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Atari 2600 - Imagic - Picture Label Variation

Imagic - Picture Label Variation
The Imagic picture label style is noticeably different from the text labels in that they contain a flashy picture in the lower middle of the label. The game title is written in black across a multicolored band, and the Imagic name is embossed on the end of the cartridge. Some Imagic picture label games were also released in the text style. Most people prefer to have the picture label if given a choice, but some collectors seek both versions.
TitleModel #Label NotesYearCart Rarity TV 
AtlantisIA3203Day Scene
AtlantisIA3203Night Scene
Atlantis IINight Scene
Cosmic ArkIA3204 
Demon AttackIA3200 
Fire FighterIA3400 
No Escape!IA3312 
Riddle of the SphinxIA3600 
Shootin' GalleryIA3410 
Sky Patrol3409 
Star VoyagerIA3201 
Trick ShotIA3000 
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