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Rampage - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

Copyright c 1992, Atari Corporation. All rights reserved.
Copyright c 1986, Bally Mfg. Corp. All rights reserved.


There has been a terrible accident at the chemical lab! A new employee 
in the cafeteria accidentally mixed an experimental chemical with 
the creamed spinach. Luckily nobody at the spinach. Well, almost 
nobody. Four unfortunate souls snarfed the sticky green goo on a 
dare. Now horrible things were starting to happen.

It started with Larry, the cashier in the cafeteria and company snitch. 
He began to grow a tail and his head started looking like a creepy 
rat. Next thing he knew, he had this strong craving for cheese.

Then Ralph the janitor, who had a night job singing lead for a heavy 
metal group called The Noxious Fumes, began to grow an awful lot 
of facial hair. That night he started to howl, although only a few 
people noticed. Next Lizzie, the head of marketing, turned into a 
giant firebreathing lizard. Worst of all, Boss George (the chemical 
factory's top banana) turned into a gorilla.

Things would not have been so bad if they had stayed small. But they 
started to grow. And grow. They kept growing until they had become 
huge, ugly, smelly monsters. Boy were they mad! They smashed out 
of the factory and into the city streets.

They smashed stores, crushed houses, and fought off entire armies 
sent to protect the city. As they trashed the town, they looked for 
anything edible. Hamburgers, bread, even hapless citizens couldn't 
quench the insatiable appetite of these horrible fiends. It was obvious 
that the monsters had to be destroyed. Or did they? Rumor has it 
that a Lab Technician has developed the antidote. But there are two 
problems. First, there is only enough antidote for one monster. Second,
the Lab Technician is in hiding until the world caves in and accepts 
his demands, or until the monsters find him, whichever comes first.

Will the tanks and choppers destroy the monsters or will one survive 
to find the antidote and become human again? It's hard to tell, the 
battle is still raging!


Rampage is a monstrous adventure game for one to four players. Follow 
these instructions to start the game:

1. With your Lynx system(s) switched off, insert the game card(s) 
as described in the LYNX OWNER'S MANUAL. If playing against others 
make sure all machines are connected via Comlynx cables. For detailed 
instructions consult your owner's manual.

WARNING: Do not touch the game card connector pins. Do not expose 
the contacts to static or extreme heat. Do not bend crush or attempt 
to clean the game card.

2. Press ON. The Rampage title screen and credits appear. (In a multiplayer 
game all players must be on the title screen before anyone can go 
on. The number of players appears in the top left corner of the screen. 
When all players are ready one player should press A or B to advance 
to the Character Selection screen.)

3. Press A or B at any time to advance to the Character Selection 
screen. Press the joypad to scroll through the characters. Unavailable 
characters will not appear. When the desired character is in the center
of the screen press A or B to select that character and begin your Rampage!

4. You see the Daily News. The front page article shows which city the
monsters are headed for and provides a hint. Press A to begin the game.

Optional Game Control

To enhance play, the following optional game controls allow you to 
modify the display and pause and restart the game:

To flip the screen 180 degrees and reverse the controls, press 
OPTION 2 and PAUSE at the same time. 
To pause the game press PAUSE. Repeat to resume play. 
To return to the title screen press OPTION 1 and PAUSE at the same time. 
To find out how many lives your monster has left press OPTION 1 
at any time during the game. 


The object of Rampage is to smash and destroy city buildings while 
helicopters, tanks, and soldiers try to destroy you.  Each monster 
begins with three lives. The game ends when all monsters lose all 
of their lives.

In a multiplayer game, after all lives have been used, you may elect 
to continue or to remain in camera mode. In camera mode, press A 
or B to change the character you are watching. When in camera mode,
crossbones appear in the upper left corner of your screen. If you 
want to continue, you're given the opportunity. Press A or B while 
your character (now human) is walking off the screen. Your score 
will be reduced to zero and you will be afforded one additional life. 
This option is available to you up to level 40. Once you've reached 
level 40, you may no longer choose to extend your game.

Use the joypad to move your monster through the cities. As you move 
around, press A to punch in the direction you choose with the joypad. 
Press B to jump.  Press up on the joypad when your monster is by 
the side of a building to climb that building.

As you wander through the city streets destroy every building you 
see. To destroy a building, climb and punch the building. When you 
damage enough building sections, that building collapses. To destroy 
the top levels of a tall building, you will have to climb the building.

When your monster breaks a wall or window, watch far food. Your monster 
can eat anything, but some of the items have unusual effects. Good 
food, including those tasty humans, increases the monster's health. 
Other items may hurt the monster. Watch especially for certain humans. 
Capturing the right person can benefit your score considerably.

When a building is destroyed, either by a monster or an army explosives 
expert, it will crumble to the ground. If your monster is on the 
building when it starts to crumble, press B to jump off. If the monster 
doesn't jump in time, it will be injured by the tall.

Potions in flasks can be found throughout the game. Each monster 
needs a specific potion. Once ingested, it will make him or her invincible. 
Ingesting the wrong potion will harm the monster.

When your character drinks a potion in a flask, he will flash indicating 
that he possesses the powerup and has become impervious to all damage. 
In a multiplayer game, he will also become invisible to the other 
players. The powerup will remain in effect for the entire level.

Keep an eye open for tanks, machine guns, and helicopters. Tanks 
shoot shells and helicopters are equipped with machine guns and bombs. 
If your monster gets hit by a bomb or a shell, it will be knocked 
to the ground. When all health points are gone, the monster will 
shrink to a human creature. If any lives remain, press A or B to 
play your next life.

In a single player game destroy everything in sight. Score points 
and find food while searching for the Lab Technician.

In a multiplayer game, the monsters can fight each other or work 
together. If they work together, the goal should be to destroy everything 
and survive. However, if the monsters fight each other, the winner 
is either the last monster to die or the player with the most points,
depending on what the players decide. Of course, there is only enough 
antidote for one monster, so when the time comes (and you'll know 
when it does!), you have to fight for the precious little vial of 
antidote. The game continues until the last monster dies or one monster 
finds the Lab Technician and makes him create the antidote. 


Try to destroy cities as quickly as possible. The longer you stay 
in the city the more damage you will receive from the army guys.

Watch for clues between levels. Those clues will help you survive. 
Some clues tell about the final level. If your monster can survive 
that long, it will be your only hope.

Jump when you see dust clouds and approaching building cracks.

Drinking the right pot on makes you both invisible and impervious to
harm. This is especially advantageous when playing a multiplayer game.

If playing against other players try to destroy the enemy as soon 
as possible. However, do not ignore tanks and choppers. Also, do 
not let the other player score too many points while you try to destroy 
him or you may not be able to catch up.

If playing as a team, destroy the buildings quickly and protect the 
other monsters. For example, George could watch for he copters and 
tanks while Lizzie destroys buildings.


At the beginning of each level you'll1 be presented with The Daily 
News newspaper display. Press A to begin the level or B to view the 
current scores of all players. You receive points for almost everything 
you can punch.

Punching (Cracks) ........ 50 points
Hole in Building ........ 250 points
Window Objects ...... 50-1000 points
Tanks .................. 1000 points
Signs .................. 1000 points
Cars ................... 1000 points
Friends ................. 225 points

An extra life is awarded at 100,000 points and at 300,000 points.

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