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Donkey Kong Junior - Coleco - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Donkey Kong Jr
Donkey Kong Junior   by Nintendo

For color or black-and-white TV
Select from eight skill levels
For one or two players                  COLECO

Mario has locked up Papa Donkey Kong! Junior must
make his way through a treacherous jungle to free him. Rac-
ing against time, Junior climbs and swings across vines, 
while avoiding dangerous creatures, all to reach a flashing
key to release his Papa. If Junior succeeds at this mission,
he must push keys to the top of chains, once again avoiding
clever opponents. If he passes this test, he arrives at  
Mario's hideout for another trial against time! Can you help  
Junior save his father?

G E T T I N G   R E A D Y    TO  PLAY


Be sure the B-W/Color switch is set to the "Color" position  
on your game system.

  One-Player Game

Use the left controller.
  Two-Player Game (Alternating Players)

Player 1 uses the left controller. Player 2 uses the right con-
troller. Player 1 goes first, and each turn lasts until the
player's Junior is eliminated.

Choose your challenge.

Turn your game system on, then press GAME RESET. Press
GAME SELECT until the number of players (shown at left)
and the Skill Level (shown at right) you want appear at the
top of the screen.

Skill Levels.

There are eight Skill Levels to choose from. Skill 1 is the
easiest level, suitable for beginners. Skill 8 is the toughest
challenge, even for experts! Skills 4 and 5 play at about the
difficulty and timing of a professional arcade machine.
After you've made a choice, press GAME RESET. Now
you're ready to play.

U S I N G  Y O U R  C O N T R O L L E R S

Hold the controller with the Play/Action Button to your upper
left (toward the TV).

1. Control Stick: The Control Stick directs Junior's climbing
  and running.
    If Junior is on a vine or chain, press the Control Stick
    up (away from you) to make him climb up. Press the    
    Control Stick down (toward you) to make him slide
    down. Junior climbs up two vines or chains faster than
    he climbs up one. But Junior slides down one vine or
    chain faster than he climbs down two.

    If Junior is on a vine or chain, press the Control
    left or right to make him swing in that direction.
    If Junior is standing on a flat surface, press the Control
    Stick left or right to make him run in that direction. 

2. Play/Action Button: The Play/Action Button makes   
  Junior jump. Press the button when Junior is standing to
  make him jump in place. Press the button while Junior is
  running to make him jump in the direction he faces.

  If Junior is on a vine or chain, press the button and
  Control Stick at the same time to make him jump on
  Hold the Control Stick and Play/Action Button down
  longer to make a longer jump.                 

HERE'S HOW TO PLAY          

Climb, little guy!          

Press the Play/Action Button. Junior appears and jumps to 
the first vine. Use the Joystick to make Junior climb up. But
he can't climb through a girder! Move him around to the left
of the girder. Junior must be on an adjoining vine and above
a girder before he can jump/swing onto it. Watch out for the
Snapjaws along the way!

C a p t u r e the key. 
The flashing key at the top of the jungle next to Mario can 
free Papa. But mean Mario sends Snapjaw after Snapjaw 
to stop Junior! Guide the little ape across the screen to the
right and up. Get him onto the highest girder. Leap over
Snapjaws for points. If Junior misses the key and runs into
Mario, Junior is eliminated. You must start again from the
beginning. Press the Play/Action Button to play again. 


While Junior works his way up to the flashing key, a Bonus
Timer counts down. When Junior reaches the key, the
number appearing in the Bonus Timer is added to your
score. But time can work against you. If Junior hasn't cap-
tured the key when the Timer runs out, Junior is eliminated.

The key to the situation.

Once Junior captures the key, he faces another challenge:
he must push three keys to the tops of chains to free his
Papa. But this is no easy feat! The keys are so heavy that
Junior must climb up two chains instead of one. But that's
not all. Snapjaws still chase Junior-both on the chains and
on the ground! And Nitpicker birds fly across the ground,
trying to catch him. Poor Junior!

Mario's  Hideout!

After Junior has pushed all the keys up the chains, he enters
Mario's horrible hideout. Now he has to dash across coils
and climb more vines to reach the top hanging vine. But
Junior's foes - the Snapjaws - still keep up their chase.
Jump over the snapjaws and keep moving up and across.
That's the only way to free Papa!

One more time

The farther Junior gets, the wilder the action becomes! The
missions repeat, but they keep getting harder. How many
times can you help Junior free Papa Donkey Kong?

Starting over.

Press GAME RESET to replay the DONKEY KONG, JR
game option you've just played. Press GAME SELECT to
choose another challenge.



Placing key in lock (Key Mission). . . 100

Bonus Points 
When you complete a mission, the Bonus  
Timer stops. The number remaining in the
Timer is added to your score.

Your score always appears at the top center of the screen
whenever Junior is eliminated or completes a screen.


This instruction booklet will provide the basic information
you need to get started playing DONKEY KONG, JR., but it
is only the beginning! You will find that this cartridge is full of
special features that make DONKEY KONG. JR. exciting
every time you play. Experiment with different techniques -
and enjoy the game!

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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance