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Atari 2600 Hacks - X3V0LuX

Original Game:Astroblast 
Hacked By:Lee Krueger
Type of Hack:Graphic Hack
Year Created:2002
Awakening from a dream, we are not sure which world we belong in. Our senses trick us into thinking the dream world is so close. There is a state that exists between the real world and the dream world - or is there? Based on a true story. Travel to the 5th dimesnison. The fate of the X3V0LuX people lies in your hands. Join the X3V0LuX race and help them defend Irata. As you pilot the X3V0LuX defense cannon among the temple ruins of Irata, you will see remnants of the great civilization and develop a deep respect of their culture. Only then will you understand why they came to the 5th dimension in the first place.

X3V0LuX (pronounced zee-vo-lux) is a clever graphics hack of M Network's Astroblast.

X3V0LuX Freedom FighterX3V0LuX High-Score Contest!

The NorthWest Classic Gaming Enthusiasts (NWCGE) are sponsoring a high-score contest for X3V0LuX! The first 20 Freedom Fighters to successfully fend off the evil Odnetnin and Ages empire attacks must send in valid proof of a perseverance rating over 45,000 for which they will be awarded with a unique Freedom Fighter patch (pictured to the right) and a personal letter from the X3V0LuX commander. Contest ends September 30, 2004, so order your copy today!
What's New
Virtually all the graphics have been changed, including the background, the player's cannon, the enemies, your shots, even the score.
Before and After Screenshots
Original GameHack
X3V0LuX - Original ScreenshotX3V0LuX - Hack Screenshot
X3V0LuX - Original ScreenshotX3V0LuX - Hack Screenshot
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