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Midnight Magic - Atari - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Midnight Magic
                            Atari 2600 Game Manual

                                Midnight Magic

                                Go Full Tilt!

 Getting Started
 1.  Insert the Midnight Magic cartridge into your ATARI 2600 as explained
     in your Owner's Manual, and turn on your console.

 2.  Plug a joystick into the left joystick jack for one player, and another
     into the right joystick jack for two players.

 3.  Press [Select] to choose a one- or two-player game.

 4.  Press [Reset] or either joystick button to start the game.


Playing the Game
  Pull the joystick handle towards you and press the joystick button to 
launch balls.  Move the handle left to activate the left flippers;  back
to activate both flippers at the same time.

  First shoot for the target with the arrow to light the bumpers and 
activate the kickers and center post.
  Hit all five drop targets to increase the score multiplier.
  When the score multiplier is on, go for the top rollovers to get an extra

Difficulty Levels
Setting A--The center posts and kickers must be activated by hitting the 
target with the arrow.

Setting B--The center post and kickers are always on.


  Score points by hitting the targets and bumpers.  When the score
multiplier is on, all scores are multiplied by the number shown.
  The five drop-targets at the top of the screen are worth 100 points each.
Hitting a target when the arrow is pointing at it is worth 3000 points.  It 
also lights up the bumpers, brings up the center post, and turns on the 
kickers.  Hitting all five targets is worth 500 points and increases the
score multiplier.
  Bumpers are worth 100 points each.  When lit, they are worth 1000 points.
  Rollovers on the top right and left are worth 500 points.  When the score 
multiplier is on, hitting a rollover earns you an extra ball.
  The two targets above the top flippers are worth 100 points each.
  The spinner is worth 10 points each spin.  Each spin moves the drop-target
arrow and bottom rollover lights.
  Bottom lanes are worth 500 points when lit.  When the kickers are 
activated in the outside lanes, they kick the ball back into play, earning
you 10 points.
  Each bounce on the walls above the flippers earns you 25 points.
  Each time the ball rolls over the white area beside the bottom flippers
you earn 10 points.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance