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Strap on your goggles. Sink into your seat. And leave all your
fears in the pit. You're about to enter the race of your life.
You'll be required to pass lots of cars each day. Through sun
and snow and fog and ice, sunrise to sunset - as fast as you
can. Welcome to the National Enduro!


1.   Hook up your video game system. Follow manufacturer's

2.   With power OFF, plug in game cartridge.

3.   Turn the power ON. If no picture appears, check
     connection of your game system to your TV; then repeat
     steps 1-3.

4.   Plug in the LEFT Joystick Controller (right Controller is
     not used).

5.   The difficulty switch and game select switch are not

6.   To start, press game reset switch.

7.   The Joystick Controller is held with the red button in
     the upper left position. Push the Joystick right or left
     top move your car right or left. The red button is your
     accelerator. The longer you keep the button depressed,
     the faster your car will go, until it reaches top speed.
     To coast at a constant speed, press the red button until
     the desired speed is reached. When you release the
     button, this speed will be maintained. To slow down,
     release the red button and apply the brakes by pulling
     the Joystick back.

8.   Passing cars. The number of cars you must pass is posted
     at the beginning of each day in the lower right corner of
     your instrument panel (200 on the first day, 300 on
     subsequent days). Each time you pass a car, this meter
     counts off by one. When you pass the required number of
     cars, green flags appear. But keep going. All additional
     kilometres are added to your total. You'll move on to the
     next day when the present day ends. If you don't pass the
     required number of cars by daybreak, the game ends.


Time of day. From dawn till the black of night, you'll be on
the road. Pay attention to the lighting and scenery. It
represents the time of day, letting you know how much time is
remaining. And, use caution at night. You can only see the
tail lights of the other cars.

Weather conditions keep changing, so brace yourself. Can you
hang in through ice and fog? A white, icy road means your car
will be less responsive to your steering. A thick, fog-
shrouded screen gives you less time to react, since it will
take you longer to see the cars up ahead.

Days and kilometres. A realistic odometer registers the
kilometres you've covered. Beneath the odometer is the day
indicator, which keeps track of the number of days you've been
on the Enduro circuit. When the race is over, the kilometre
reading on the odometer and the day on the indicator represent
your racing results or score.

Increasing difficulty. The race gets tougher with each new
day. The other cars travel faster and spread out across the
road more and more, making it harder to pass them.


In preparing for a race, every pro driver checks out the
course. Be sure to do the same thing. Get to know the timing
of the weather and lighting conditions. Learn how your car
responds to your touch.

Slow down on the ice and keep your eyes on the patterns of the
cars in the distance. Drive defensively, since the other cars
will not get out of your way. The fog will really test your
reflexes. You'll need to slow down and develop a rapid
steering response to make up for the limited visibility.


Do you have the drive, the stamina, the grit to endure this
race for 5 days or more? If so, an on-screen racing trophy
will pop up before your very eyes. Now you can join the
"Roadbusters" and really start breaking records. Send a photo
of the TV screen showing your winning race results, along with
your name and address, to your nearest Activision distributor
(a complete list enclosed). We'll send you the official high
performance emblem.

Tips from Larry Miller, designer of Enduro TM

Larry Miller is a powerhouse game designer with a PhD in
physics. When he isn't designing games, he may be sailing,
skiing or playing the piano. His most recent hit was Spider
Fighter TM.

"The best way to outlast other drivers is to pace yourself.
You won't survive long if you stay at maximum speed because
you'll keep hitting the other cars. Go only as fast as it
takes to pass the required number of cars each day.

"If you can choose between steering into the side of the road
or hitting another car, always steer into the roadside. It's
just a minor setback, and you won't lose as much time.

"Also, it's always better to go around diagonally paired cars
than to squeeze between them. But, if you must squeeze between
them, keep your speed just above theirs and be careful!

"Here's another tip; If you approach a group of cars that are
really blocking the road - slow down. Let them disappear back
into the distance ahead of you. Then, accelerate. When you
meet up with these cars again, they will have probably changed
their positions.

"I hope you enjoy the National Enduro as much as I enjoyed
designing it. Drop me a card from your next pit stop - I'd
love to hear from you. And please, remember to fasten your

[Photo - Larry Miller beside a 1934 Invicta, one of only five
remaining in the world (courtesy of Paradise Motorcars,
Sacramento, California, USA).]


Activision, Inc. warrants to the original consumer purchaser
of this Activision video game cartridge that, if the cartridge
is discovered to be defective in materials or workmanship
within one (1) year from the date of purchase, Activision will
either repair or replace, at its option, such cartridge free
of charge, upon receipt of the cartridge, postage prepaid,
with proof of date of purchase, at its distribution center.

This warranty is limited to the electronic circuitry and
mechanical parts originally provided by Activision and is not
applicable to normal wear and tear. This warranty shall not be
applicable and shall be void if the defect in the cartridge
has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or
neglect. Except as specified in this warranty, Activision
gives no express or implied guarantees, undertakings,
conditions or warranties and makes no representations
concerning the cartridges. In no event will Activision be
responsible under this warranty for any special, incidental,
or consequential damage incurred by any consumer producer.

This warranty and the statements contained herein do not
affect any statutory rights of the consumer against the
manufacturer or supplier of the cartridge.

NOTE: For service in your area, please see the distributor


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