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Phaser Patrol - Starpath - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Phaser Patrol
How to Play




How to Use the Starpath TM Supercharger

*	Set up your Atari Video Computer System (or any similar game 
system that takes Video Computer System game cartridges) according to 
manufacturer instructions. Use joystick controllers.

*	Make sure power switch is OFF, and insert the Starpath 
Supercharger with label up. Be careful not to force it or to insert it 

*	Connect the plug on the end of the Supercharger cable to the 
earphone jack of any cassette recorder/player.* (This jack may also be 
labeled "monitor," "mon.," "ear," or "output.")

*	For best results, keep the cassette player at least a few inches away 
from the TV set.

*	Turn the power switch of the game ON. The TV screen should read 
"REWIND TAPE, PRESS PLAY." If not, turn the power off and check to 
be sure the system is properly hooked up and the Supercharger is fully 

*	Insert Side A of PHASER PATROL. Side A of the cassette is the 
quick load side; Side B is the standard load side. Some cassette players 
may not load reliably on the quick load side. If so, flip the tape over and 
use Side B.

*	If you use a large cassette deck with a phone type earphone plug
you may purchase an adaptor at most electronics specialty stores.

*	Set volume and tone controls near high or maximum.

*	Press REWIND and wait until the tape stops moving. Now press 

*	In a few moments, you will hear the sounds of the game loading
and see colored panels fill the screen. A moment later "STOP TAPE" will 
appear, and you'll be ready to play PHASER PATROL:

If you have trouble...

*	If the tape player makes a screeching noise, you have not
plugged the Supercharger cable into the earphone jack.

*	If the tape doesn't move, check the batteries in the cassette

*	Rewind the tape completely and try again.

*	Try Side B of the game cassette if Side A won't load properly.
Set volume and tone controls at high or maximum.

*	Move the cassette player farther from the TV set and try again.

Phaser Patrol TM

Your mission: Fly your interstellar interceptor like you never flew before... 
because only you stand between the Dracon armada and their cruel 

The situation: Serious trouble. The Human Federation has been caught 
napping. While pretending to sign a peace treaty, the devious Dracons 
have launched a surprise attack. And they've virtually captured the 
Federation's farm galaxy.
	Victory seems so close the Dracons can practically 	smell it with 
their hideous nostrils. One lone defender stands between them and control 
of the human food supply. You.

About your enemy: You wouldn't want to have lunch with a Dracon.  
They're not nice to look at, and they're very hostile. They live by raiding 
peaceful planets, stealing everything they can, and taking no prisoners. To 
make matters worse, they are absolutely fearless.

The Dracon armada: They're tough. Each Dracon fighter is armed with 
lethal photon torpedoes. You've got shields, but a direct hit can disable 
them. And a series of direct hits could reduce you to space dust.

Getting started

Phaser Patrol has lots of unique features, and you should get to know them 
before attempting to play the game. One special feature is Phaser Patrol
two screens.

Sector Map Screen

	The Sector Map enables you to warp-hop from one location in the 
galaxy to another. It also lets you know what to expect when you arrive in 
certain sectors.

   Call the Sector Map by switching the LEFT DIFFICULTY SWITCH to 
the "B" position. You'll always begin the game in an empty sector. The
symbols in other sectors have various meanings.				
    #########	     ####
    #       #       ##  ##
    #       #      ########
    #########	    ##	##

    Empty Sector     Friendly Starbase

       ####                     ########
      ######			##    ##
       ####			# #  # #
      ######			#  ##  #
      #    #			# #  # #
      ##   ##                   ##    ##

   Dracon-Occupied              Sector Contents
        Sector                     Unknown

Navigating Sector-To-Sector

Your Long Range Scanner tells you the contents of the sectors above, 
below, and to the sides of your ship. Additionally, once you've visited a 
sector, it's current contents appear on the Sector Map for the duration of 
the game.

Sector Map Screen

*	The flashing sector symbol indicates your current position.

*	The solid white sector symbol indicates your destination. Choose 
different destinations by moving the white symbol from sector to sector 
with your joystick.

*	When you're ready to warp-hop to a new sector, simply press the 
red button on the joystick. This engages hyperdrive and sends your ship to 
the sector occupied by the white symbol.

*	If Dracon fighters occupy the sector, you'll see the Dracon symbol 
appear. If you choose not to fight at this time, you can simply warp-hop to 
a different sector.

*	Some players may choose to warp-hop around the Sector Map until 
all sector contents are revealed.

*	Note that each warp-hop uses energy (more about energy depletion 
later). You can see how much energy any proposed warp-hop will use by 
consulting the computer display.

Visiting a Starbase

The Starbases can bail you out when you get in trouble. Starbases have 
reserve supplies of fuel and spare parts. When you're low on energy or 
damaged, simply warp-hop to a Starbase sector and wait. Soon your 
energy will be replenished and your damage repaired.

Time for Action

To get from the Sector Map to Combat Action, flip the LEFT 
DIFFICULTY SWITCH to the "A" position.

The Instrument Panel

At the bottom of the screen, in both Sector Map and Combat Action 
modes, is a unique computer display. This display gives you the vital 
information you'll need to outfight the Dracons.

INDICATOR     SHIELD STATUS      |                  INDICATOR
      |       |  COMPUTER STATUS |   MISSION CLOCK    |
#     |    #======|==# S #=  ====|  =l|l #=========#  |       #
#          #=========# C #=  #   #   ===l#=========#          #
#          #=|=======# L #=  =====  =l== #=========#          #
#          #=|===|===# T #= E=8723   100 #=========#          #
#############|S H|E I L D S ###|D E S T|R O Y E D #############
             |   |     |       |       |
             |   |  MESSAGE    ENERGY  |
 SCANNER STATUS  |                     WARP-HOP ENERGY
                 TORPEDO STATUS             COST

*	Condition Alert Indicator. Keep your eye on this warning light. 
"Red" means Dracons in your sector. "Yellow" means you're running low 
on energy. "Green" means an empty sector. "Multicolor Flow" means 
you're in the midst of a warp-hop.

*	Shield Status. Advises you of the condition of your force shields.

*	Computer Status. Advises you of your radar map, rangefinder, and 
torpedo tracking condition.

*	Long Range Scanner Status. Advises you of your sector scan 

*	Torpedo Status. Lets you know if you can effectively fight back 
against the Dracons.

*	Radar Screen. Shows the location of Dracon attackers both in and 
outside your viewer.

*	Mission Clock. Indicates elapsed time, critical to earning a high 
rank upon mission completion (more on this later).

*	Energy Reserve. Keep your eye on your energy indicator! Run too 
low and you'll be unable to get to a Starbase for refueling.

*	Warp-Hop Energy Cost. Shows you how much energy you'll use on 
any proposed sector-to-sector travel.

*	Message Display. Gives you important messages concerning 
damage control, combat performances, etc.

Damage Status Summary

Device 		Green		Yellow		Red

Shields		Fully		Middle		Shields
                Operational     Section         Destroyed

Computer        Fully           Radar Map       Torpedo
                Operational     and             Tracking
                                Rangefinder     Down

Long Range      Fully           Intermittent    Sector Scan
Scanners        Operational     Sector Scan     Down

Torpedoes       Fully           Won't           Won't Fire
                Operational     Explode

Combat Action

*	Torpedo Sight. Lets you lock your phaser torpedoes on target. Fire 
as soon as the sight changes color and your torpedo will chase the 
Dracon... and destroy it. If you fire without lock-on, your chance of a hit 
is reduced.

*	Rangefinder. Advises you how far away the enemy ships are. The 
lower the number, the closer the attacker.

Using the Controls

*	Joystick. Use the LEFT JOYSTICK only. Pull back, and the ship 
climbs. Push forward, it dives. Move left or right and the ship will too.

*	Color - B/W Switch. Controls the Shields. COLOR turns Shields 
on. B/W turns them off.

*	Left Difficulty Switch. Controls the screen mode. "A" gives you 
Combat Action. "B" gives you the Sector Map.

*	Right Difficulty Switch. Adjusts the challenge level before starting 
the game. "A" is more difficult. "B" is where you should start.

*	Game Reset Switch. Starts a new game at any time.

*	Game Select Switch. Isn't used in Phaser Patrol.

Becoming a Champ

Phaser Patrol rewards the player who destroys the Dracon armada quickly 
and efficiently. At the end of each game, you are awarded a Rank and 
Level. The highest ranking is Hero, Level A. The lowest is Greenhorn, 
Level D. In order of achievement:

HERO		(highest)
GREENHORN	(lowest)

Scoring is as follows:

*	Destroy a Dracon fighter, go up 3/8 Level.

*	Use 100 units of energy, lose 1/8 Level.

*	Use up a space/hour (one movement of the second-lowest clock 
indicator), lose 1/8 Level.

*	Destroy all the Dracons, go up 1 Rank.

*	Destroy all the Dracons in Difficulty "B," go up 1 Level.

Conserving Energy

Using the minimum amount of energy to complete your mission is the key 
to becoming a Hero, Level A. But every time you waste motion, you lose 

*	Fire a Torpedo. Use 15 units of energy.

*	Warp-Hop Between Sectors. Use up to 900 units of energy.

*	Get Hit by Dracon Fire. Use 100 units of energy with Shields ON, 
200 units with Shields OFF.

*	Keep Shields On. And use energy at a faster rate.

Working up to Hero, Level A

*	One way to earn points is to conserve energy. And a good way to 
conserve energy is to visit your starbases only when absolutely necessary.   
But be careful! When your ship is heavily damaged, you stand a much 
higher chance of being destroyed.

*	Before you warp-hop into an unknown sector, figure out your 
escape route. If attacked and damaged, you'll be ready to switch into 
Sector Map mode and retreat into a predetermined safe sector.

*	For top ranking, minimize the length of your "Warp-Hops." Clear 
out one nearby sector after another. Try to arrive near your Starbase when   
you anticipate the need to replenish energy.

*	Use your Shields only when you need them. Shields consume 
energy, so turn them off when no Dracon fighters are near enough to pose 
a threat.

Combat Action Playfield

 *	Make good use of the Rangefinder. Your Phaser Torpedoes are 
deadly at a longer range than the Dracon weapons. Attack them while they 
are still far away and you'll take fewer damaging hits.

*	Fire only when you're sure to score a hit. Use your Torpedo Sight to 
ensure that you'll get the Dracon with one shot.

The Supercharger TM
Game Previews

To get a sneak preview of other great Starpath games, follow these simple 

*	When loading PHASER PATROL, be sure to push the STOP 
button on your cassette player as soon as the TV screen fills with colored 
panels and the "STOP TAPE" message appears.

*	Don't rewind the tape. When you're ready for a preview, flick the 
power switch on the game system OFF, then ON again.

*	The TV screen should read "REWIND TAPE, PRESS PLAY" 
Don't rewind the tape. Simply press PLAY As soon as the "STOP TAPE"
message appears, press STOP.

*	You'll see a "self-play" preview of one exciting Starpath' game. You 
can't actually play it (so don't bother pressing any more switches), but you 
can appreciate the great graphics and game action.

*	To see the next game preview, simply repeat the above instructions. 
When no more games appear, you have seen all the previews on your 

Changing Games

To load another Starpath game:

*	Flick the power switch OFF, then ON again.

*	Rewind and replace the cassette with another Starpath game 

*	Rewind the tape, then press PLAY.

To Remove The Supercharger:

*	Turn the power switch OFF.

*	Gently remove the Supercharger.

Limited 90 Day Warranty


STARPATH CORP. warrants to the original purchaser of this 
STARPATH  product that it will be free from defects in materials
and workmanship for ninety days from the date of purchase.
If this product is discovered to be defective within the warranty
period, return to place of purchase for replacement.
This warranty is limited to electronic and mechanical parts
within the product. It is not applicable to normal wear and
tear and is not applicable and shall be void if the defect has
arisen through, or the product shows signs of, misuse,
excessive wear, modlflcabons, or tampering.


Some states do not allow limitations on how long an
implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of
incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations or
exclusions set forth may not apply to you. This warranty
gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other
rights which vary from state to state.

Repair Service

Should your SUPERCHARGER require service after the
ninety day limited warranty period, a charge of $15 will be
assessed to restore it to full working condition. Send the
SUPERCHARGER' unit, shipping prepaid, to:
P.O. Box 209
Santa Clara, CA 95050.

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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance