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Banish the Forces of Evil!

Listen, Rygar, as I tell the tale of your becoming.

Millions of years ago, a benevolent wizard banished the minions of 
darkness to the underworld, freeing the land of evil and ushering 
in a long era of peace and prosperity for our people. Unfortunately,
the wizard had not yet learned the Eternal Spells.  Before he 
died, however, he prophesied that, someday, a great hero would 
be born.  The hero would be known by a mysterious birthmark - 
the Mark of the Wizard.  This mark would allow the hero to open 
the magic chests strewn throughout the land and use the magic 
weapons hidden within.

10,000 years have passed since the dark forces resurfaced and claimed 
the land for their own.  The people of Good fled the land.  They 
were forced to hide in the unfruitful regions at the edge of the 
world, across the great sea.

But they never lost their love for their original home.  For ten 
millenia they selected the best of their people, creating a race 
of heroes.  You, Rygar, are the greatest of the great.  When you 
were born you were named Rygar the Reclaimer, because you bore 
the Mark of the Wizard.

If we are ever to reclaim the land that is ours by birth, you will 
have to return to our homeland and fight the minions of evil. 
No one can help you on this quest.  You must go alone.  If you 
fail, the evil ones will know of our existence and destroy us 
completely.  If, however, you remain true to the Mark which you 
bear, you will vanquish those evil forces forever and we can return 
to the rich lands we were forced to leave so many ages ago.

And now, Rygar, you know who and what you are.  Go now.  Claim your 
birhtright.  Do not fail your fathers!

Getting Started:

Rygar is a game of action and skill for one brave warrior.  Follow 
the steps listed below to start the game: 

1. With your Lunx system switched off, insert the game card as described 

Warning: Do not touch the game card connector pins.  Do not expose 
the contacts to static or extreme heat.  Do not bend, cruch, or attempt 
to clean the game card.

2. Press ON. The Title screen appears. After a few seconds, the second 
Title screen appears. 

3. Press the joypad or A or B. A brief summary of the story displays. 

4. Press A or B to start the game. If you don't press a button, the 
story will continue until it is finished, then the game will begin. 

Optional Game Controls:

To enhance play, the following optional game controls allow you to 
modify the display, and pause and restart the game: 

To flip the screen 180 degrees and reverse the controls, press 
OPTION 2 and PAUSE at the same time. 
To pause the game press PAUSE. Repeat to resume play. 
To return to the title screen press OPTION 1 and PAUSE. 
To turn the music off, press OPTION 2. Repeat to turn the music 
back on. (Note: this works only from the Title screen.) 

Playing the Game:

The object of the game is to clear all lands of evil creatures so 
your people can return.  Use skill and strategy to destroy all 
enemies in a land (level) and proceed to the next land.

Use the joypad to control Rygar, the legendary warrior.  The figure 
below shows the joypad and fire button controls.

move left  <-     -> move right

A: throw weapon
B: jump

You begin your mission with 100 seconds and three incarnations (lives). 
Each time you begin a new land or start a new life, the clock 
returns to 100 seconds.  The amount of time remaining and the 
level number appear in the center of the status bar at the bottom 
of the screen.  Remaining lives appear on the left side of the 
status bar.  You lose a life anytime you touch an enemy or fall 
into one of the many pits and traps along the way.  You gain a 
new life when you reach various point milestones.  The first such 
milestone is at 50,000 points.

Throughout your journey, you will see a variety of evil creatures. 
Press A to fire your magic weapons and destroy the horrid things. 
If you jump on an evil creature, you will temporarily disable 
it, making that creature easier to destroy.

You will also see magic chests left behind by the wizard.  Shoot 
a chest to open it.  When the chest is opened, a magical bonus 
item appears.  Run over the items to pick it up.  Chests can contain 
a variety of magical items. [sorry, I can't recreate the icons 
on the page]

Blue Shield - bonus points 
Star - rank points 
Red Orb - bonus points 
Destroyer (large square with diamond inside) - destroys everything 
on the screen 
Diamond - bonus points 
Question Mark - bonus points 
Time (looks like capital T) - adds 20 seconds of time 

Occasionally, you will also come across special enhancements.  These 
objects give you special powers for your current life.  All active 
enhancements appear in special boxes at the right side of the 
status bar on the bottom of the screen.  If you lose a life, you 
will also lose your special enhancements.  The following lists 
shows all four special enhancements.

Double Points (looks like a house or a hat) - doubles all points 
scored while the enhancement remains active 
Star Weapon - allows Rygar to shoot in the air 
Sun Weapon - a bigger weapon with longer range for quicker, more 
accurate shooting 
Tiger Power (tiger's head) - give Rygar the power to destroy evil 
beings by jumping on them 
[n.b. this is the order the icons appear in the boxes on the bottom 
of the screen from left to right, respectively.]

When you complete a land, you will enter that land's temple.  This 
is where you will receive the rewards you deserve--namely bonus 
points.  If you did well, you will receive a lot of points, sometimes 
enough to gain a new life.

The game ends when Rygar completes the 23rd level or runs out of lives.


Memorize each land.  The more experienced you are, the better you 
will know the land.  That makes it easier to reach the next land.

Be fast, but don't get so caught up on speed that you don't notice 
approaching enemies.

When there are lots of enemies on the ground, jump on them.  This 
disables them so you can destroy them easily.

Destroy the cave bat before climbing a rope.  If you fail to destroy 
the bat, you will have a tough time climbing.

Certain areas contain secret chests.  experience will teach you where 
to jump to find these secret chests.

For the best score, destroy all enemies and reach the temple as quickly 
as possible.


There are three scroing levels in this game, each described below.

Destroying enemies:

Cave Bat .........................240 points
Cave Bat Missle ..................170 points
Fire (ball)........................60 points
Flying Dragon ..................1,200 points
Giant Ant ........................200 points
Ground Rhino(small)...............150 points
Gryphon (flying creature).....140-210 points
Lava Man .....................160-190 points
Lava Man's Fireball ...............10 points
No-Head ..........................100 points
Rhino (large) ..................7,200 points
Rollerbaby (spiky pillbug) .......120 points
Rusher ...........................230 points

Finding Bonus Objects:

Blue Shield ..................990 points
Destroyer .................10,000 points
Diamond ......................300 points
Question Mark .....1,000 - 75,000 points
Red Orb ......................200 points
Star ...........................0 points, 100 Rank points
Time ...........................0 points

Temple Scoring:

Repulse Bonus .....100 points for each enemy destroyed
Rank Bonus ........Depends on Star power ups, level and lives remaining
Timer Bonus .......100 points for each remaining second

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