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Atari 2600 - INTV - White Label Variation

INTV - White Label Variation
INTV purchased the rights to MNetwork games from Mattel and released them with this white label. It consists only of a small end label, with black text on a white background. It is identical to the MNetwork version except for the color. There is no main label for these games. The unusual shape comes from the fact that the main portion of the case is an Intellivision cartridge case with an Atari-sized adapter on the end. INTV games came with black and white manuals in an attempt to cut costs.
Title Model #Label NotesYearCartRarity TV 
Tron: Deadly DiscsMT5662 
Super Challenge FootballMT5658"Football"
Super Challenge BaseballMT5665"Baseball"
Star StrikeMT4313 
Masters of the Universe - He ManMT4319 
Lock 'N' ChaseMT5663 
Frogs and FliesMT5664 
Bump 'n' JumpMT7045 
Armor AmbushMT5661 
Air RaidersMT5861 
Adventures of TronMT4317 
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(M Network)