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Xenophobe - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

Terror in space

A team of space mechanics sent to repair the planets vital space 
stations sent a frantic signal for help. No one could understand 
the message. It was thought that they had run out of supplies or 
air, or maybe that the temperature control systems on the space stations 
had failed, resulting in intense heat and bonesplitting cold.

Until one day, unexpectedly, one of the maintenance transport craft 
returned, flown by only one man. He was severely wounded. The tale 
he told was one of terror. He told of strange creatures that took 
over the space stations and began to breed. He described strange 
eggs hatching into pods. The pods turned into skin-sucking critters 
and ultimately into nasty, spitting snotterpillars. When asked about 
his companions, he could not answer. His face twisted in terror, 
he collapsed to the floor. With his last breath, he gasped the word 
everybody on the planet dreaded - Xenos.

Xenos. The creatures of nightmare. When the planet was first settled,
the new colonists were  attacked by those hideous creatures from 
the outer worlds. Only after suffering heavy casualties were the 
colonists able to fight off the Xenos. Since then, frequent attacks 
had caused the people of the planet to protect themselves by developing 
a complex system of space stations to warn of Xeno attacks.

But now Xenos have overrun the space stations and the planet is in 
grave danger. The Xenos could use the artificial climate of the stations 
to become used to the planets atmosphere and temperatures. If the 
Xenos could successfully adapt for permanent life on the planet, 
then humankind is in jeopardy. It happened on the old world, Earth. 
Now it could happen on the new world.

An understaffed and ill-equipped group of space gladiators has been 
dispatched to exterminate the wicked menace. But even if they manage 
to locate and use the artillery scattered throughout the space stations,
they may not be able to withstand the terror of what they are about 
to see. The people of the planet may have waited too long. It may 
be too late.

Getting Started

Xenophobe is a frightening game of outer space terror in which one 
to four players work to rid 23 multi-level space stations of creepy 
alien Xenos. Follow the steps listed below to start the game:

1. With your Lynx system(s) switched off, insert the game card(s) 
as described in the LYNX OWNERS MANUAL.

WARNING: Do not touch the game card connector pins. Do not expose 
the contacts to static or extreme heat. Do not bend, crush, or attempt 
to clean the game card.

2. Press ON. The Xenophobe title screen and credits appear. (In a 
multiplayer game where the participants are connected via the Comlynx,
all players must be on this screen before anyone can go on. The number 
of players appears beneath the title in the copyright information. 
Make sure all players are accounted for before proceeding. One player 
should press A or B to advance to the next screen.)

3. Press A or B at any time to advance to the Character Selection 
screen. Press right or left on the joypad to scroll through the characters. 
Unavailable characters have a big red slash through their pictures. 
When the desired character is in the center of the screen, press 
A or B to select that character and begin your mission.

4. You see the space craft as it approaches the first space station. 
Then a transport disk launches from the space craft, carrying the 
hero(es) to their destination. When the transport disk docks with 
the space station, the players beam in and the game begins.

Optional Game Control

To enhance play, the following optional game controls allow you to 
modify the display, and pause and restart the game:

To flip the screen 180 degrees and reverse the controls, press 
OPTION 2 and PAUSE at the same time. 
To pause the game press PAUSE. Repeat to resume play. 
To return to the title screen press OPTION 1 and PAUSE at the same time. 

Playing the Came

The object of the game is to destroy all Xenos in any way possible,
even if it means destroying the space stations. Fight alone or with 
the aid of up to three additional players.

Use the joypad, A and B buttons, and option buttons to control character 
actions as shown in the figure below.

[Figure missing (page 5)]

To destroy Xenos, wander through each space station and shoot the 
monsters. Pick up more powerful weapons and valuable hardware along 
the way.

Each space station has eight rooms per level. The rooms are divided 
by automatic doors. The doors open when you approach them.


Many space stations have more than one level. To move from one level 
to the next, find an elevator. To call the elevator, walk, float,
or creep into the elevator compartment. The elevator will begin moving 
toward your floor. Wait for the elevator to come to you. It could 
take a while, depending on the location of the elevator and the number 
of levels in the space station.

When you are inside the elevator, the Option 1 Readout will display 
the words `Use Elevator'. Press OPTION 1. The Option 1 Readout will 
display the directions the elevator can travel. Press the joypad 
up or down to move to the desired level.

Destroying the Xenos

Your first objective is to destroy all aliens in a space station 
within the allowed time. Destroying a Xeno is horrifying, difficult 
work. Unless you use the minimum amount of force to destroy a particular 
type of Xeno, the monster lives and continues to threaten you and 
your companions.

The following is a list of Xenos you will encounter during game play 
(from minor threat to very dangerous):


Collecting Hardware

Pick up any valuable hardware you find strewn around the station 
as you seek and destroy the Xenos. Some hardware can give bonus points 
or restore lost health points. You will discover the functions of 
other types of hardware as you gain experience.


You begin the game with a phaser. It's a powerful enough weapon for 
hunting small rodents on the planet's surface, but it will hardly 
suffice for destroying hideous Xenos. Search for more powerful weapons 
as you seek out the Xenos.

Pick up the weapons and use them to destroy Xenos. You can only hold 
one weapon at a time, so make sure you only switch weapons when the 
new weapon is more powerful than the one you are carrying.

When you pick up the new weapon, you will drop your current weapon. 
Be careful: sometimes weapons explode if dropped in doorways.

Each weapon has a different power level and unlimited ammunition.

The following list shows the weapons in order of their effectiveness. 
Fists are least effective against the Xenos while Bombs are most 

Poofer Gun 


The space stations contain a number of useful machines. To use a 
machine stand in front of it and do not press the controls The Option 
1 Readout will display `Operate Machine.' The Option 2 Readout may 
also display information to help use the machine. Press the indicated 
option button to operate the machine.

Danger to the Player

Xenos are not nice. They do horrible things that can cause serious 
harm to anyone they attack. Injuries to your character are measured 
in health units. Health units decrease when the character is attacked. 
Some Xenos latch on to the character and cause a certain amount of 
damage for each second that they are in contact with their victim.

When your characters health reaches zero, your character dies. After 
your character dies you will be returned to the selection screen 
where you may select another character. In a single-player game you 
are allowed four lives. In a multi-player game, players continue 
to select until all 8 characters (9 if you count the Snotterpillar) 
are used.

You begin the game with 2000 health units. You can lose health units 
through the following injuries or attacks:

Critter Attack 
Tentacle Attack 
Long Fall 
Hit by Rolling Xeno 
Hit by Spit (Phlegm) 
Hit by Bomb 
Crash with Jetpack 
Hit by Leaping Snotterpillar 

Finishing a Mission

There are three ways to clear a space station. Each of the three 
methods offers a greater reward than the one before.

METHOD 1: EVACUATION If you do not clear a space station in time,
the Xenos overrun the station. The amount of time you have to clear 
a space station depends on the difficulty level and other factors. 
If you wait too long, the screen flashes and you are automatically 
carried back to the space craft as the Xenos take over the space 
station and the station explodes.

METHOD 2: DESTRUCTION You can destroy some Xenos, then use the self-
destruct code to destroy the space station and everything in it. 
You earn 100 bonus points for each Xeno destroyed when the station 
explodes. Then return to the space craft and move to the next space 

METHOD 3: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED The most desirable mission ending 
is the total destruction of all Xeno invaders and the safe recovery 
of the space station. You receive a 300-point bonus for each monster 
you destroy and a 200-point health bonus. You then return to the 
space craft and move on to the next space station.

Playing the Snotterpillar

When playing Xenophobe with others, each player selects the role 
of one of the characters from the selection screen. Only one player 
may play the snotterpillar at a time.

When playing the bad guy, your goal is to thwart your friends plan 
to rid the space stations of the Xenos. As a snotterpillar, you can 
accomplish this by attacking the other players, spitting at them,
or stealing their weapons. Jump on a character while he/she is in 
a doorway and watch as they drop their weapon, causing it to explode. 
Pick up the hardware and weapons otherwise intended for the good 
guys, thereby forcing them to settle on less than maximum firepower. 
You can also drain away their health with a direct attack by jumping 
or spitting on them.

But be careful. Remember, you aren't invincible. The other players 
might find it advantageous to go on a traitor hunt - for you. If 
you're killed, you'll be out of the game for the rest of that particular 

You might find it wise to hang out with the other snotterpillars,
finding strength in number and anonymity. If the other players don't 
know which snotterpillar is you, your chances might be improved.

After playing the snotterpillar for a round or two you might choose 
to switch sides and become a team member again if one is still available.

Controlling the Snotterpillar

Press the joypad left or right to make the snotterpillar hop in that 
direction. To increase speed, hold down the button B while manipulating 
the joypad.

One of the snotterpillars' most revolting habits is spitting. To 
spit a glob of phlegm at one of your opponents, press button A.


[Figure missing (page 14)]

BOMBS the number of bombs left in your inventory, or the number of 
critters gnawing on your flesh.

LOCATION shows your current location in the space station. The first 
number is the station number. The next two numbers are the level 
and room numbers.

HEALTH UNITS shows your remaining strength. When the health units 
reach zero, your character dies. You may select a new character and 
continue where you left off, until you run out of characters or lives.

SCORE displays your current score.

OPTION 1 READOUT shows what will happen if you press OPTION 1.

If the readout says `Throw Critter', for example, then pressing the 
button will cause your character to throw the critter that is gnawing 
on him.

OPTION 2 READOUT shows what will happen if you press OPTION 2.

This readout also identifies the item you just picked up. Also use 
Option 2 to operate the jetpack.


The following list describes the various Xenos and their method of 

POD A hideous green spore which will hatch into a critter if not 
destroyed in time. Pods cannot attack - until they hatch.

CRITTER A cross between a small, three-legged squid and a scorpion. 
Critters latch onto their hapless victims and suck away their skin.

ROLLERBABY A thick-skinned cross between a large turtle and an armadillo. 
Rolls into a ball then bowls over its victim.

TENTACLE A long-reaching appendage of a horrifying creature hiding 
beneath floors and above ceilings. Wraps around the victims head 
or arms and traps its prey.

SNOTTERPILLAR A very large, leaping, heavily armored creature similar 
to a lizard and a caterpillar. Attacks either by jumping against 
its victim or by spitting slimy phlegm.

FESTOR A huge, menacing, reptilian creature that waits in doorways 
and attacks without warning. A Festor can paralyze its victim with 
its telekinetic gaze It can also lay ball-like eggs which can knock 
down a hunter. The egg will eventually turn into a pod if not destroyed 
in time.

Space Stations

Xenophobe contains 23 space stations, each containing anywhere from 
1 to five levels. Some space stations were built with the same blueprints 
as other stations. Learn to recognize the layout of each space station 
so you can escape quickly if you need to. There are always 8 rooms 
per level. The most hideous Xeno of all, the gross, disgusting, and 
dangerously despicable Mother Festor lives on the last space station. 
Destroy the Mother Festor and you may finally rid the universe of 
those ugly Xenos at last.


Your primary goal is to destroy xenos as quickly as possible and 
secure the base.

Save your bombs for Snotterpillar bunches.

In a multiplayer game, split up to cover all rooms more quickly. 
Work together on particularly nasty rooms.

Save yourself by using self-destruct codes on the more difficult 
space stations. Use these codes only as a last resort - each station 
is an important piece of the planet's defense chain.

Master you bomb-throwing technique. Bombs are highly effective. Watch 
out for friends; they are not immune to your bombs.

Jetpacks are very effective against Festors.


You receive points for destroying aliens, picking up valuable hardware,
or picking up health objects. You also receive bonus points for clearing 
or destroying a station.


Festor .......... 250 points
Snotterpillar ... 150 points
Tentacle ........ 100 points
Rollerbaby ...... 100 points
Critter .........  75 points
Pod .............  25 points


Bomb ............ 100 points
Money ...........  90 points
Comlink .........  90 points
Disk ............  90 points
Secret Paper ....  90 points
Tools ...........  90 points
Bottle ..........  80 points
Knife ...........  80 Points
Bones ...........  40 points
Rope ............  40 Points
Lab Device . 30 or 90 Points
Fluid ...........  30 Points
Vitamins ........  30 points


Fluid ...........  48 health points
Pail ............  48 health points
Vitamins ........  48 health points


Station Overrun ..   0 points
Self-Destruct .... 100 points/Xeno
Base Cleared ..... 300 points/xeno and
                   200 health Points

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