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Atari 2600 - Atari - Ridged Label Variation

Quickly after the release of the Lynx, people complained that the cartridges were difficult to remove once inserted. While cartridges were easy to insert, there was no easy to way to grip the cartridges when trying to remove them. In order to address this problem, Atari added two ridges to the back of the cartridge, facilitating much easier removal. From the front, these cartridges are very similar in appearance to the flat cartridge style, except for eight small holes directly opposite the ridges. Unfortunately, the addition of these ridges removed the ability to conveniently stack cartridges. Atari would later switch to a third and final curved lip cartridge style for these and all future Lynx releases.

Of the three cartridge styles Atari produced for the Lynx, these Ridged carts are the rarest. All five of Atari's original Lynx releases were produced in this cartridge style, as well as the later Gauntlet release.

TitleModel #Label NotesYearCartRarity  TV 
California GamesPA2025 1989
Chip's ChallengePA2028 1989
Gates of ZendoconPA2023 1989
Gauntlet: The Third EncounterPA2024 1990
Blue LightningPA2020 1989
ElectrocopPA2021 1989
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