketed as an advanced controller, features a pistol grip and trigger button, with the controller and an additional button above the grip.Click for More Info
CBS ElectronicsBooster GripThe Booster Grip is a controller add-in that plugs directly into the joystick port and provides a pass-through for the joystick. In doing so, it provides the two independant buttons necessary for Omega Race. If you want to play Omega Race and you don't have a Booster Grip, you can substitute a Colecovision controller.Click for More Info
Milton BradleyCosmic CommandAn elaborate joystick sold with the game Survival Run, meant to appear like a futuristic space age controller. Functions like a regular controller, not sold separately from the game.Click for More Info
AtariDriving ControllerLooks like a paddle, but allows 360' movement. Only one unit per connector, unlike paddles which were sold in pairs. For use with Indy 500/Race.Click for More Info
Milton BradleyFlight CommanderPackaged with Spitfire Attack, an elaborate joystick meant to look like a fighter plane gun mount. Similar button/handle configuration to the Cosmic Commander, still functions like a regular controller. Not sold separately from the game.Click for More Info
ExusFoot CrazThe Foot Craz was sold with Video Jogger and Video Reflex, and is sort of a precursor to Nintendo's Power Pad. Intended to get lazy video game players off their rear's and engaging in physical activity, I'll bet most owner's reverted to the good old joystick after trying this device.Click for More Info
AmigaJoyboardSold with the skiing game Mogul Maniac, the joyboard is a platform that you control by standing on it and leaning in different directions. Interesting, but not terribly effective.Click for More Info
ColecoKid Vid ControllerPicture Not Available
AtariKid's ControllerIntended for the Children's Television Workshop series of games. Functionally the same as a Touch Pad or Keyboard Controller, but a larger size that is easier for children to use. Overlays for the controller were sold with the games.Click for More Info
AtariRemote Control JoysticksClick for More Info
AtariTrack & Field ControllerDesign similar to the arcade version. Sold with Track & Field, but also available separately for use on other systems. Will work with any game, but only offer left/right/fire functions.Click for More Info
AtariTrak-BallPicture Not Available
AtariVideo Touch PadAlso known as the Star Raiders controller, functionally identical to the Kid's Controller and Keyboard Controller. Game included an overlay with commands, for use with Star Raiders.Click for More Info
AtariXE Light GunActually sold under the XE line, but compatible with the two Atari 2600 games that utilize a light gun, Sentinel and Atari's Shooting Gallery (prototype).Click for More Info