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Atari Lynx Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

It all started a long time ago with the Atari 2600 game Adventure, one of the first (if not the first!) game to contain an Easter Egg. By placing a certain object in a certain place in the game, the programmer's name, Warren Robinett, is revealed on the screen. These days we come to expect games to have Easter Eggs and many people are disappointed when games ship without them. In addition to Easter Eggs, many games have cheat codes that might unlock secret levels, change the game difficulty, make you invincible, and so forth.

This list shows all the Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs we've put into the AtariAge database. For the 2600 we have not including tips that require frying the system, since those results are usually unpredictable and difficult to reproduce. If you have any additions you'd like to submit to us, please drop us a line!

System View:   

SystemTitle Hint
APBSkip to Level 99
APBLevel Skip
APBDouble Fuel
Awesome GolfHole in One
BasketbrawlPlay with Michel Jordan
BasketbrawlMaximum Power-Ups
BasketbrawlLevel Codes
Batman ReturnsInvincibility
Batman ReturnsTactics
Batman ReturnsIncreased Life and Batarangs
BattleWheelsStealth Mode
BattleWheelsLock Your Viewscreen
BattleWheelsSuper Car!
BattleWheelsGet the Spray Gun While on Foot
Battlezone 2000Hidden Game
Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureWalkThru
California GamesHalf-Pipe Tips
California GamesBMX Tips
California GamesFootbag Tips
California GamesNetwork Four Players
California GamesSurfing Tips
Checkered FlagTransmission Information
Checkered FlagCourse Information
Chip's ChallengeLevel Codes
Chip's ChallengeFractal Generator Program
Crystal Mines IILevel Codes
Crystal Mines IILevel Skip
Desert StrikeLevel Codes
DinolympicsLevel Codes
ElectrocopLevel Select
ElectrocopCrash the Game
ElectrocopDoor Codes
Gates of ZendoconCodes, Maps and Hints
Gauntlet: The Third EncounterSolving the Plant Problem
Gauntlet: The Third EncounterLevel Select
HockeyPlay with the Perfect Team
KLAX"Big X" Warps
LemmingsLevel Codes
Ms. Pac-ManFive Extra Lives
Ms. Pac-ManLightning Bolt (2)
Ms. Pac-ManLightning Bolt (1)
Ms. Pac-ManSkip Levels
Pac-LandTen Extra Lives
Power FactorWeapon Power-Up
Power FactorInvincibility
Power FactorStage Select
QixLevel Codes
RampageLevel Select
RampageLevels and City Names
RampageProgrammer's Picture
RampartTwo Player Game
RampartPlaying Tip
RoadBlastersSkip Levels
RygarFloating Shield Trick
RygarLevel 19 Playing Tip
S.T.U.N. RunnerWarp to Level 18
Scrapyard DogWarp to Desert
Scrapyard DogFree Shield
Scrapyard DogWarp to Arctic
Scrapyard DogWarp to Forest
Scrapyard DogWarp to Mountain
Scrapyard DogCheat
Shadow of the BeastWalkThru
ShanghaiView Ending Sequence
Super SkweekExtra Men and Cash
Switchblade IICheats, Cheats, Cheats!
Todd's Adventures in Slime WorldZit Popping Contest
Todd's Adventures in Slime WorldLevel Codes
Todd's Adventures in Slime WorldHidden Passageways
Todd's Adventures in Slime WorldPlaying Tips
Todd's Adventures in Slime WorldInvincibility
Tournament CyberballQuarterback Cheat
Viking ChildLevel Codes
WarbirdsKill the Red Baron
WarbirdsTip for New Players
WarbirdsSingle Player Grave Sight
XenophobeHints & Strategy
Zarlor MercenaryThe Game of Life
Zarlor MercenaryFull Power-Ups