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Atari 2600 Hacks - Hack 'Em

Original Game:Pesco 
Hacked By:Nukey Shay
Type of Hack:Graphic Hack Audio Hack Functional Hack
Year Created:2005
Download ROM:
This is what Pac-man should have been on the VCS. As close to the arcade as you are probably going to get, this game features both the original Pac-man and the later Pac-man Plus. Both arcade games are superbly recreated here.
What's New
Nukey Shay took the original Pesco game and completely overhauled the source, leaving no stones unturned. All sprites have been changed to resemble Pac-man characters. The playfield has been modified to resemble the original Pac-man maze. All game sounds and colors have been changed to more closely resemble the Pac-man arcade. For a complete list of changes and to follow the progress of this hack from start to finish, please visit this thread in the AtariAge Hacks Forum.
Before and After Screenshots
Original GameHack
Hack 'Em - Original ScreenshotHack 'Em - Hack Screenshot
Hack 'Em - Original ScreenshotHack 'Em - Hack Screenshot
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