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Eggomania - U.S. Games - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

U.S. Games(TM)



U.S. Games Corporation
A Subsidiary of The Quaker Oats Company
1515 Wyatt Drive
Santa Clara, California 95054


  Eggomania is a one to four player, full color game designed to be played on the 
Atari(R) Video Computer System(TM) or the Sears Video Arcade(R).
 A strangely colored, feathered fowl is bent on bombing your bedeviled blue bear 
with dozens of even stranger colored eggs. Your only defense is catching those 
falling orbs in your hat before they break and cause a real mess! If you succeed in 
catching an entire wave, you get the delightful opportunity to get even and fire 
them back at that turkey ! You'll be dazzled by his reaction. So go after that bird -- if 
you can "bear" the pressure. Otherwise, the yolks on you !!

Set-Up Instructions:

1. Connect the Atari(R) Video Computer System(TM) or   Sears Video Arcade(R) 
following the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Install the left paddle controllers for single player or two player game, and both 
left and right sets of controllers for a three or four player game.

3. Insert the cartridge -- making certain that the power is OFF.

4. Move the POWER switch to ON. 

5. Select the game of your choice.

6. Press the red fire button on the Player One paddle to start the game.

7. Push RESET switch at any time to start a new game.

8. After the game is over, a new game may be started by pressing the fire button on
the joystick.

9. DIFFICULTY SWITCHES: The difficulty switches select between large catcher 
hat and small catcher hat as follows:

Position A=small hat
Position B=large hat

In multi-player games, each player may choose the hat corresponding to his/her 
skill level. To do this, use the difficulty switches as follows:

One Player Game-- Use only the left difficulty switch;

Two Player Game - Use the left difficulty switch for player one and the right
                  difficulty switch for player two; 

Three or Four - Use the left difficulty switch for  players one and two.
Player Game       Use the right difficulty switch for players three and four.

Note that difficulty levels may only be altered when in the GAME SELECT mode. 
No mid-game changes are allowed.


* Use left paddle controllers for single or two player  games. Both left and right 
sets for three to four player games.

* Move bear back and forth with paddle knob.

*  Fire eggs back at the bird with the red fire button.

Game Variations:

Game 1 Single player
Game 2 Two player
Game 3 Three player
Game 4 Four player


Each egg successfully caught equals 14 to 50 points (see chart).

Each time the bird is shot with an egg, equals 100 points; plus, if you have egg
on the floor, some of it gets cleaned up.

Eggs are dropped in ten difficulty levels as follows:

             Number             Points                 Number                    Points
               of                Per                     of                       Per
Level         Eggs      Speed    Egg        Level       Eggs        Speed         Egg
  1             20        1       14          6          60           3            34
  2             40        1       18          7          80           3            38
  3             60        1       22          8          80           4            42
  4             40        2       26          9          80           5            46   
  5             80        2       30         10          80           6            50

Playing Hints:


* Move your harried bear back and forth across the  screen as little as possible; if 
eggs are falling close  to each other (in a vertical column), position your  hat under 
them and adjust only slightly to either side.

* Any excessive or inefficient movement and you'll wind up with egg on your face! 
(Feet, paws, and body too!)

* Try to recognize a pattern of the eggs as they fall.  This will help you anticipate 
where to make your next move -- -- -- -- ooops ! !


* Position the bear somewhere near the center of the screen and wait for that 
turkey to pass by -- don't follow him!

* Timing and accuracy on shooting the turkey during  the Eggomania waltz is 
critical. Try to anticipate his next move and lead his direction a little while
shooting only when necessary -- constant firing throws off timing and seems to make
that turkey dance even more.

* Once you have accomplished this task, you can sit back and enjoy bonus points 
and a flustered, embarrassed turkey!

Look for more U.S. Games(TM) video games wherever you buy game cartridges. 
Drop us a note and we'll be glad to add your name to our mailing list and keep you 
posted on new game cartridges when they become available.

This cartridge is manufactured for the ATARI Video Computer System Model 2600 
by U.S. Games. ATARI, Video Computer System, and 2600 are trademarks of Atari, 
Inc. U.S. Games is not affiliated with Atari, Inc. Video Arcade(R) is a trademark of 
Sears, Roebuck & Co.

VC2003       (C)1982 U.S Games Corporation,       Printed in Taiwan.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance