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Cookie Monster Munch
ATARI 2600





Educational games featuring the lovable Sesame Street Muppets and other
wonderful, whimsical characters.  The creators of Sesame Street, Electric
Company, and 3-2-1 Contact have teamed up with the creators of the world's
most popular video games.

ATARI/CCW games are designed by writers, artists, programmers, 
psychologists, and lots of kids!

One Part Creative Magic
One Part Technical Wizardry
One Part Educational Know-How
Dynamic, Child-Appropriate Video Games!

ATARI/CCW Video Games Provide:
* Family Play
* Continuous Challenge
* Long-Term Play
* Nonviolent Play
* Opportunity for Cooperative Play, Individual Play, and Competitive Play
* Appeal to Both Girls and Boys

This Video Game Product was developed by ATARI, INC. and the CHILDREN'S
(c) 1983 ATARI, INC. All Rights Reserved
(c) 1983 CHILDREN'S COMPUTER WORKSHOP, INC. All Rights Reserved
Muppet Characters (c) 1983 MUPPETS, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Featuring the JIM HENSON(tm) SESAME STREET(tm) MUPPET(tm) characters.

                       Table of Contents
                       * Note to Parents
                       * Setting Up
                       * A Read-Aloud Story
                       * Game Play
                       * More Fun with Cookie Monster
                       * Game Matrix

* Note to Parents

The COOKIE MONSTER MUNCH game provides children with a fun way to practice
several important prereading skills.

1) Tracing a maze pattern while staying within its borders gives children
   practice with the type of hand-eye coordination that is important for
   beginning reading and writing.

2) Learning to follow directional arrows provides experience with print
   symbols that young chilren need to use in school.

3) Using the arrows on the controller also helps children become familiar
   with the relational concepts of up, down, left, and right.

When you play COOKIE MONSTER MUNCH with your child you can reinforce these
learning goals by talking about the game as you play.  Use the words left,
right, up, and down and encourage your child to use them too.  Say things
like, "I'm making Cookie Monster go to the right to get his cookies," or,
"Can you make Cookie Monster go down to get to the cookie jar?"

* Setting Up


Use your ATARI KID'S CONTROLLER to play this game.

Plug the ATARI KID'S CONTROLLER into the LEFT controller jack at the back
of your ATARI 2600 Video Computer System console. (See Figure 1.) In 
two-player games, the players take turns using the controller as each 
person's turn comes up. The computer keeps score automatically.

           [Figure 1 - Plugging in the Controller]

You will find one keypad overlay included with this game.  This colorful 
overlay will help your child select and use appropriate buttons during game
play. Slip the overlay tabs into the slots at the top and bottom of your 
ATARI KID'S CONTROLLER, as shown in Figure 2.

                     [Figure 2 - Keypad Overlay]

               Note: The "Atari Kid's Controller" was a
               large  6" x 7 1/2" Video Touch Pad that
               was bought separately from the game cart.
               The Video Touch Pad that came with the
               game "Star Raiders" could even be used in
               it's place.  The Cookie Monster Munch 
               overlay for the controller blocked off all 
               but five of the keys:
                               [move up]
                                  / \    
              [move left] <(4) (5) (6)> [move right]
                                  \ /
                              [move down]

                   [The 5 key is used to pick up cookies]

                       Kid's Controller Key Layout:
                           | 1     2     3 |
                           |               |
                           | 4     5     6 |
                           |               |
                           | 7     8     9 |
                           |               |
                           | *     0     # |

NOTE: Always turn the console POWER switch OFF before inserting or
removing an ATARI Game Program Program cartridge.  This will protect the 
electronic components and prolong the life of your ATARI 2600 Video Computer
System game.


After you have inserted the Game Program cartridge, press the POWER ON/OFF
switch to ON.

COOKIE MONSTER MUNCH contains ten delightful game levels.  Find the game
number you want to play in the GAME MATRIX on the back cover.  Press the
GAME SELECT switch until the game number appears at the lower left of the
television screen. (See Figure 3.) The number on the right indicates the 
number of players for that game.  For a detailed description of each game, 

                    [Figure 3 - Selecting a Game]
 (Game Number shown on left bottom of screen. Number of Players on right)

After you have chosen the game level you want to play, press GAME RESET
to begin the game.  You can also press GAME RESET during game play or after 
a game ends if you want to start the game over.

RIGHT and LEFT DIFFICULTY switches are not used in this game.

Set the TV TYPE switch to COLOR to play the game on a color TV.  Set this
switch to B/W to play on a black and white TV.

* A Read-Aloud Story

                            THE COOKIE GARDEN

Cookie Monster was taking his morning walk in the park when he remembered
he had not eaten a single cookie since breakfast.  He was hungry!

"Me want cookie!' he thought.

Suddenly, Cookie Monster stopped.
In front of him was an enormous cookie jar.

"What this?" he asked out loud.  "It look like giant cookie jar!  Must
have cookies inside."

He shook the jar, "Me no hear cookies."

He stuck his furrry fist down in the jar, "Me no feel cookies."

He peered into the jar, "Me no see cookies."

Cookie Monster sat down beside the jar.  He felt bluer than his blue fur.

"Nothing make me sadder than empty cookie jar!" he sighed, "except empty
Cookie Monster."

Just then, a warm, sweet smell floated toward Cookie Monster.  He sat up
and sniffed the air.

"That smell like -- cookies!"

Cookie Monster jumped to his feet and followed the delicious smell up a
garden path and straight to a freshly-grown chocolate chip cookie.

"Cowabunga!" he shouted.  "Me discover magical cookie garden where cookies
grow like flowers!"

Cookie Monster was just about to munch the delicious cookie when he saw
another one growing a little way up the path.

"Look!  Another cookie!"  He ran and picked it.  Then he saw another.  He
ran and picked that one up too,

Cookie Monster ran all around the garden, picking every cookie in sight.
Soon his arms were loaded with a towering pile of his favorite food.

"Me need someplace to put cookies, so me can eat them.  But where?"
Then Cookie Monster remembered the empty cookie jar.  He ran as fast
as his furry legs could carry him.  When he reached the jar, he put all
the cookies inside.

"Me hungry from all this work.  Time for a snack," he said.

Crumbs flew in all directions as Cookie Monster crunched down every
wonderful cookie he had collected.

The next morning Cookie Monster had one thought, to get to his cookie
garden.  But, when he arrived at the garden fence, he peeked over and
saw a terrible sight.  There was someone else collecting HIS cookies!

"Hey kid!" Cookie Monster shouted, "This MY garden.  These MY cookies.
Go away!"

"Me want cookies!"  Cookie Monster yelled as he jumped over fence and
chased the kid.

"But Cookie Monster, I--"

But before the kid could finish explaining, Cookie Monster snatched the
cookies away from the kid and ate them.

As soon as the kid picked another cookie, Cookie Monster ran over and 
tried to grab it.  But this time the kid raced to the cookie jar and was 
able to put the tasty treasure inside before Cookie Monster could catch up.

"Why you taking my cookies?" the blue monster asked.

"I'm not taking your cookies!" explained the kid.  "I'm the Cookie Kid (tm)+
and I planted this garden just for you.  I'm saving these cookies for a
special Cookie Monster party!"

"A party for me?" asked Cookie Monster.  "That the nicest thing me ever 
heard.  Me want party now!"

And Cookie Monster was so happy he even shared the cookies with his new
friend, the Cookie Kid.

                                   + Indicates trademark of MUPPETS, INC.

* Game Play


Cookie Monster is very hungry -- he needs cookies fast!  You can help.


Pick up as many cookies as you can and put them in the cookie jar.


Follow the directions in SETTING UP, to plug in the KID'S CONTROLLER, to
use the keypad overlay, and to select a game level.

To move through the garden mazes, press the arrow on your keypad overlay
that points in the direction you want to go.  To pick up a cookie, press
the cookie (5 key) on the keypad overlay.  You must be standing over a
cookie to pick it up. (See figure 4.) You must follow the path back down 
to the cookie jar to put cookies in the jar. (See Figure 5.)

                [Figure 4 - Picking Up a Cookie] 
            (Shows Cookie Monster's feet over cookie)

             [Figure 5 - Putting Cookies in the Jar]
  (Shows Cookie Jar, Maze Entrance, and Cookie in Cookie Monster's hand)

Positioning Cookie Monster over the cookie may require some practice.  If
your child has difficulty, say "Look carefully.  Is the cookie between
Cookie Monster's feet?"


In some games, you are the Coookie Monster.  In other games, you are the
Cookie Kid, and Cookie Monster will chase you.  COOKIE MONSTER MUNCH
contains ten levels of game play.  Below are general descriptions of the
games.  For specific details see the GAME MATRIX on the back cover.

Each new game level is designed to be more difficult than the last.
Encourage your child to start playing the easiest game first and to
practice the skills that will lead to the next level of difficulty.


In each of these games, you guide Cookie Monster through as many garden
mazes as you want and help him gather cookies.  (See Figure 6.) The score
resets after every maze.  The easy Game 1 mazes contain one to three
cookies; the medium Game 2 mazes contain four to six cookies; and the
difficult Game 3 mazes contain seven to nine cookies.  After picking up
each cookie, go to the cookie jar and drop it in.  Remember, you can only
pick up one cookie at a time.

               |  --|---|---|---|---|---|--|---|----  |
               |  --|---|---|---|---|---|--|---|----  |
               |     #        #       #       #       |
               |     #       ##       ##      #       |
               |     #####    #       C    ####       |
               |         #    #       #    #          |
               |     #   C    #       #    #    C  <----- Cookie CM="Cookie" | # # # # # # | Monster | ###############CM############### | | ### | Score> 1           U  <------------------- Cookie Jar |______________________________________| Figure 6 Beginning Game Take as much time as you need. Once you have picked up every cookie in the maze and have put each one in the jar, Cookie Monster will eat the cookies, one at a time. (See Figure 7.) Watch the crumbs fly and count the cookies that Cookie Monster eats. [Figure 7 Cookie Monster Eats Cookies] In beginning games, young children might need some help getting started. Say to your child, "Point to the cookie you want to get and show me how you want to move in the maze to get it." Tell your child to trace the path on the screen with his or her finger. GAMES 4, 5, AND 6: ONE-PLAYER AND TWO-PLAYER TIMED GAMES Help Cookie Monster pick up as many cookies as he can before time runs out. When a maze is cleared, a new one will appear. Cookie Monster may bring one or more cookies at once to the cookie jar or may pick up all the cookies before returning to the jar. . Although you will only see one cookie in Cookie Monster's hand, your score will increase by the correct number when you drop the cookies in the jar. One to three cookies will appear in the easy Game 4 mazes, four to six cookies will appear in the medium Game 5 mazes, and seven to nine cookies will appear in the hard Game 6 mazes. You have five minutes to collect cookies in Game 4, four minutes in Game 5, and three minutes in Game 6. Watch the time bar at the bottom of the screen. (See Figure 8.) It will slowly become smaller as time goes by. When the time bar completely disappears, your time is up. As soon as this happens, Cookie Monster will eat every cookie you collected. Yum! You may want to draw your child's attention to the time bar and explain it's purpose the first time he or she plays a timed game. Note that it moves right-to-left for player 1 and left-to-right for player 2. The color of the time bar also matches the score color of the player who is playing. In two-player games, pass the controller to player 2 when time runs out for player 1. After Cookie Monster eats player 1's cookies, player 2 collects as many cookies as possible before time runs out. Player 1's score will appear at the lower left side of the screen and player 2's score will appear at the lower right side of the screen, as shown in Figure 9. When the time is up for player 2, Cookie Monster will eat those cookies and you can compare scores. Who collected the most cookies? [Figure 8 Timed Game] (Screen shot shows time bar under score) [Figure 9 Two-Player Timed Game] (Screen shot shows the time bar under player 2's score) GAMES 7, 8, AND 9: COOKIE KID VS. COOKIE MONSTER Now things really get exciting! In these games you are the Cookie Kid collecting cookies. But watch out for the Cookie Monster because he will chase you and try to take away every cookie you pick up. Cookie Monster guards the cookie garden by walking back and forth behind the fence, as shown in figure 10. As soon as you have a cookie in hand, Cookie Monster jumps over the fence and runs after you. If he catches you before you get to the cookie jar, he will eat every cookie you carry. While chasing you, Cookie Monster will also stop and gobble any cookies in his path. After Cookie Monster takes your cookies, or when you have safely put them in the cookie jar, he returns to his guard post behind the fence until you pick up another cookie. If you pick up another cookie before Cookie Monster gets all the way back to the fence, he will start to chase you again. ______________________________________ | |---|---|---|CM-|---|--|---|---- | CM="Cookie" Fence> --|---|---|---|---|---|--|---|----  |       Monster
               |      #       #       #          #    |
               |      #       #       #          #    |
               |     #####    #       #      #######  |
               |     #   #    #       #      #     #  |
               |     ######   #       #     ########  |         
               |     #   #    #       #      #   #    |
               |   #####################CK#########   |  CK = Cookie Kid
               |                 ###                  |
               |      5           U                   |             
 Time Bar -------->  XXXXXXXXXX                       |
                       Figure 10 - Cookie Kid Game

There are nine cookies in each maze.  The mazes are easy in Game 7, medium
in Game 8, and hard in Game 9.  For added excitement, the games are timed!
You have five minutes to collect as many cookies as possible in Game 7,
four minutes in Game 8, and three minutes in Game 9.  At the end of your 
time period, Cookie Monster will eat all the cookies you saved.  Watch his
eyes roll around happily.  What a party!

Two-player Cookie Kid games are played just like one-player games, except,
when time is up for the first player, the second player takes the controller.


Are you ready for a super challenge?  Try collecting cookies in invisible,
difficult mazes! (See Figure 11.)

Played just like Game 9, Game 10 gives you three minutes to pick up cookies
in as many mazes as you can.  Nine cookies are scattered throughout each
maze.  Every time you pick up a cookie, the maze will flicker briefly so
you can see how it looks.  Try to remember the shortest path back to the
cookie jar so you can quickly and safely put your sweet treasure in the jar
before Cookie Monster grabs it.

In two-player Super Challenge games, each player has three minutes to pick
up cookies in invisible mazes.  When time runs out for player 1, player 2
takes over the controller.  At the end of each player's time period, Cookie
Monster gobbles every cookie in the jar.

                    [Figure 11 - Invisible Maze Game]

* More Fun with Cookie Monster

(Book activities for kids)

  1. What happened first?  Here are some pictures of Cookie Monster.  What
     happened in each picture?  Can you find what happened first?  What
     happened next?  What happened last?  Now tell the story.
  2. Cowabunga, it's Cookie Monster!!  Draw your favorite cookie in Cookie
     Monster's hand.  Color the picture.
  3. The Cookie Garden.  Help Cookie Monster get the cookies.  Use your
     finger to follow a path from Cookie Monster to the cookie jar.  How
     many cookies did he pass?  Count them.  Now try a different path.
  4. The Cookie Kid Saves the Day.  Cookie Kid wants to save a cookie for
     later.  Draw a picture of a cookie jar to put the cookie in.  Color
     the picture.
  5. Put the Cookie in the Cookie Jar.  Draw a picture of a big cookie jar
     and tape it to the wall.  Then draw your favorite cookie and cut it
     out.  Now blindfold your friend, brother, sister, or parent.  Spin
     the blindfolded person around three times.  Lead him/her to the wall
     and help him/her put the cookie in the cookie jar by giving directions.
     Say things like, "Move your hand up.  Move your hand down.  Move your
     hand right.  Move your hand left."

* Game Matrix

Easy = E                   | Game 1: E     | Game 6:  H,T |
Medium = M                 | Game 2: M     | Game 7:  E,T |
Hard = H                   | Game 3: H     | Game 8:  M,T |
Timed = T                  | Game 4: E,T   | Game 9:  H,T |
                           | Game 5: M,T   | Game 10: H,T |


CO19741-102  REV. A  26102
(c) 1983 ATARI, INC.  All Rights Reserved

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance