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S.T.U.N. Runner - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

S.T.U.N. Runner

Getting Started

1. Insert the S.T.U.N. Runner game card and turn on your Lynx as 
described in the LYNX OWNER'S MANUAL.

2. Press A to clear the title screen. The Level Selection screen 

3. Select one of the three levels shown on the screen by highlighting 
your choice with the joypad. When you've made your selection, 
press A or B to start the game.

It's the year 2492 and you are about to compete in the ultimate sport. 
At speeds over 900 miles per hour, you must run your Sub-Terranean 
Underground Network (S.T.U.N.) craft through a series of challenging 
courses in an attempt to retain your title as S.T.U.N. Runner. Meanwhile,
ruthless challengers and indestructible droids will do anything to 
keep you from finishing. (Everyone wants to destroy a champion, right?)

You must destroy the challengers before they destroy you. To retain 
your championship you will need quick reflexes, steady nerves, incredible 
driving skills, and a fast trigger finger. Good luck!

Playing The Game

The object of S.T.U.N. Runner is to complete each course before time 
runs out. Enemy craft will try to slow you down along the way. 
You can destroy these enemies individually with blasts from you 
laser or in groups with Shochwaves collected along the way.

The game begins when the S.T.U.N. Runner walks to his S.T.U.N. craft 
and takes his seat in the cockpit. The robot pit crew snaps the 
chassis together and puts all shields in place.

At the start of each level, a map of the course is shown. Look carefully 
at the map. The map shows the lay of the course, and special items 
such as speed boosters, and the types of terrain on the course. 
The Map screen also contains an information area which provides 
hints and tells you how far you are from the nearest Challenge level.

When you have studied the map, press A or B. This is the signal that 
you are ready to begin. In a few seconds, the race will begin. 
But first, press the PAUSE button (the middle button on the right 
side of your Lynx), and familiarize yourself with your craft. 
This way you can delay the start of the race until you're ready.

The screen is divides into two parts. The main section is the game 
display. This is where the action takes place. The bottom of the 
screen contains the dashboard. The dashboard displays the following 

Time - the time allowed to complete the level. The time counts 
down, so you always know how much time remains. When you are 
about to run out of time, your ship flashes and a warning tone 

Score - your current score. Points are awarded for running over 
special markers and for destroying enemies. Bonus points based 
on your time are awarded at the end of each level. 

Level - the current level number. 

MPH - your current speed. 

Boosts - the number of power boosts you've hit during the current level. 

Kills - the number of enemies destroyed during the current level. 

Stars - the number of stars run over during the current level. 

In addition, if you have earned any Shockwaves, a small circle appears 
below the Level number of each Shockwave.

When you are ready to race, press the Pause button again. Use the 
joypad to steer your craft right or left. You must run at maximum 
speed at all times if you want to finish the course in time. Acceleration 
and deceleration are automatic. Your craft will slow down if you 
hit walls, rails, or enemies, or if you aren't on a flat surface. 
Running over Power Boost pads increases your speed to turbo levels 
and makes you invincible for a limited time.

Press A to fire lasers and B to fire Shockwaves, if you have any. 
A laser destroys a single enemy. A Shockwave destroys all visible 
enemies, including the otherwise indestructible metallic droids. 
Earn Shockwaves by running over Shockwave markers or by running 
over specified numbers of star markers on certain levels.

When you begin, your craft has six shields. When you run into a wall 
or an enemy, or get hit by enemy shots, a shield will fall off 
your craft. You can earn another shield by completing a level.

Each level has its own unique challenges. Some levels are relatively 
smooth but full of enemies. Some send you rolling and twisting 
like the most intense roller coaster. Others are made of narrow 
tunnels that make avoiding the enemy craft difficult.

Some levels are even under construction, requiring you to use extra 
driving skill to drive only on the faster, finished parts of the 
course. As you play the game and gain experience, you will learn 
how to run each course.

Levels 5, 10, 15, and 23 are challenge levels. Challenge levels require 
you to complete the task assigned on the Map screen. If you run 
out of time on a challenge level, you will fail the challenge and
continue on to the next level. All other levels are standard levels
which you must complete before time runs out, or the game ends.

If you run out of time, you are allowed 3 continues. A continue allows 
you to begin the next game at the level where you last ran out 
of time. (Your score is reset to zero, however.) After the second 
continue, you will return to the Title screen and start the game 
as though you had just turned it on.


Learn the differences in the various levels. If you know what to 
expect, you are most likely to succeed.

Outside walls are faster in turns.

Hit as many boosts as you can. Some levels are impossible to finish 
without extra speed.

Learn to maneuver around the indestructible droids.

Don't waste Shockwaves. Use them only when you have to.

Use jump ramps to destroy flying enemies.


Points are awarded for running over stars, destroying enemies, and 
completing levels.

Action						Points
Destroy Blue Ground Enemy			   25
Run over Red Star				   50
Destroy Red Ground Enemy			   50
Destroy Purple Mug Cycle			   75
Destroy Brown Ground Enemy			   75
Run over Green Star				  500
Destroy Flying Silver Enemy			  750
Destroy Flying Red Bird				 1000

In addition, you earn 200 points for running over a Power Boost Pad. 
If you run over a Power Boost Pad when you are already using a boost,
you earn 200 points, plus the value of the previous boost, up to 
a maximum of 5000 points.

When you complete a level, you earn 1500 points, plus other bonus 
points based on time, kills, stars, and boosts.

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