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Power Factor - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

On the famous Atarian Leisure Moon there is a video game experience like no 
other--the Virtual Reality Simulator. The VRS features a simulation of a true 
historical event: Redd Ace�s heroic mission into the heart of the Ceegarian 
Power Station to recover the bomb components needed to defeat the evil invading 
Sinlendo techmods. The Techmods had taken over Redd�s dimension. The rightful 
inhabitants had all fled or been destroyed. Redd returned to take back what 
belonged to him and his people. Armed only with the Tmat MOW, the TRANS MAT 
Multi-Ordnance Weapon, Redd went into the reactor, which had become the Techmod 
stronghold. He had to find the six hidden bomb components and destroy the 
Redd succeeded, barely. The event became the most famous episode in Atarian 
history, the subject of films, books, and legends.
Few people can repeat Redd�s accomplishments in the simulator. Can you?
Getting Started
1.Insert the Lynx Power Factor game card in the Lynx machine.
2. Press ON. The title screen appears.
3. Press A or B until the Level Selection screen appears.
4.Aim Redd at the level you wish to play, then press A, Red shoots at the level 
and the game begins.
Playing the Game
Power Factor is a fast-paced action adventure in which the great hero Redd Ace 
explores a nuclear reactor while blasting evil Sinlendo Techmods with his Tmat 
The game begins with Redd entering the reactor. Redd has only two pieces of 
equipment, the Tmat MOW in his hands and a backpack levitator. During the 
simulation, Redd uses the Tmat MOW to blow away Ceegarians and view information 
critical to his mission He uses the levitator to blast high targets and fly 
between levels.
The game screen is divided into two sections. The play area takes most of the 
screen. At the bottom of the screen is the status bar (Screen 1). (See the 
Gallery of Game Screens at the end of this manual).
The two gauges at the top of the status bar show the amount of levitator fuel 
(F) and Redd�s strength (S). When the fuel runs out, Redd can no longer use his 
backpack levitator to fly until the fuel regenerates or a fuel canister is 
found, When Redd�s strength runs out he loses a life. The number between the 
gauges shows the current score.
The squares along the bottom of the status bar are the weapon strips. These show 
the weapons that are available for use. The gauge to the left of each weapon 
strip shows the quantity of the selected weapon. The number next to Redd�s 
picture between the two weapon strips indicates the number of lives remaining, 
Redd starts the game with three lives: the life in play and the two extras shown 
in the status bar.
Game controls are easy to use. Press the joypad or left or right to move Redd in 
the selected direction, Tap left or right to move the weapon selector to a 
different weapon in the weapon strips, To activate the selected weapon, press 
Option 1.
To fire a weapon on the left weapon strip, press A. Press B to fire the selected 
weapon on the right weapon strip.
Redd can check his progress on rebuilding the bomb as well as view information 
on the Tmat MOW by using the Multiple Information Monitor (Multi-Mon) its the 
MOW. To use these functions, while Redd is not in front of a Video Display Unit, 
press Option 2. The Multi-Mon displays each bomb piece currently collected. 
Press Option 2 again to access the weapon information screens (Screens 2).
You can move the selector to a different weapon by tapping left or right. As you 
do, information about the selected weapon appears on the Multi-Mon screen (evens 
if Redd does not currently carry that weapons). You can activate the selected 
weapon by pressing Option 1. Press Options 2 once more to return to battle.
When Redd stands in front of one of the video display units (Screen 3), his 
Multi-Mon links to the unit, giving access to other information. Press Option 2 
to activate the Multi-Mon. The Multi-Mon displays a map of the current zone, 
(Screen 4). 
Study the map carefully. In shows you where the zone exit is, Redd�s current 
location, and where the pickups are. Pickups include fuel weapons, extra lives, 
and the parts Redd needs to build the bomb. Options 2 will then allow you to 
cycle through pictures of different Sinlendo Techmods Redd will encounter. When 
you have viewed all screens, game play resumes.
Whenever the Multi-Mon is activated, the current high score is visible in the 
lower left corner of the Multi-Mon display.
A quick tap up on the joypad makes Redd jump. A longer press up activates the 
backpack levitation-, allowing Redd to fly.
A quick tap down puts Redd in a diagonal shooting crouch (Screen 5). A longer 
press puts Redd in a horizontal shooting crouch (Screen 6). Redd cans fire his 
weapons from any location, but some weapons cannot be launched in a diagonal 
crouch because they need to initialize their internal gyro status in a 
horizontal position.
When Redd completes a zone, he must face a Master Techmod. These enemies are 
very tough, but they must be defeated before Redd can move on to the next zone.
The game ends when Redd is destroyed or when he reassembles the six bomb 
components in the reactor core and blows up the Sinlendian invaders.
Redd scores by destroying Sinlendo Techmods as follows:
Hatchers 2 points
Spyder Egg 2 points
Lazerdomes 3 points
Prowlers 4 points
Silos 5 points
Orbs 5 points
Claws 5 points
Spyder 5 points
Druids 7 points
These scones are based on an easy game. In a normal game, scores are doubled. In 
a hard game, scones are four times what is listed.
The basic strategy is simple: blasts all the Techmods before Redd is destroyed.
Learn to use the map. Without it, Redd is Redd meat.
Be cautious against Master Techmods. You need to blast them relentlessly, but 
that won't do any good if they destroy Redd first.
When Redd's fuel runs out, especially when fighting Master Techmods, it is 
sometimes smart to let Redd find a safe place and wait for the fund to 
regenerate. Fuel regenerates slowly, but a little fuels is better than none, 
especially when it comes to shooting at high targets.
Use the Multi Mon to view and change weapons until you are familiar with each 
weapons. The information the Multi-Mon provides includes descriptions and hints 
about each weapon. When you ate familiar enough with the weapons, you can change 
weapons without using the Multi-Mon.