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Toki - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

Heralds proclaim the terrible news throughout the realm: the wicked Vookimedlo 
has kidnapped the beautiful Princess Miho and hidden her within his evil palace! 
He plans to marry her in three days. Only the might) warrior Toki can save Miho 
from a fate worse than death. And Vookimedlo knows it. So he turned Toki into an 
ape. Now Toki has two reasons to hunt down Vookimedlo. First, he most rescue the 
princess if the realm is to survive in peace. But Toki must also defeat the evil 
wizard king if he ever hopes to be a man again.
Getting Started
1 Insert your Toki game cartridge in your Lynx.
2. Turn on the Lynx.
3. The Toki title screen appears. Pressing OPTION I here will reverse the A and 
B button functions.
4. Press A or B. The Evil Vookimedlo appears, captures Miho, and turns Toki into 
an ape (Screen I). (Screen numbers in these instructions refer to the Gallery of 
Game Screens at the end of this manual ).
5. Press A or B again to start the game.
Playing the Game
Toki is an action adventure in which you must guide Toki the ape-man through the 
dangerous lands surrounding Vookimedlo�s impenetrable fortress and defeat the 
evil wizard king to rescue Princess Miho.
The game screen contains the following information: Player, Score, High Score, 
Lives Remaining, Coin Counter, Stage Number, Time Remaining (Screen 2).
Press the joypad to control Toki. Press left or right to turn Toki in that 
direction. Hold down the joypad to move Toki in the indicated direction. Press 
down to make Toki duck or crawl. If there is a vine directly under Toki, he will 
climb down when you press the joypad down. If the vine is over Toki�s head, 
press up to make him climb. Press the A button to make Toki jump. The B button 
fires Toki�s powerful ape breath.
As Toki moves through Vookimedlo�s perilous realm, he will meet several deadly 
foes. By breathing his powerful ape breath, he can overcome these enemies 
(Screen 3).
As Toki goes deeper into the perilous realm, he will find objects which he can 
munch for even more powerful breath. To munch an object, move Toki over the item 
(Screen 4).
Once Toki munches the item, his breath will become stronger. This enhanced ape 
breath wears off after a short time (Screen 5).
Toki can also beat some enemies by jumping on them. This is very dangerous, but 
it earns bonus points (Screen 6).
Toki must be careful when destroying enemies. Some enemies explode, sending 
poisonous body fragments through the air. If one of these fragments hits Toki, 
he will perish.
Some items turn to coins when the item is breathed on. Toki must collect these 
coins for bonus points. If Toki collects 50 coins, he gains an additional life 
(Screen 7).
Coins are not the only goodies in the perilous realm. Toki will also find 
helmets and rabbit boots. Helmets help protect Toki from enemies. Rabbit boots 
allow Toki to jump extra high.
Toki must also jump to climb steps or make it to higher areas. Some areas are 
too high for a normal jump. If Toki is in one of these areas, look for another 
way. For example, there are several springboards scattered throughout the 
perilous realm. A springboard looks like a small see-saw with a bag of weights 
on One side. To use a springboard, Toki must jump on the open end, then wait for 
the weights to come down. When the weights land on the other end. Toki will fly 
into the air. Use the joypad while Toki is in the air to move toward the area 
where Toki needs to land (Screen 8).
Occasionally, Toki will need to jump on an enemy�s back to reach an item or 
location. This is a highly dangerous action, but rescuing princesses is not 
exactly a safe profession.
Besides the perilous landscape, Vookimedlo�s fortress is also protected by moats 
filled with deadly fish and other sea creatures. Use the joypad to help Toki 
swim through the treacherous waters. Fortunately, Toki can also breathe under 
water, so he can destroy underwater enemies as well (Screen 9).
At the end of each level. Toki must face one of Vookimedlo's Master Guards. 
These Master Guards are extremely powerful and use magic and supermonster 
strength to keep you from the princess. When Toki fights a Master Guard, a Foe 
Strength Meter appears on the top of the screen (Screen 10).
When a line of small dots on the Foe Strength Meter are gone, a big dot 
disappears. When all the big dots are gone, the Master Guard perishes and Toki 
moves on to the next, even more dangerous level.
The game ends in one of two ways. If Toki is beaten four times by his enemies, 
he will perish. When Toki perishes, he will get two chances to continue. If Toki 
continues, he begins again where he was destroyed, but all points are erased. If 
Toki does not continue, the game restarts at the beginning. Or, with a little 
luck and a lot of skill, Toki will survive all levels and defeat the evil 
wizard, rescuing the princess and regaining his manhood.
Learn which foes to jump on and which to breathe on.
Always keep an eye above and another below.
Learn from failure. When Toki perishes, remember what got him, then go after it 
with a vengeance your next time through.
We were serious about exploding enemies. They� are a real hazard.
Toki earns points as listed below.
Fruit: 500 points
Coins: 1000 points 50 coins buy a free life.
Clock: Adds 30 seconds to the time