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Switchblade II - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   


The Reign of Havok

Two hundred years ago, the young warrior Hiro defeated the evil Havok. 
As reward, Hiro was granted a long, youthful life. There was a 
reason for this generous gift. Havok survived the battle and vowed 
one day to return. Now he's back, stronger then ever, and Hiro 
must come out of retirement and beat him once again.

Getting Started

1.Insert the Lynx Switchblade II game card in the Lynx machine. 

2.Press ON. The title screen appears. 

3.Press A or B twice to start the game. 

When the game begins, Hiro is poised for action at the left side 
of the game screen. The top and bottom of the screen contain information 
that is vital for Hiro's success. 

The score shows the number of points awarded for defeating enemies. 
As Hiro defeats the bad guys, he collects the coins they carry. 
These coins will buy powerful weapons, energy, even extra lives 
at the shops hidden throughout the empire. 

Hiro begins the game with three extra lives. If he loses all his 
lives, Hiro is defeated and Havok takes over the world. 

The gauge at the bottom left of the screen shows Hiro's energy level. 
The more white on the gauge, the healthier Hiro is. When Hiro 
gets injured, he loses some energy. When the energy is gone, so 
is one of Hiro's lives. 

The gauge at the bottom right is the ammunition gauge. This gauge 
shows the amount of ammo remainingin Hiro's current weapon. When 
the ammo runs out, Hiro must fight only with his famous switchblade 
until he find another ammo pouch. 

Use the joypad to move Hiro. Press A to jump. If you press the joypad 
when you press A, you control the direction of the jump. For example,
press A while pressing the joypad up and Hiro will jump extra 
high. Press down on the joypad to kneel or duck. Press B to use 
a weapon.(You can reverse the functions of buttons A and B by 
pressing OPTION 1 while the title screen is on.) 

Along the way, Hiro will find a number of items on his quest to defeat 
Havok. As mentioned earlier, Hiro collects coins from some of 
his victims. He can also find ammo packs that restore his ammo 
to full. Special bonus jewels give Hiro bonus points. Keep a sharp 
eye open for food. Food restores Hiro's energy to full. Without 
food, Hiro would not recover from his injuries and the world would 
be doomed to Havok's rule. 

Hidden in strategic parts of the empire are special weapons shops. 
These shops can be recognized by the light from the door. 
Inside the shop, move the joypad over an item. A description of the 
item appears, along with its price. The available items are shown below: 

Info		(10 credits) provide clues.
Half Energy	(15 credits) restores half of Hiro's lost energy.
Full Energy	(20 credits) restores all of Hiro's energy.
Extra Life	(50 credits) adds a life.
Full Ammo	(20 credits) restores all ammo.
Shield	 	(30 credits) protects Hiro from being hit.
Dragon	 	(40 credits) gives Hiro the protection of a powerful dragon
for a limited time.
Plasma Gun	(10 credits) restore Hiro's original weapon.
Beam Laser	(30 credits) fires three rays at once.
Spin Blades	(30 credits) are a weapon similar to nunchukas.

To purchase the item, press A or B. When you are ready to leave the 
shop, move the box over the word "Exit", then press A or B. 


Conserve your ammo. Your switchblade is powerful and works well on 
many enemies. Save your valuable ammo for those enemies that are 
best fought from afar. 

To beat some enemies, you might want to hide under a beam until you 
can jump up with a clear shot. This works best if the enemy has 
turned away from your location. 

Learn the levels. If you can anticipate where your enemies are, you 
can act in time to minimize Hiro's damage. 

Be careful when jumping. Jump too far and Hiro will get hurt. 

Some walls can be blasted. 


Points are awarded for defeating creatures of Havok. In general, 
the more difficult the enemy, the more points awarded. Also, Hiro 
recieves bonus points for picking up special jewels on his quest. 
Earn enough points and you will qualify for the high score list. 
To enter your initials in the list, press right or left on the 
joypad to select a letter space and up or down to select letters. 
When you have entered your initials, press A or B. 

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