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Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

Dirty Larry- -Renegade Cop

Have a Nice Day, Punk!
Dirty Larry, the toughest cop in town, is in trouble again. Not only
did he just smash up his third police car of the week, but the judge
has released one of Steelburg�s worst criminals because Larry
failed to follow correct procedure when he arrested him. So Larry
must get back on the job--this time on foot. Now that Dirty Larry is
on the street without the protection of a car, the punks are out in full
force. Dirty Larry doesn�t mind. As the gang members attack, he
simply blows them away. But how long can he survive the

Getting Started
1. Insert the game cartridge in your Lynx and turn the Lynx on. The
Dirty Larry title screen appears.
2. Press A or B. The Dirty Larry Logo screen displays, with Dirty
Larry�s apartment behind it.
3. Press A or B. The Game Intro screen appears. Press A or B
repeatedly until the game begins, or do nothing to read the entire

Playing the Game
Dirty Larry--Renegade Cop is a fast-action game of cops and
robbers. You control Dirty Larry, the toughest cop in Steelburg, as
he walks the streets in search of the nefarious Mr. Big. Dirty Larry
must deal with Mr. Big�s henchmen and chief lieutenants as he
scours the city for the secret of the top crime boss�s whereabouts.
Mr. Big�s goons are everywhere. Dirty Larry wants to find Mr. Big
fast, so there�s no time to mess with these lowlifes. So he just blows
them away. What else should he do, negotiate? Hey, they shouldn�t
be on the streets causing trouble anyway.
The screen is divided into several parts (Screen I). (Screen numbers
in these instructions refer to the Gallery of Game Screens at the end
of this manual.)
The Health Bar shows Dirty Larry�s physical condition. The bigger
the red bar, the healthier Larry is. Every time Dirty Larry gets shot
or hit, his health decreases. When the red bar is completely gone, so
is Dirty Larry.
The Bullets Remaining Tally shows the amount of ammo Dirty
Larry has left. Dirty Larry begins the game with 20 bullets. When
he runs out, he cannot use his gun until he finds more ammo.
The Weapon Icon shows the currently selected weapon: a fist, a
revolver, a shotgun, a machine gun or a grenade.
The Score shows the number of points Dirty Larry has earned by
defeating gang members. The Action Window is the play area
You control Dirty Larry with the joypad. Press right or left to walk
down the street. Press down to duck and up to jump. Press the B
button to switch between Larry�s fists and his weapon. Press A to
punch or to fire a weapon or throw a grenade.
Dirty Larry has limited ammunition. If he runs out of bullets, he
must fight with his fists of steel until he can get more bullets from a
defeated lowlife.
Some gang members carry health power-ups as well. Other gang
members don�t carry anything. If Dirty Larry rids the world of a
gang member, look for either a bullet icon (Screen 2) or a health
icon (Screen 3). If you see one of these icons, make Dirty Larry
jump at it to pick it up.
If Duty Larry is really lucky, he will find the machine gun or a
cache of grenades. Just the right thing for wiping crook scum off
his streets.
Dirty Larry must survive a number of streets and a number of pretty
bad locations (a run-down hotel, a warehouse with a drug lab, the
sewers, etc.). Whenever he clears a street of bad guys, he gets on
the subway and rides to the next street. Of course, the subway is not
exactly full of angels (Screen 4).
Dirty Larry�s ordeal will take him through seven levels. If he makes
it to the hotel, he must fight Harold Snuff, also known as Mr.
White, one of Mr. Big�s lieutenants. If Dirty Larry survives that
battle he will meet the mysterious Mr. Big and deal with him the
only way he knows how...with hot lead!

Dirty Larry must defeat many gang members. Each gang member
he defeats earns the renegade cop a certain number of points,
depending on that gang member�s difficulty level. The list below
shows how many points each bad guy is worth.

Arsonist        200
Biker Chick     300
Chopper         400
Gang Dude       400
Drug Dude       500 
Bat Dude        700
Rasta Dude      700
Bad Cop         900
Dr. Current    1800
Mr. White      2500
Mr. Big        3500

Dirty Larry can smell scum from a mile away. Anticipate bad guys.
Dirty Larry can sometimes shoot a gang member before the bad
guy appears on the screen.
Conserve your ammo. If you run out, it�s very difficult to survive.
Besides, the lead is better off in a crook than in a brick wall or a fire
If you defeat an enemy at the edge of the screen, a health or ammo
icon may appear at the very edge. These are sometimes hard to see,
but you can still jump at them and pick them up. Don�t miss your
Watch the street in front of you. Watch the street behind you.
Stay out of the way of speeding motorcycles. They don�t call them
"choppers" for nothing (Screen 5)!