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Basketbrawl - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   


Battle for the hoop!

When city leaders started a basketball league to try to stop gang 
warfare, they never expected to see plays like this: Slash takes 
the ball and passes to Bubba.  Bubba dribbles down court but loses 
the ball when he is hit by a knife thrown from the sideline.  
Vinnie grabs the loose ball.  Slash punches Vinnie but Vinnie 
manages to pass to Simon.  Simon aims for the basket and shoots,
but a well-timed kick to the head by Bubba sends the shot wide. 
Vinnie gets the rebound after knocking Slash out cold. He shoots. 
The ball bounces off the bent rim, hits the backboard, and drops 
for two points!

Getting Started

1. Insert your Lynx Basketbrawl game card in your Lynx.  In a two-
player game, the other player will be your teammate.  Insert a game
card in each Lynx and connect the Lynx machines with a Comlynx cable. 

2. Turn on the Lynx(es).  The Title screen appears. 

3. Press A or B.  The Player Selection process begins with Simon. 

4. To select Simon, press A or B.  To choose a different player, 
press the joypad right or left as you scroll through each player. 
To select a player, press A or B when that player appears on the screen. 

5. After you make your player choice, the Starting Level Code screen 
appears.  To begin with the game at the first level, press A or 
B.  To start at a higher level, enter the code for that level. 
Codes appear when you begin a new level.  Codes allow you to 
return to the last level you played, but they do not save your 
character.  To enter a code, move the joypad right or left to 
put the selector box over the letter you wish to change, then 
press the joypad up or down to change the letter.  When the code 
is complete, press A or B. 

6. A message about your opponent (the School Boyz in Level 1) appears. 
This message tells you what to expect from the team you will 
play.  Read the message, the press A or B. 

7. The Level screen appears.  This screen shows the current level 
and game, the code for that game, and a picture of the opponent. 
Press A or B to begin the game. 

Playing the Game

The objective in Basketbrawl is to become the baddest gang in the 
town by winning the Basketbrawl tournament.  To win the tournament,
you must play three games against each of the five gangs in your 
city.  Each time you move up to the next gang, you will play a 
team with more players and more dangerous weapons.  Each game 
lasts six minutes.  To win a game, you must out score you opponent 
by shooting more baskets.  Each basket is worth two points.  If 
the game is tied after six minutes, the first team to score wins.

When the game begins, your player flashes as he waits for the ball 
to come into play.

The list below shows the Lynx controls for Basketbrawl. 

PAUSE:			Pauses the game.  Press PAUSE a second time to resume play.
OPTION 1:		Drop an item.
OPTION 1 + PAUSE:	Restart the game.
OPTION 2:		Toggle the sound on and off.
OPTION 2 + PAUSE:	Flip the screen.
A Button (Defense):	Punch or use a weapon.
A Button (Offense):	Tap quickly to shoot a basket.  Hold down to pass
to a teammate.
B Button (Defense):	Kick your opponent.
B Button (Offense):	Throw a Power Throw at your opponent.

During the game, objects will appear on the court.  These objects,
called power-ups, will help the player who picks them up.  There 
are five types of power-ups: 

Milk			Increases your health.
Lightning Bolt		Increases your shooting skill.
Fist (Screen 5)		Increases your power so you do more damage in brawls and
shoot farther.
Heart			Increases your life level, which increases your stamina.
Sneaker			Increases your speed.

The power-ups stay with you during each court level, but their effects 
are erased when you move up to the next court.

Weapons also appear on each court.  The weapons become more dangerous 
as you progress through the tournament.  You can use a weapon 
to injure your opponent, but you cannot hold a weapon while you 
control the ball.

You can also injure your opponent by throwing the ball at him.  This 
is called the Power Throw.  Although Power Throws hurt your opponent,
you should be careful.  When you throw the ball at your opponent,
you risk losing the ball.  To use a Power Throw, hold down the 
B button.  The player you will throw the ball at flashes.  While 
holding down the B button, you can use the joypad to select a 
different target.  Release the B button to throw the ball.

As your player takes hits from an opponent, his health will decrease. 
When the health rating at the bottom left of the screen reaches 
zero, the player falls unconscious to the ground.

When a player is knocked out, his body becomes an obstacle on the 
court.  You must go around the body to get to the ball and the 
basket. Players remain unconscious for a limited amount of time,
then return to the action.  If you knock out your opponent, take 
advantage of the situation and score as many points as you can 
while the other guy is down.

To recover faster, rapidly press and release the A or B button.  
When the player is down, you'll see his "recovery" meter on the 
bottom of the screen.

Opposing players are not the only dangers in Basketbrawl.  A member 
of another gang roams the near sideline and throws knives at the 
players. These knives can severely injure an innocent player. 
There is also a referee.  Although there are no penalty shots 
in Basketbrawl, the ref will walk onto the court when somebody 
does something wrong, or if he just feels like it, and will start 
to pound a player.  Of course, you can also knock out the ref.


There are no rules in Basketbrawl.  It is truly a free-for-all.  
Do whatever you have to do to score more points than your opponent. 
Remember, while you are busy pounding on a player to put him on 
the floor, his teammate may score.  You can't just win by knocking 
the other guy out; you have to score points.  Pound the other 
guy when you get the chance, but don't forget to shoot some hoops.

Always try to get the power-ups.  The last thing you need is a stronger 

Don't be afraid to pass to your teammate, if you have one.   Ball 
hogs do not win games.  Besides, if you get your teammate mad 
enough, he may beat YOU up!


Each basket is worth two points.  The team to score the most points 
in a six minute game wins.  If the game is tied after six minutes,
the first team to score wins.

At the end of the game, players receive an overall score.  This score 
consists of four parts.

Point Bonus:		10 points for each basket you score.
Extra Bonus:		10 points for each game point above your opponent's score.
Level Bonus:		Extra points based upon the level you complete.
Brawl Bonus:		Points for each player you knock out.

Bonus points are a good way to see how well or how poorly you play. 
The best gauge of success, however, is completing levels.

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