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Chase the Chuck Wagon - Spectravision - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Chase the Chuckwagon
Chase the Chuckwagon
instructions for use

(1) turn off your video game machine and insert a joystick
    controller into the left joystick slot.

(2) insert the chase the chuckwagon cartridge in the cartridge

(3) turn video game machine on.

(4) to begin play, press the select switch to clear the machine
    and the game select switch to start.

(5) the object of the first maze screen is to move chuckie, the 
    dog, through the maze and escape through the opening at the
    top of the screen directly below the chuckwagon.

(6) if you successfully escape from the maze, you will enter the
    reward screen.

(7) the reward screen requires you wait until the dog dish is
    even with chuckie and then press the joystick fire button
    to allow chuckie to move to the dish and eat.  this will
    score an additional 100 points.

(8) if you miss, no points will be awarded and you will simply
    go ahead to the next maze screen.

(9) in each maze screen, there will be objects appearing on the 
    screen and bouncing from side to side.  these should be 
    avoided.  if they hit chuckie, he will be frozen temporarily
    which will decrease your score.

(10) also, in each maze, there is a dogcatcher who is chasing 
    chuckie.  if he catches chuckie, you will lose a life.  you
    only have three to start with so be careful.

(11) when the game is over, your score will be displayed on the 
    screen.  it will be the total of each maze screen score and
    the total of each reward screen score.

note:  for a real challenge, start the game with the switch on
       the video game set at expert.  this will only allow you
       thirty seconds per maze and the speed will be increased.
       also, as the game progresses, the speed will increase.

This document typed by [email protected].

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance