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Battlezone 2000 - Atari - Atari Lynx    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   



2005 A..D. It's man vs. machine in World War 3. A mysterious virus 
has infected the Supertanks ultra-sophisticated computer systems,
turning these mighty AI-programmed weapons of destruction against 
their creators. Humankind is on the verge of extinction Free the 
battle zones from the devastating clutches of this robotic plague! 


1. Insert your Lynx Battlezone 2000 card into your LYNX.   
2. If two to four people are playing, connect the Lynx machines  
with the Comlynx Cable as shown in your Lynx Instruction Manual.  
3. Press ON.   
4. Press the START button to start the game. 


[JOYPAD]                     Drive forward, backward, turn left and right.
[A]                          Fire shot 
[B]                          Fire Missile 
[PAUSE]                      Pause game 
[OPTION 1 + OPTION 2]        Self-destruct 
[OPTION 2 + PAUSE]           Flip the display 
[OPTION 1 + PAUSE]           Reset the game 


Before you begin you can view the different enemies and powerups 
in the game by pressing the joypad left or right. Press B to access 
the Game Set-Up Menu and begin to play. 


Press the joypad up or down to make a selection in the Game Set-Up 
Menu. Auto Set-Up allows you to pick from three computer-made 
tanks. Press A to cycle through the different tank types. Each 
tanks attributes will be listed in the status bars below. 

You can customise your own tank by adjusting the value settings of 
your missiles, fuel, ammo and shield. To decrease the value of 
an item press the joypad to the left. This gives you some credits 
to spend. To increase a value press the joypad right. Once you 
have made all your selections, select OK and press A. 

You have a total of 100 credits available to spend. Note that missiles 
cost 10 credits each, so you must have at least ten credits available 
to increase your missile arsenal. You cannot buy more than three 
missiles for a tank, and you mist spend at least one credit each 
on fuel, ammo and shields. 


The following items appear on the Main Game Screen: 

Shield, Fuel, Missile and Ammo icons display the status of each. 

Radar displays the location of your enemies in relation to your tank. 

Reserve Tanks shows how many tanks you have left. 
Crosshair is for targeting your enemies. 

Timer displays how much time you have left to complete a timed 

Wave Number displays the current wave number. 

Enemies Required displays the number of tanks you must kill on 
the current wave. 

Points Required displays the number of points you must score on 
the current wave. 


To fire a missile, position the crosshairs over an enemy until the 
crosshairs bend. 

This means that you have locked on your enemy and when you fire a 
missile, it will home in on the target. If you fire the missile 
without getting a lock on your enemy, that missile will fly straight. 
Each missile that successfully strikes a target will inflict five 
points of damage on your enemy. 


Scattered throughout each level you will find a variety of powerups 
that will help replenish your tanks fuel, ammo, missile and shield 
meters. To collect a powerup, simply drive over it. 


Saucer        1      none       fast       600
Tank          2      gun       medium      300
Supertank     3      gun      very fast    700
Heavytank     6      2 guns     slow      1000
Missile       1      none     very fast    500


When you play a multi-player game, each players tank will be a different 
colour. Enemies will appear in green. If any player is killed 
before the game is over, the tank will become a "ghost" tank, 
allowing that player to drive around the battlefield and watch 
the rest of the battle. You can turn off the enemy tanks in a 
multi-player game by selecting the CPU ENEMY box on the SET UP 
screen and pressing A or B until it reads "OFF". This allows you 
to fight against the other players with-out enemies getting in the way. 


The values you assign to your fuel, ammo and shield settings at the 
beginning of the game determine the maximum amount of each you 
can carry with you during battle. If you design a tank with 20 
shields, the maximum number of shields you can have is 20. If 
you design a tank with no missiles and you pick up a missile powerup,
that powerup wont do anything for you. 

The more shields your tank has, the slower it will move. As your 
tank takes damage, it will lose its shield and actually move faster. 

If your tank is extremely fast, it is possible for you to outrun 
missiles. You and the enemies can shoot down incoming missiles. 
Be careful not to shoot down your own missiles! Self destruction 
not only destroys your tank, but can also inflict mass amounts 
of damage to nearby enemies. 

The battle zone is surrounded by an impassable border. If a missile 
or shot hits an obstacle like a pyramid, it will stop.  Missiles 
and shots cannot be fired past the borders of the battle zone.

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