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Lemmings may be cute, but they're about as smart as a box of toothpicks. 
Give a toothpick some arms and legs and you can see why these 
little Lemmings are always getting themselves into trouble. This 
is where you come in. You see, Lemmings love to wander into places 
they don't belong, especially underground. The only problem is,
Lemmings need sunlight to survive. Without the sun, these cuddly 
creatures are doomed. So as the sole member of the Save the Lemmings 
Foundation, you are the only one who can rescue these silly creatures,
and save them from almost certain extinction.

Getting Started

1. Insert the LEMMINGS game cartridge in your LYNX machine. 
2. Press ON. 
3. You can skip past the intro screens and reach the Option Menu 
by pressing the A or B button. 

Setting up the game

The game begins at the Option Menu. The Option Menu shows four Lemmings 
holding signs which represent various game options. Press the 
Joypad LEFT or RIGHT to point at a sign and press the A or B button 
to toggle through the various game options under that sign.

Once you have made all of your selections, select "PLAY" and you 
will be given your assignment for that level. To reach the Main 
Game Screen and begin play, press the A or B button.

To pause the game at any time, press the PAUSE button.

Play--Select to start the game. 
New Level--Select this to enter a password to advance to a higher level. 
Music--Use this sign to turn the music on or off. You can also turn
the music on or off during the game by pressing the OPTION 2 button. 
Fun--Use this sign to specify the difficulty of the game. There 
are four difficulty levels : Fun, Tricky, Taxing, and Mayhem. 
Each level is considerably more difficult then the one before. 
If you are new to Lemmings, you should start at the Fun level. 
This level starts very simply and gradually increases in difficulty 
as you learn to play. 

Main game screen

Skill selected--This indicates the currently selected skill and 
the number of times that you can assign that skill. 
Lemmings in--This displays the number of Lemmings on screen. 

Lemmings out--The number on the exit door shows how many Lemmings 
have made it safely out of that level. 

Programming your Lemmings

When the game starts, a trapdoor will open and the Lemmings will 
start to fall into the level. Once a Lemming enters a level, it 
is ready to learn a skill. To assign a Lemming a skill, use the 
Joypad to position the cursor over a Lemming, and press the B 
button. You will then be taken to the Skills screen.

Calling up the Skills screen pauses the action, so your Lemmings 
are safe while you make your skill selection.

While in the Skills screen, use the Joypad to highlight a specific 
skill. To select that skill, press the B button and you will return 
to the Main game screen. Now reposition the cursor on any Lemming 
and press the A buttion, and the Lemming will immediately perform 
that specific skill.

Each skill can be used only a limited number of times for each level. 
The number of times you can use that skill appears above the icon 
for the skill. If there isn't a corresponding number above it,
then you cannot use that skill.

Skills Screen

The Skills screen shows all eight skills, plus two more boxes;
the Flow box, and the Nuke 'Em box. 
The Flow box--The Flow box enables you to increase, or decrease 
the flow of Lemmings. 
The Nuke 'Em box--The Nuke 'Em box lets you blow up all the Lemmings 
in the level.  This is a good way to get rid of leftover Blockers 
if you don't have any Bombers left. 
Number of Lemmings--Shows the number of Lemmings occupying the level. 
Lemmings saved--Shows the number of Lemmings saved. 
Time--This displays the time remaining in the current level. 


The following is a list and description of each skill your Lemmings 
can perform.

Climbers--Climbers can scale high walls, but they don't have 
the brains to climb down. 

Floaters--Floaters have an umbrella to help them survive long falls. 

Bombers--Bombers can actually blow up obstacles. Unfortunately 
this costs you a Lemming. 

Blockers--Blockers have perfected the skill of standing in the 
way so that no other Lemming can pass, and they are really stubborn. 
You may need to use more persuasive means to get them out of the 
way, like bombing them into oblivion. 

Builders--Builders can construct bridges and ramps. But they 
only know how to build up, and have sometimes been known to build 
ramps that are so high that other Lemmings cannot survive the 
fall. When Builders are about to run out of boards, they will 
make a distinctive sound, click on them again to keep them building. 
If a builder runs into a wall or ceiling before running out of 
boards, they will stop building and turn around. 

Bashers--Bashers use their fists to destroy every non-metallic 
obstacle in their way. 

Miners--Miners dig diagonal tunnels through dirt and rock. This 
is a useful skill underground. 

Diggers--Diggers dig straight down. 

Increasing or decreasing the flow of Lemmings

To increase or decrease the flow of Lemmings into a level, select 
the Flow box. To increase the rate, press UP on the Joypad. To 
decrease the rate, press DOWN on the Joypad. Hold down the A button 
to change the rate more quickly.

The rate cannot be lowered below the default rate for the level (so 
if a level starts with the rate at 99, it cannot be changed).

You can speed up the Lemmings while playing by pressing the OPTION 
1 button. This not only makes the Lemmings move faster, it also 
makes the time go faster.

Re-assigning skills

Most Lemmings are not bright enough to remember their skills. For 
example, once a Digger runs out of stuff to dig through, he forgets 
how to dig and must re-learn the skill. Climbers and Floaters 
will not forget their skills however. You can give a Lemming "climbing" 
or "floating" skills at any time.

Also, even a Lemming is not dumb enough to try and dig through metal. 
When you assign a Dig, Bash or Mine skill, make sure there is 
dirt around somewhere.

Completing a level

A level is complete when all of your Lemmings have either met their 
maker, or escaped through the EXIT (assuming that you were able 
to help them to the EXIT that is). A number above the EXIT shows 
how many Lemmings have escaped. The game ends when you have successfully 
completeted all levels and saved the Lemmings from extinction.

Status screen

When you complete a level, the Status screen will appear. The Status 
screen shows the percentage of Lemmings saved, and the target 
percentage. If you have met the goal, you can move on to the next 
level, and you will be given a password that enables you to start 
at that level in future. Be sure to write the password down.

Entering a password

To enter a password for a particular level, move the cursor over 
each letter in the password, and press A to enter that letter. 
After entering the last letter, the level number appears, and 
then goes to the Option menu. At this point, if "Play" is selected,
you will start at that level. If you make a mistake when entering 
a password, you can backspace or move forward over the incorrect 
password by using the  characters. Once the code corrections have 
been made, you can press the B button to return to the Option menu.

Scrolling around

Most levels are too big to see at one time. To scroll the screen 
LEFT or RIGHT, simply move the cursor against either edge of the 
screen. To scroll the screen without moving the cursor to the 
screen edge, hold down A (be sure that the cursor is not near 
any Lemmings) and push the Joypad LEFT or RIGHT.


If the Lynx is reset while playing a level, the time will go to zero. 
This is a quick way to abort a level (other than nuking). To return 
to the Options screen, press RESET again while on the Status screen.


Work through the Fun difficulty level. There is no better way to 
learn the skills. 
Know when to use each skill. If you use a skill at the wrong time,
you might waste a skill you will need later. 
If things are moving too fast, press the Pause button. While the 
game is paused you can select skills and take a breather. 
Above all, remember that Lemmings are pretty brainless. Use your 
brain to solve the puzzles in each level... and help these poor 
Lemmings get home safely. 

Lemmings TM (C) 1990, Psygnosis Ltd. 
Published under license from Psygnosis Ltd. Psygnosis TM and Lemmings 
TM are trademarks of Psygnosis Ltd and are used with permission. 
All rights reserved. Licensed in conjunction with Amethyst Enterprises 
Inc. Atari, the Atari logo, Lynx and Comlynx are TM are (R) of Atari 
Corporation. All rights reserved. 

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