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Donkey Kong (Coleco)
Donkey Kong  by Nintendo
        Plays, sounds and scores like DONKEY KONG arcade game!
        Donkey Kong the ape has kidnaped Mario's girlfriend! In
this action-packed rescue adventure, you move Mariothrough
incredible dangers to save her. Your skill and speed determine
your score.
        1. Left Controller: Hold it with the red button to your
           upper left (toward the TV)
        2. Control Stick: Push the control stick left or right to
           make Mario run. Position Mario under or over a ladder and
           push the Control Stuick up or down to make Mario climb
        3. Red Button: Press the Red Button to start each new
           screen and to make Mario jump to avoid barrels or fireballs
           or to grab the hammer. Jumping barrels or fireballs is easiest
           when Mario and the barrels are moving toward each other.
        STEP 1: Get Started
        To start a game immediately after turning on your Video
        Computer System, just press the Red Button on your controller.
        To play another game, press GAME RESET
        To activate Mario and start action, press the RED Button
        STEP 2: Making it to the Top
        When the first of your three Marios appears on the ramps, try
        to get him to the top to save his girlfriend. If Mario is hit by a
        barrel, he is eliminated. Climb the unbroken ladders to reach the
        next ramp! Mario cannot climb broken ladders
        STEP 3: Hammer Away!
        If mario jumps up and grabs the hammer, he can face the
        barrels and hit them for extra points. But if the hammer misses
        and the barrel hits Mario, he's eliminated! And remember - he
        can't climb ladders with the hammer, and the hammer disappears
        in a few seconds
        STEP 4: How Time Flies...
        The Score/Bonus indicator shows your bonus "counting down"
        Watch out! If it reaches ZERO, Mario is elimated!
        STEP 5: Success or failure?
        If you make it to the top of the ramp, the remaining bonus is
        added to your score and move on to the rivet screen. But if you
        fail, Mario is eliminated.
        STEP 6: A Riveting Mission.
        Mario must remove all the rivets to save his girlsfriend. To
        remove a rivet, Mario runs or jumps over it - and it disappears!
        STEPS 7: Playing with Fire.
        Jump over fireballs for points - or avoid them. (Remember, the
        fireballs are following Mario - and they're tricky! Fireballs
        always stay on the same ramps, but sometimes jump across the gaps.)
        STEP 8: Hurrah!
        When you have removed all the rivets, the game continues to
        alternate between the two screens - but the action gets harder
        as you go! Keep playing intil you run out of Marios.
                While you control MArio, the Score/Bonus Indicator shows
        your bonus counting down. Between screens and at game end, your
        score is displayed.
        Starting Bonus Value (each Screen)      5000 points
        Jumping a barrel or fireball             100 points
        Eliminating a Rivet                      100 points
        Smashing a barrel or Fireball            800 points
        The player recieves three Marios per game
(that was it)

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance